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Henry and Miller
Henry Miller characterized Patchen as a `` man of anger and light ''.
According to her diaries, Vol. 1, 1931 – 1934, Nin shared a bohemian lifestyle with Henry Miller during her time in Paris.
The diaries edited by her second husband, after her death, tell that her union with Henry Miller was very passionate and physical, and that she believed that it was a pregnancy with him that she aborted in 1934.
* Tropic of Capricorn ( novel ), by Henry Miller
Charles Henry Alston was born on November 28, 1907 in Charlotte, North Carolina to Reverend Primus Priss Alston and Anna Elizabeth Miller Alston, and was the youngest of five children.
By the mid-20th century many rhyming slang expressions used the names of contemporary personalities, especially actors and performers: for example " Gregory Peck " meaning " neck " and also " cheque "; " Ruby Murray " meaning " curry "; " Alans ", meaning " knickers " from Alan Whicker ; " Max Miller " meaning " pillow " when pronounced / ˈpilə / and " Henry Halls ".
* 1891 – Henry Miller, American writer ( d. 1980 )
* Enterprise ( 1814 ), a privately owned steamboat captained by Henry Miller Shreve
Orwell set out for Spain on about 23 December 1936, dining with Henry Miller in Paris on the way.
Other writers admired by Orwell included: Ralph Waldo Emerson, G. K. Chesterton, George Gissing, Graham Greene, Herman Melville, Henry Miller, Tobias Smollett, Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad and Yevgeny Zamyatin.
* 1980 – Henry Miller, American writer ( b. 1891 )
In The Dharma at Big Sur, Adam's draws from literary texts such as Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder and Henry Miller to illustrate the California landscape.
* American authors influenced by Spengler include Henry Miller, John dos Passos, H. P.
* Trimalchio is mentioned and quoted by Henry Miller in his book Black Spring.
Its cast included William Faversham as Algernon, Henry Miller as Worthing, Viola Allen as Gwendolen, and Ida Vernon as Lady Bracknell.
* April 9 – Henry Miller, stage actor & producer ( b. 1859 )
* February 1 – Henry Miller, stage actor & producer ( d. 1926 )
* December 26 – Henry Miller, American writer ( d. 1980 )
During its lifetime Hotel Chelsea has provided a home to many great writers and thinkers including Mark Twain, O. Henry, Herbert Huncke, Dylan Thomas, Arthur C. Clarke, William S. Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Arnold Weinstein, Leonard Cohen, Sharmagne Leland-St. John, Arthur Miller, Quentin Crisp, Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac ( who wrote On the Road there ), Robert Hunter, Jack Gantos, Brendan Behan, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Thomas Wolfe, Charles Bukowski, Raymond Kennedy, Matthew Richardson, James T. Farrell, Valerie Solanas, Mary Cantwell, and René Ricard.
In 1974, Shepherd released her debut studio album Cybill Does It ... To Cole Porter for MCA Records and again teamed with Peter Bogdanovich for the title role in Daisy Miller, based on the Henry James novella.
His research in cognitive psychology has won the Early Career Award ( 1984 ) and Boyd McCandless Award ( 1986 ) from the American Psychological Association, the Troland Research Award ( 1993 ) from the National Academy of Sciences, the Henry Dale Prize ( 2004 ) from the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and the George Miller Prize ( 2010 ) from the Cognitive Neuroscience Society.
The film also features, as " witnesses ," interviews with the 98-year old radical educator and peace activist Scott Nearing ( 1883 – 1983 ), author Dorothy Frooks ( 1896 – 1997 ), reporter and author George Seldes ( 1890 – 1995 ), civil liberties advocate Roger Baldwin ( 1884 – 1981 ), and the American writer Henry Miller ( 1891 – 1980 ), among others.
* Gordon Fuller, Walter L Wilson, Henry C Miller, ( 1982 ) College Algebra, 5th edition, page 24, Brooks / Cole Publishing, Monterey California ISBN 0-534-01138-1.
Other sumo wrestlers to have fought in mixed martial arts include Alan Karaev, Kōji Kitao, Henry Armstrong Miller, Akebono Tarō, Teila Tuli and Wakashoyo.
In the early 1950s, he lived in Paris and edited the literary magazine Merlin, which published Henry Miller, Samuel Beckett, Christopher Logue, and Pablo Neruda, amongst others.

Henry and on
At this time Miriam Noel appeared, urging on Constable Henry Pengally, whose name showed him to be a descendant of the Welsh settlers in the neighborhood.
On October 8th of last year, the Industrial Division sponsored the Governor's Conference on Industrial Development at the former Henry Barnard School.
`` While Henry Morgan was escorting Miss Vera Green from the church social last Saturday night, a savage dog attacked them and bit Mr. Morgan on the public square ''.
Activity by British traders and the presence of a colony on the Red prompted the United State War Department in 1819 to send Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Leavenworth from Detroit to put a post 300 miles northwest of Prairie Du Chien, until then the most advanced United States post.
Henry stormed into Giffen's office waving a copy of the New Orleans Courier, shouting that the emancipation scheme had become a public affair, and that it would reach the `` Ears of the People on the Plantation, and make them restless & unhappy ''.
Mrs. Child, who had once apologized for sending editor Palfrey a book on slavery, now confided that she had helped one of Henry Palfrey's slaves escape to Canada some years before, but asked him not to advertise the fact in Louisiana.
On March 21, 1845 the bark Bashaw weighed anchor at New Orleans, while on the levee Henry and William Palfrey waved farewell to their father's former chattels who must have looked back at the receding shore with mingled regret and jubilation.
Henry L. Bowden was listed on the petition as the mayor's attorney.
Her husband, who is the son of Alton John Mason of Shreveport, La., and the late Mrs. Henry Cater Parmer, was president of Alpha Tau Omega and a member of Delta Sigma Pi at Lamar Tech, and did graduate work at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, on a Rotary Fellowship.
The mother of young queen, Mrs. G. Henry Pierson Jr. chose a white brocade gown made on slim lines with panels of tomato-red and bright green satin extending down the back.
`` Emory University's charter and by-laws have never required admission or rejection of students on the basis of race '', board chairman Henry L. Bowden stated.
The AID committee's chairman in charge of the redecoration, Mrs. Henry Francis Lenygon, was in town yesterday to consult with White House staff members on the project.
Henry Hall Wilson, a student at the music camp 25 years ago and now on the President's staff as liaison representative with the House of Representatives, turned guest conductor for a Sousa march, the `` Stars and Stripes Forever ''.
He said he contacted a friend, Henry Hall Wilson, on the President's staff and asked whether his orchestra could play, in the series.
A semi-serious literary document entitled `` The Wings Of Henry James '' is noteworthy, if only for a keenly trenchant though little-known comment on the master's difficult later period by modest Owen Wister, author of `` The Virginian ''.
Murray Louis and his dance company appeared at the Henry Street Playhouse on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons in the premiere of his latest work, `` Signal '', and the repetition of an earlier one, `` Journal ''.
Fort Henry on the Tennessee River was in an especially unfavorable low – lying location commanded by hills on the Kentucky side of the river.
Alerted by a Union reconnaissance on January 14, 1862, Johnston ordered Tilghman to fortify the high ground opposite Fort Henry, which Polk had failed to do despite Johnston's orders.
On February 6, 1862, Union Navy gunboats quickly reduced the defenses of ill-sited Fort Henry, inflicting 21 casualties on the small remaining Confederate force.
John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh | Lord Rayleigh's method for the isolation of argon, based on an experiment of Henry Cavendish's.
Azincourt is famous as being near the site of the battle fought on 25 October 1415 in which the army led by King Henry V of England defeated the forces led by Charles d ' Albret on behalf of Charles VI of France, which has gone down in English history as the Battle of Agincourt.
Later on, when he became king in 1509, Henry VIII is supposed to have commissioned an English translation of a Life of Henry V so that he could emulate him, on the grounds that he thought that launching a campaign against France would help him to impose himself on the European stage.

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