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Holger and Nehring
* Holger Nehring, ' Diverging perceptions of security: NATO and the protests against nuclear weapons ', in Andreas Wenger, et al.
* Holger Nehring, ' National Internationalists: British and West German Protests against Nuclear Weapons, the Politics of Transnational Communications and the Social History of the Cold War, 1957 1964 ', Contemporary European History, 14, No. 4 ( 2006 )
* Holger Nehring, ' Politics, Symbols and the Public Sphere: The Protests against Nuclear Weapons in Britain and West Germany, 1958-1963 ', Zeithistorische Forschungen, 2, No. 2 ( 2005 )
* Holger Nehring, ' The British and West German Protests against Nuclear Weapons and the Cultures of the Cold War, 1957 64 ', Contemporary British History, 19, No. 2 ( 2005 )

Holger and From
From 1968 to 1973, German musicians such as Edgar Froese ( founder of Tangerine Dream ), Holger Czukay ( one of the founders of Can and a former student of Karlheinz Stockhausen ), Popol Vuh, and Ashra released a number of works featuring experimental sounds and textures built with electronics, synthesizers, acoustic and electric instruments which were referred to as cosmic music.
He quotes Holger Bech Nielsen ’ s formulation: “ We do not even know if there should exist some extremely dangerous decay of say the proton which caused eradication of the earth, because if it happens we would no longer be there to observe it and if it does not happen there is nothing to observe .” ( From: Random dynamics and relations between the number of fermion generations and the fine structure constants, Acta Pysica Polonica B, May 1989 ).

Holger and for
Sociological historian Holger Herwig found in studying German explanations for the origins of World War I, " Those events that are most important are hardest to understand, because they attract the greatest attention from myth makers and charlatans.
These proposals were taken much farther in 1903 when Holger Pedersen proposed " Nostratic ", a common ancestor for the Indo-European, Finno-Ugric, Samoyed, Turkish, Mongolian, Manchu, Yukaghir, Eskimo, Semitic, and Hamitic languages, with the door left open to the eventual inclusion of others.
The Canadian historian Holger Herwig wrote that for Raeder: " The ideal weapon with which to attain sea power remained the symmetrical battle fleet centred around the battleship ".
Raeder admitted in the Seekriegsleitung war diary that " The operation really breaks all the rules of naval warfare theory ", which the Canadian historian Holger Herwig wrote strongly suggests that Raeder's real reason for Weserübung was his desire to win the Kriegsmarine glory in the war as part of an effort to compete with the army and air force for funding.
" The Flute Concerto, in two movements, was written for the flautist Holger Gilbert-Jespersen, a member of the Copenhagen Wind Quintet who had performed in Nielsen's Wind Quintet ( 1922 ).
Col. Holger Toftoy arranged for 127 individuals, including Wernher von Braun, to receive contracts for work on Army missiles.
Avalon also plays a role in non-Arthurian French literature, such as Li coronemenz Looïs ( in which appears the phrase por tot l ' or d ' Avalon " for all the gold of Avalon "), the stories of Holger Danske, who was taken there by Morgan le Fay in a medieval romance, and in the story of Melusine.
17 ; music for the play by Holger Drachmann
According to Magnus Londen's article, young Holger Svedlin was sent off to an orphanage for one year at age nine.
Krautrock is an eclectic and often very original mix of post-psychedelic jamming and moody progressive rock mixed with ideas from contemporary experimental classical music ( especially composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, with whom, for example, Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay of Can had previously studied ) and from the new experimental directions that emerged in jazz during the 1960s and 1970s ( mainly the free jazz pieces by Ornette Coleman or Albert Ayler ).
He was identified in 1942, by Holger Dyggve, as Jean II of Nesle ( near Amiens ), who was nicknamed ' Blondel ' for his long blond hair.
When Holger K. Nielsen announced that he would step down as chairman three candidates for the post came forth: Pia Olsen, Meta Fuglsang and Villy Søvndal.
Burial site for Holger Meins.
Jean-Paul Sartre's chauffeur for his meeting with Andreas Baader and later a militant also, Hans-Joachim Klein claimed to keep a picture of Holger Meins ’ autopsy photo on him to reinforce his hatred for the West German “ fascist ” system.
The Jacks in a French-styled deck have traditionally been associated with such figures as Ogier the Dane ( legendary hero of the chansons de geste ) or Holger Danske ( a knight of Charlemagne ) for the Jack of Spades ; La Hire ( French warrior ) for the Jack of Hearts ; Hector ( mythological hero of the Iliad ) for the Jack of Diamonds ; and Lancelot or Judas Maccabeus for the Jack of Clubs.
Poster for a Federal Art Project forum in New York City c. 1936-1941, at which Holger Cahill was one of the speakers
Holger Voss is a German Internet user who was sued in January 2003 for a sarcastic comment pertaining to the September 11, 2001 attacks in an Internet discussion forum, a case that attracted nationwide attention in Germany.
This section formed the grounds for the lawsuit against Holger Voss.

Holger and ',
The points raised concerning the words for ' name ’, ' water ', and ' give ' require a glance at the possible relations of Indo-European and Uralic with other language families, in particular the languages hypothetically grouped as Uralo-Siberian by Fortescue, Eurasiatic by Greenberg, and Nostratic by Holger Pedersen and various successors of his.

Holger and West
For more information about Caribbean cultural influence in the United States, see Holger Henke's, The West Indian Americans, Westport: Greenwood Press 2001. baton rouge la.

Holger and History
* Herwig, HolgerThe Failure of German Sea Power, 1914-1945: Mahan, Tirpitz, and Raeder Reconsidered ” pages 68 105 from The International History Review, Volume 10, Issue # 1, February 1988.
"" Playing the Cook ": Nurturing Men in Titus Andronicus ", in Holger Klein and Rowland Wymer ( editors ), Shakespeare and History ( Shakespeare Yearbook ), ( Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1996 ), 327 54
* Holmes, Terence Michael, "' One Throw of the Gambler's Dice ': A Comment on Holger Herwig's View of the Schlieffen Plan ", The Journal of Military History, Vol.
" Introduction to A Glance at the History of Linguistics With Particular Regard to the Historical Study of Phonology by Holger Pedersen, translated from the Danish by Caroline C. Henriksen.

Holger and No
Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 Friedrich Hendel, violin ; Kurt Cromm and Holger Ristenpart, flutes, 1967 ).

Holger and .
* 1867 Holger Pedersen, Danish linguist ( d. 1953 )
In an interview with Holger Petersen, on Saturday Night Blues on CBC Radio in the fall of 2006 Bo Diddley commented about the racism that existed in the music industry establishment during the early part of his career that saw him deprived of his royalties from the most successful part of his career.
* Archer, Christon I .; John R. Ferris, Holger H. Herwig.
The first written set of team handball rules was published in 1906 by the Danish gym teacher, lieutenant and Olympic medalist Holger Nielsen from Ordrup grammar school north of Copenhagen.
* Holger Pedersen ( astronomer )-Danish astronomer ( b. 1946 ), at the European Southern Observatory
* Holger Petersen-Canadian radio personality.
* Henke, Holger.
The Eurasiatic grouping resembles the older Nostratic groupings of Holger Pedersen and Vladislav Illich-Svitych by including Indo-European, Uralic, and Altaic.
The Nostratic hypothesis originates with Holger Pedersen in the early 20th century.
Holger Meins had studied film and was a veteran of the Berlin revolt ; his short feature How To Produce A Molotov Cocktail had been seen by huge audiences.
After an intense manhunt, Baader, Ensslin, Meinhof, Holger Meins, and Jan-Carl Raspe were eventually caught and arrested in June 1972.
Holger Meins died of self-induced starvation on 9 November 1974.
Unter uns was in a scare of cancellation in 2009, which was prevented by budget cuts and the firing of original cast member Holger Franke.
* June 2 Andreas Baader, Jan-Carl Raspe, Holger Meins and some other members of Red Army Faction are arrested in Frankfurt am Main after a shootout.
In the Danish tongue he is called Holger Danske.

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