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view and second
The idea here is one of discharge but this must stand in opposition to a second view, Plato's notion of the arousal of emotion.
From an economic point of view, the order Asparagales is second in importance within the monocots to the order Poales ( which includes grasses and cereals ).
The majority Arminian view is that election is individual and based on God's foreknowledge of faith, but a second perspective deserves mention.
Executive, coach and administrative support staff offices are located on the second floor and share a view of the outdoor practice field.
The common view is that the court tales represent a stratum of older, traditional stories, while the visions and final redaction of the work date to the second century BCE.
But, because the writer had an incomplete and erroneous view of historical details in the second half of the sixth century, Daniel ’ s era, such imbalances support the theory of a late date of writing.
This view has the advantage of anchoring Numbers to the Pentateuch as a whole, but an alternative is to see it as structured around the two generations of those condemned to die in the wilderness and the new generation who will enter Canaan, making a theological distinction between the disobedience of the first generation and the obedience of the second.
In the 20th century the first part of the prologue ( chapters 1: 1-2: 5 ) and the two parts of the epilogue ( 17-21 ) were commonly seen as miscellaneous collections of fragments tacked on to the main text, and the second part of the prologue ( 2: 6-3: 6 ) as an introduction composed expressly for the book ; this view has been challenged in the latter decades of the century, and there is an increasing willingness to see Judges as the work of a single individual, working by carefully selecting, reworking and positioning his source material to introduce and conclude his themes.
Those against the Wild Card see it as diminishing the importance of the pennant race and the regular season, with the true race often being for second rather than first place, while those in favor of it view it as an opportunity for teams to have a shot at the playoffs even when they have no chance of a first-place finish in their division, thus maintaining fan interest later in the season.
The second article, published in 1938, states that launching a swift strategic knockout has great attractions for Germany but appears to accept that such a knockout will be very difficult to achieve by land attack under modern conditions ( especially in view of the existence of systems of fortification like the Maginot Line ) unless an exceptionally high degree of surprise is achieved.
As a result, Pasternak sent a second telegram to the Nobel Committee: " In view of the meaning given the award by the society in which I live, I must renounce this undeserved distinction which has been conferred on me.
This second attitude of communication, referred to as the constitutive model or constructionist view, focuses on how an individual communicates as the determining factor of the way the message will be interpreted.
The government is planning to start the process for licensing a second national operator for voice and transport services by 2008, with a view to this company starting operations in 2009.
In the second view expertise is a characteristic of individuals and is a consequence of the human capacity for extensive adaptation to physical and social environments.
The North Galatian view holds that the epistle was written very soon after Paul's second visit to Galatia.
A second view, based on the fact that Greek fire was inextinguishable by water – rather, some sources suggest that pouring water on it intensified the flames – suggested that its destructive power was the result of the explosive reaction between water and quicklime.
A second school is labeled inclusive legal positivism, a major proponent of which is Wil Waluchow, and it is associated with the view that moral considerations may determine the legal validity of a norm, but that it is not necessary that this is the case.
Taken together, the Preface could connect with the first half of the poem to suggest that the poem is from the view of a dreaming narrator, or it could connect with the second half of the poem to show how a reader is to interpret the lines by connecting himself with the persona in a negative manner.
Maybe also that this hilltop dwelling, commissioned by Giovanni de ' Medici, Cosimo il Vecchio's second son, with its view over the city, is the very first example of a Renaissance villa: that is to say it follows the Albertian criteria for rendering a country dwelling a " villa suburbana ".
* The second is the agentic state theory, wherein, per Milgram, " the essence of obedience consists in the fact that a person comes to view themselves as the instrument for carrying out another person's wishes, and they therefore no longer see themselves as responsible for their actions.
The second view is the probabilistic view: the random variable depends upon the random variable, which depends upon, which depends upon the random variable.
Abel would later view Ms. Hansteen as his second mother.
In the primary logo, designed by sports cartoonist Ray Gatto, each part of the skyline has special meaning — at the left is a church spire, symbolic of Brooklyn, the borough of churches ; the second building from the left is the Williamsburg Savings Bank, the tallest building in Brooklyn ; next is the Woolworth Building ; after a general skyline view of midtown comes the Empire State Building ; at the far right is the United Nations Building.

view and coming
The great, crushing ice masses coming into view made him sound like the voice of pure reason.
`` In view of the current expansion, which promises to be substantial '' he said the odds appear to favor rising interest rates in coming months, but `` there is reason to believe the change will not be as abrupt as in 1958 nor as severe as in late 1959 and 1960 ''.
The Christian view of Jesus as Messiah goes beyond such claims and is the fulfillment and union of three anointed offices ; a prophet like Moses who delivers God's commands and covenant and frees people from bondage, a High Priest in the order of Melchizedek overshadowing the Levite priesthood and a king like King David ruling over Jews, and like God ruling over the whole world and coming from the line of David.
Another view holds that Apollo was a fairly recent addition to the Greek pantheon coming originally from Lydia.
Various suggestions have been given: Onesimus being imprisoned with Paul ; Onesimus being brought to Paul by others ; Onesimus coming to Paul by chance ( or in the Christian view, by divine providence ); or Onesimus deliberately seeking Paul out, as a friend of his master's, in order to be reconciled.
Those, however, who with a view of going to Jerusalem or to Spain ( that is, against the Moors ) are known to have attached the cross to their garments and afterward removed it, we command in virtue of our Apostolic authority to replace it and begin the journey within a year from the coming Easter.
In this view, the increase in the circulating medium is the result of the government attempting to buy time without coming to terms with the root cause of the lack of confidence itself.
A particular reason to observe the Moon is that our vantage from a location on Earth sees only meteors coming into the atmosphere relatively close to us while impacts on the Moon would be visible from across the Moon in a single view.
Eventually coming to adopt an orthodox Marxist-Leninist position by accepting not only Marx's ideas but also those of Lenin, he came to view Chinese nationalism as a powerful tool in the national liberation struggle against western and Japanese dominance, but unlike orthodox Marxist-Leninists also viewed nationalism as something intrinsically valuable in itself.
Rifles or even a shotgun would be sufficient to persuade the crew to close all the hatches, and then the view from the tank is very limited ; a turret-mounted machine gun has a very slow traverse and cannot hope to fend off attackers coming from all directions.
" They label this dominant tendency " cultural feminism " and view it as a " neo-Victorian " ideology coming out of radical feminism but ultimately antithetical to it.
Steiner's view of the second coming of Christ is also unusual.
Under the original provisions of the Constitution, senators were elected by state legislatures ; this was intended to ensure that the Federal government contained representatives of the states, and also to provide a body not dependent on popular support that could afford to " take a more detached view of issues coming before Congress.
While the Representatives existed in a two-year direct election cycle, the senators could afford to "... take a more detached view of issues coming before Congress.
The Bactrians spoke Bactrian, a northern dialect of the East Iranian language, sharing some view features to modern Pashto and close related Yidgha, Munji, and Ishkashmi, and the principal religions of the area before the coming of Islam were Zoroastrianism and Buddhism.
Mill's view was widely criticized, because it makes statements like " 2 + 2 = 4 " come out as uncertain, contingent truths, which we can only learn by observing instances of two pairs coming together and forming a quartet.
As satellites leave the area of an earth station, the routing tables are updated and packets headed for the earth station are forwarded to the next satellite just coming into view of the earth station.
" This view is witnessed to by the prayers of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, when the priest says: " Accept, O God, our supplications, make us to be worthy to offer unto thee supplications and prayers and bloodless sacrifices for all thy people ," and " Remembering this saving commandment and all those things which came to pass for us: the cross, the grave, the resurrection on the third day, the ascension into heaven, the sitting down at the right hand, the second and glorious coming again, Thine own of Thine own we offer unto Thee on behalf of all and for all ," and "… Thou didst become man and didst take the name of our High Priest, and deliver unto us the priestly rite of this liturgical and bloodless sacrifice …"
In Hávamál 160 it is said that the dwarf Thjódrørir sang before Delling's doors, which ( in view of the fact that Delling is the father of Dag ( Day ) in Vafþrúðnismál 25 ) may mean that he gave warning to his people that the sun was coming up, and they must return to their dark houses ; the phrase would then virtually mean ' at sunrise.
Often nineteenth century academic art still is seen as kitsch, although this view is coming under attack from modern art critics.
The scenes change to Wylie being dragged down the streets coming to rest at the Spalding home in view of Edna and her two small children Frank and Possum.
While some claim that Philip conspired in his murder, other accounts ( including one coming from the Persian point of view ) state that Gordian died in battle.
Heaven seemed open to my view, and I saw distinctly and clearly that instead of our High Priest coming out of the Most Holy of the heavenly sanctuary to come to this earth on the tenth day of the seventh month, at the end of the 2300 days, that He for the first time entered on that day the second apartment of that sanctuary ; and that He had a work to perform in the Most Holy before coming to this earth in His Second Coming.

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