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Hexen and II
Whereas Doom, Doom II, and Heretic rely on lines within the maps to perform simple actions, Hexen also allows these actions to be activated via Action Code Script ( ACS ).
Hexen II is a first-person shooter developed by Raven Software from 1996 to 1997, published by id Software and distributed by Activision.
Like its predecessor, Hexen II also used a hub system.
The gameplay of Hexen II is very similar to that of the original Hexen.
Instead of three classes, Hexen II features four: Paladin, Crusader, Assassin, and Necromancer, each with their own unique weapons and play style.
Hexen II also adds certain role-playing video game elements to the mix.
An expansion pack called Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus was released in 1998 featuring new levels, new enemies and a new playable character class, The Demoness.
Hexen II, by way of the Quake engine, uses OpenGL for 3D acceleration.
Custom OpenGL drivers were also released by PowerVR and Rendition for running Hexen II with their respective ( and also now defunct ) products.
Following the tradition from Hexen and Heretic, Raven released the source code to Hexen II in 2000.
* Official Hexen II website at Raven Software
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Since Id Software and some of its licencees released the source code for some of their previous games, several games which were not ported ( such as Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Heretic, Hexen, Hexen II, and Strife ) can run on Linux and other operating systems through the use of source ports.
Id Software has also overseen several games using its technology that were not made in one of their IPs such as Shadowcaster, ( early-Id Tech 1 ), Heretic, Hexen ( Id Tech 1 ), Hexen II ( Quake engine ), and Orcs and Elves ( Doom RPG engine ).
* Hexen II — Raven Software ( 1997 )

Hexen and developed
Hexen: Beyond Heretic ( styled as HeXen: Beyond Heretic ) is a dark fantasy first-person shooter video game developed by Raven Software, published by id Software, and distributed by GT Interactive beginning on September 30, 1995.

Hexen and by
Following the tale of D ' Sparil's defeat in Heretic, Hexen takes place in another realm, Cronos, which is besieged by the second of the Serpent Riders, Korax.
In 1999 the source code for Hexen was released by Raven Software under a license that granted rights to non-commercial use, and was re-released under the GNU General Public License on September 4, 2008.
Hexen was also released for the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Nintendo 64, all released by GT Interactive during the first half of 1997.
Vavoom is a source port created by merging the Doom, Heretic, and Hexen source trees to create a unified executable.
It is one of the most advanced and featureful Doom ports from an editing perspective, supporting Boom editing extensions, plus all the extensions made by the Hexen engine, as well as many other new features.
" " Copycat " films financed, or partially financed, by German production companies included Mark of the Devil ( 1970 ), with Herbert Lom and Udo Kier, The Bloody Judge ( 1970 ), directed by Jesus Franco and starring Christopher Lee, and Hexen geschändet und zu Tode gequält ( 1973 ), released in the U. S. years later on video as Mark of the Devil Part II.

II and Patch
* Alexander Patch ( 1889 – 1945 ), general of US Army in World War II
** Alexander Patch, United States Army lieutenant general, World War II army commander ( b. 1889 )
Available to Patch were three Corps ( US VI Corps and French I and II Corps ) and 24, 000 Maquis of the Forces Francaises de l ' Interieur.
* Letters to Young Christians ( I and II Timothy and Titus ) in the Koinonia " Cotton Patch " Version.
* Letters to God ’ s People in Columbus ( Colossians ) and Selma ( I and II Thessalonians ) in the Koinonia Cotton Patch " Version.
Cherry Patch Ranch II is one of Nevada's legal brothels.
Oedekerk would take a hiatus from directing major films productions for the rest of the 1990s, but continued to write screenplays, including Patch Adams ( 1998 ), Nutty Professor II: The Klumps ( 2000 ), Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius ( 2001 ), Kung Pow: Enter the Fist ( 2002 ) ( which he directed, wrote and filled the starring role ), Bruce Almighty ( 2003 ) and Barnyard ( 2006 ).
* Rocktron Patch Mate Loop 8 ( for patching pedals parallel into the Prophesy II loop )
Models of electric guitar included the Hagström 1, the H series ( h II, h III, h II N ), the Swede ( Originally called The Hagström LP, or Les Paul, due to the instrument's resemblance to the popular Les Paul manufactured by Gibson Guitars ), the Super Swede, the Impala, the Corvette ( called the Condor in the US ), the Viking, the Swede Patch 2000 ( one of the first synthesizer guitars ) and the Jimmy ( named for Jimmy D ' Aquisto, a respected New York luthier brought in by Hagström to design the guitar ).
General Alexander McCarrell " Sandy " Patch ( 23 November 1889 – 21 November 1945 ) was an officer in the United States Army, best known for his service in World War II.
vi: 101 con chó đốm II: Chuyến phiêu lưu London của Patch
** Gen. Alexander Patch, highly decorated officer who commanded Army and Marine forces at Guadalcanal during World War II.
For example, 1980s rap group Gucci Crew II had a song called " The Cabbage Patch " that the dance of the same name was based off of.

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