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Hexen and Beyond
Hexen: Beyond Heretic ( styled as HeXen: Beyond Heretic ) is a dark fantasy first-person shooter video game developed by Raven Software, published by id Software, and distributed by GT Interactive beginning on September 30, 1995.
* Towers of Darkness: Heretic, Hexen & Beyond ( 1997 )

Hexen and Heretic
The game engine was licensed to several other companies as well, who released their own games based on it, including Heretic, Hexen, Strife and HacX.
Category: Heretic and Hexen
Following the tale of D ' Sparil's defeat in Heretic, Hexen takes place in another realm, Cronos, which is besieged by the second of the Serpent Riders, Korax.
Whereas Doom, Doom II, and Heretic rely on lines within the maps to perform simple actions, Hexen also allows these actions to be activated via Action Code Script ( ACS ).
Category: Heretic and Hexen
It was the third game in the Hexen / Heretic series, and the last in the Serpent Riders trilogy.
Following the tradition from Hexen and Heretic, Raven released the source code to Hexen II in 2000.
Category: Heretic and Hexen
This is the only Heretic / Hexen video game that is unrelated to id Software, apart from its role as engine licenser.
Category: Heretic and Hexen
Since Id Software and some of its licencees released the source code for some of their previous games, several games which were not ported ( such as Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Heretic, Hexen, Hexen II, and Strife ) can run on Linux and other operating systems through the use of source ports.
Id Software has also overseen several games using its technology that were not made in one of their IPs such as Shadowcaster, ( early-Id Tech 1 ), Heretic, Hexen ( Id Tech 1 ), Hexen II ( Quake engine ), and Orcs and Elves ( Doom RPG engine ).
After the acquisition, much of the studio's original talent responsible for creating the Heretic and Hexen games left to form Human Head Studios.
He served as executive producer ( and game designer ) on Heretic and Hexen.
It is usually considered that the " Big Four " Doom engine games are Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife.
For example, there are versions of Doom, Quake, Hexen, Hexen II, and Heretic as well as versions of emulators such as UAE, ScummVM, and LJZ / LJP, a multi-system emulator.
The port also supports Heretic and Hexen.

Hexen and 1995
* Hexen — Raven Software ( 1995 )
* Hexen ( 1995 )
* Hexen ( 1995 )

Hexen and ),
In addition to The Phantom of the Opera, other low-budget horror films starring Lom included the witchhunting film Mark of the Devil ( Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält, 1970 ), which depicted torture scenes graphically.
* Wenn die Hexen umgehen, Claudia Lagler, 5 January 1999, Die Presse ( newspaper ), ( in German )
" " Copycat " films financed, or partially financed, by German production companies included Mark of the Devil ( 1970 ), with Herbert Lom and Udo Kier, The Bloody Judge ( 1970 ), directed by Jesus Franco and starring Christopher Lee, and Hexen geschändet und zu Tode gequält ( 1973 ), released in the U. S. years later on video as Mark of the Devil Part II.

Hexen and id
* Official Hexen webpage at id Software
Hexen II is a first-person shooter developed by Raven Software from 1996 to 1997, published by id Software and distributed by Activision.
Hubs were later used in id Software's Quake II, Doom RPG and Raven Software's Hexen.

Hexen and Software
In 1999 the source code for Hexen was released by Raven Software under a license that granted rights to non-commercial use, and was re-released under the GNU General Public License on September 4, 2008.
* Official Hexen webpage at Raven Software
* Official Hexen II website at Raven Software
* Hexen II — Raven Software ( 1997 )

Beyond and Heretic
* 1996-Hexen: Beyond Heretic, Co-Producer ( GT Interactive Software )

Beyond and 1995
* Beyond Death: Theological and Philosophical Reflections on Life after Death edited by Dan Cohn-Sherbok and Christopher Lewis, Pelgrave-MacMillan, 1995
* The Great Ape Project: Equality Beyond Humanity ( co-editor with Paola Cavalieri ), Fourth Estate, London, 1993 ; hardback, St Martin's Press, New York, 1994 ; paperback, St Martin's Press, New York, 1995
* John Brockman, The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution, Simon & Schuster: 1995 ISBN 0-684-82344-6
However, he continued to make films, including Beyond the Clouds ( 1995 ), for which Wim Wenders filmed some scenes.
* Beyond the Clouds ( Al di là delle nuvole, 1995 ) with Wim Wenders
Furthermore, Wim Wenders and Michelangelo Antonioni's Beyond the Clouds in ( 1995 ) and Ermanno Olmi's The Profession of Arms in ( 2001 ), a film about the last days of Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, were also shot in Ferrara.
* Dennett, D. C., " Intuition Pumps ", pp. 180 – 197 in Brockman, J., The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution, Simon & Schuster, ( New York ), 1995.
** Space: Above and Beyond ( 1995 – 1996 ): Aerospace and defense supplier Aero-Tech is founded.
* American ( U. S. A .)— Austin, Larry: Variations: Beyond Pierrot ( 1995 ; voice, small ensemble, live computer-processed sound, and computer-processed prerecorded tape ); Schachter, Michael: " Pierrot ( Heart )" ( 2011 ; voice and piano ; text by Langston Hughes above under # Poetry | Poetry ).
The second, Variations: Beyond Pierrot ( 1995 ), is a work by the American composer Larry Austin.
* Planet X — The women-only planet of Queen Zombina in the parodic musical Zombies from The Beyond ( 1995 ).
In 1995, she appeared in six films, including Victory, with Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill ; Michelangelo Antonioni's Beyond the Clouds ; and Oliver Parker's adaptation of William Shakespeare's Othello, in which Jacob spoke all of her lines in English for the first time on film.
The network also added the Kids ' WB programming block in 1995, which mixed Warner Brothers ' biggest hit animated shows ( Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, and later Batman: The Animated Series, all of which originated either on Fox Kids or in syndication ), with new productions and original shows ( such as Freakazoid !, Histeria !, Superman: The Animated Series, Road Rovers, Pinky and the Brain and Batman Beyond ).
) He has previously employed Godin guitars on his 1995 solo album Beyond the Thunder, and more recently uses Paul Reed Smith guitars.
* Beyond the Thunder ( 1995 )
Solo exhibitions featuring Juan Downey ’ s work include Juan Downey: Audio-Kinetic Electronic Sculptures, The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC ; With Energy Beyond These Walls, Howard Wise Gallery, New York, NY, ( 1970 ); Video Trans Americas, Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, TX, ( 1976 ); Juan Downey: Video Trans Americas, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, ( 1976 ); Video Trans Americas, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY ( 1977 ); Juan Downey: New American Filmmaker Series, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY ( 1978 ); Juan Downey, Matrix / Berkeley 16, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA ( 1978 ); Une Forêt ' Videoformes ': Retrospective Juan Downey, Festival de la Création Vidéo, Clermont-Ferrand, France ( 1993 ); Juan Downey: Instalaciones, Dibujos y Videos, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago ( 1995 ), Chile ; Juan Downey: Con energía más allá de estos muros, Institut Valencià d ' Art Modern, Centre del Carme, Valencia, Spain ( 1997 – 98 ); Retrospectiva de Video Arte de Juan Downey, Museo de Arte Moderno de Chiloé, Castro, Chiloé, Chile ( 2000 ); Plateau of Humankind, Honorable Mention: “ Excellence in Art Science and Technology ,” 49th Venice Biennale Chilean Pavilion, Venice, Italy ( 2001 ); and Juan Downey: El ojo pensante, Sala de Arte Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile ( 2010 ); Juan Downey: The Invisible Architect, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA, Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY ( 2011-2012 ).
# The Wood Beyond ( 1995 )
A documentary film about her life, entitled Beyond 120 Years with Jeanne Calment, was released in 1995.
* Beyond Einstein ( with Jennifer Thompson ) ( 1995 )
Marillion's song " Beyond You ", from their 1995 album Afraid of Sunlight is reminiscent of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound productions, and is recorded monaurally, rather than in stereo.
This concept was later picked up in the 1995 book The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution by John Brockman.
Kevin Conroy reprised his voice role as Batman from Batman: The Animated Series ( 1992 – 1995 ), The New Batman Adventures ( 1997 – 1999 ), and Batman Beyond ( 1999 – 2001 ).

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