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Page "Hammurabi" ¶ 16
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If and thief
If another sailor went through the bag, the odds were high the thief would tie the bag back using the more common reef knot, revealing the tampering, hence the name.
If he bought ( or received on deposit ) from a minor or a slave without power of attorney, he would be executed as a thief.
If the goods were stolen and the rightful owner reclaimed them, he had to prove his purchase by producing the seller and the deed of sale, or witnesses to it ; otherwise, he would be adjudged a thief and die.
If the smart card is stolen, the thief will still need the PIN code to generate a digital signature.
As a political supporter of the Queen and old enemy of the Minister, Dupin also hopes that D — will try to use the power he no longer has, to his political downfall, and at the end be presented with an insulting note that implies Dupin was the thief: Un dessein si funeste, S ' il n ' est digne d ' Atrée, est digne de Thyeste ( If such a sinister design isn't worthy of Atreus, it is worthy of Thyestes ).
If a thief steals multiple items from one victim during a single episode the courts doubtlessly would treat the act as one crime.
If a thief were to steal a book from an unknowing victim, it may have been that the victim would have agreed, had the thief simply asked.
If, for example a thief breaks into your car and attempts to steal it, the tracking system can be triggered by the immobiliser unit or motion sensor being activated.
If a member of the family is hot headed or a thief or a trouble maker or brings misfortune on the family, then a family council will be held and that member will be cast out of the family and will have to stay out of the way for ever more.
If she sees Edward pocket a wallet found in a public place, she may conclude that he is a thief, and there would be no inconsistency between her attitude ( that thieves are bad people ) and her belief ( that Edward is a bad person because he is a thief ).
If a thief A steals a cheque from B and sells it to innocent C, C is entitled to deal with the cheque, and A cannot claim it back from C ( though the name appearing on the cheque may affect the validity of such a transfer ).
If the key to a district's Knox Boxes is stolen or copied, a thief can enter any building that has a Knox Box.
If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed ; but if it happens after sunrise, he is guilty of bloodshed .”
Gerard of Feltre's 13th century text Summa on the Stars demonstrates the problem that astrological determinism creates for the theological argument: " If the stars make a man a murderer or a thief, then all the more it is the first cause, God, who does this, which it is shameful to suggest ".
If the boy was a thief, this would explain but not excuse the man's behaviour as retaliation or revenge.
* If your postal mail is delivered to via an insecure mailbox, an identity thief may be able to learn information about you.
The story states that when a group of policemen were about to go on their rounds one night, one advised the rest that " Si veo a un ratero te pito " ( If I see a thief, I'll whistle at you ) with the last two words fusing to become the name of the neighborhood.

If and steals
If a debtor steals something, the master is in his right ; when the debtor is caught the master may reimburse the victim for his horse or whatever else, and makes the debtor his serf ; or if the master does not want to reimburse, then he may sell his debtor into serfdom, and reimburse the victim from that, and keep the rest.
If a man steals a female selkie's skin she is in his power and is forced to become his wife.
If two metals having differing work functions are touched together, one steals electrons from the other, and the opposite net charges grow larger and larger ; this is the Volta effect.
* If a runner steals second while the 7th batter, number 32, is up to bat, the path from first to second would be drawn and SB followed by either a 7 or 32 could be written in the upper right hand corner.

If and cow
Reader, if of the City, thou mayest probably have seen in the Fields of Islington or Mile-End or, If thou art in the environs of St James ', thou must have observed in the Park with what Ease and Agility a cow, heavy with calf, has rose up at the command of the milkwoman's foot: thus from the mossy bank sprang the DIVINE FARINELLI.
If the cow does react, it would take at least four people to push it over, according to the results.
If a cow is left unmilked just once she is likely to reduce milk-production almost immediately and the rest of the season may see her dried off ( giving no milk ) and still consuming feed for no production.
If the products are produced in fixed proportions ( example: cow hides and cow steaks ), then one of the products will very likely be produced in quantities different from the profit maximizing amount considered separately.
If cattle are driven into, or of their own accord enter, the water, they are commonly not molested ; but if by chance some unusually big or ferocious specimen of these fearsome fishes does bite an animal — taking off part of an ear, or perhaps of a teat from the udder of a cow — the blood brings up every member of the ravenous throng which is anywhere near, and unless the attacked animal can immediately make its escape from the water it is devoured alive.
If a player makes a mistake, like mixing up the cow numbers, taking too long to respond, or calling the wrong number of spots ( explained below ), that player gets " spotted ", using the blackened cork to make a big round black dot on his face.
If a player gets one spot, then that player must say " I am the spotted cow with one spot ..." and so on for the number of spots received.
If a replacement cow turns out to be a substandard producer of milk, she then goes to market and can be slaughtered for beef.
If a farmer wanted to send a cow to market, he would have to send two calves to balance it, which would travel back on opposite sides of the same freight wagon, thereby balancing each other.
If on the other hand he stepped over the cow successfully, he was guaranteed a successful coming year.
If not recycled into the soil by species such as earthworms and dung beetles, cow dung can dry out and remain on the pasture, creating an area of grazing land which is unpalatable to livestock.
Kali became popular when a Polish colloquial saying about double standard was coined around the so-called Kali's morality: If somebody takes Kali's cow, it's a bad deed.
If Kali takes somebody's cow, it's a good deed.
If a participant is seriously injured, then he or his family are supposed to be compensated by the other village, usually in the form of a cow or similar valuable commodity.

If and sheep
If you slaughter sheep, you will be considered guilty of a crime .” He issued a regulation to that effect ... 1279 / 1280 under Qubilai all the Muslims say: “ if someone else slaughters animal we do not eat ”.
If I cut him open, there wasn't metal, he was grown ... and then within twenty years you get the first bill not passed in the Senate where they applied for replication of animals, sheep and goats and cattle and animals and they turned it down, but if you can do that, then you can do human beings.
If some policy change or other shock results with Person A ending up with 20 sheep and Person B with 99 sheep, this change would not be Pareto improving, since Person B is now worse off.
If the wolfish foes draw wrong conclusions from our maneuvers to outwit them, no harm has been done to them by the harmless sheep, innocent in their motives as doves.
" If one or more sheep die, humans will attempt to discover why.
If an adult sheep ate 400g / kg of soil
If a man was caught sheep stealing, he was sentenced to fourteen years transportation.
If one were to see a sheep rise off the ground six inches and move backward rapidly, four Feegles are sure to be responsible.
If you slaughter sheep, you will be considered guilty of a crime .” He issued a regulation to that effect ... 1279 / 1280 under Qubilai all the Muslims say: “ if someone else slaughters animal we do not eat ”.
One Lake District farmer summed the problem up as, " We get 100, 000 visitors across our land every year ... If just one in a thousand forgets to shut a gate or can't be bothered, that's a hundred times we have to go out and round up our sheep.
If the squire encountered any of his tenants on the road with sheep or cattle, his coachman had orders not to stop or slow down ; if people did not hurry out of his path they were mown down.
If I were condemned to choose between a humanity materially happy, glutted after the manner of a flock of sheep in a field, and a humanity existing in misery, but from which emanated, here and there, some eternal truth, it is on the latter my choice would fall.
If a sheep is in front of an empty hole, the fox has to jump over and capture the sheep, as in checkers.
If the fox does not jump and capture, the sheep opponent may capture the fox.
If a white sheep is shot they're killed on the spot ( A real pain if you're trying to score with everyone of them.
If, however, the item is naturally colored ( such as wool from a black sheep ), it can be rendered impure.
Riddall notes that it may have a racist connotation, as it was used in this way in 1859 in the United Kingdom: " If you dare work we shall consider you as blacks ..." Lexicographer Geoffrey Hughes, however, notes that " blackleg " and " scab " are both references to disease, as in the blackleg infectious bacterial disease of sheep and cattle caused by Clostridium chauvoei.
Šumma izbu,If a reject (= anomalous birth )” is an ancient Mesopotamian compendium of around 2, 000 teratological omens, on 24 tablets probably formed from three separate earlier series on odd human births, šumma sinništu arâtma, “ if a woman is pregnant ” ( tablets 1 – 4 ), the šumma izbu proper, on physically malformed births ( tablets 6 – 17 ), and anomalous animal births: goats ( tablet 18 ), cattle and donkeys ( tablet 19 ), horses ( tablets 20 – 21 ), pigs ( tablet 22 ), dogs ( tablet 23 ), wild animals ( tablet 24 ), lambs ( tablet 5, possibly the oldest in the series ) and sheep ( distributed across tablets 18 – 24 ).
If they are healthy and happy, you can get milk from the cows daily, and wool from the sheep weekly.
If he decides that the items are not useful, they are loaded onto a sled and towed by a local herd of sheep to a local arboretum, where no one should go ( according to Ishmael ) lest they injure themselves amongst the garbage.
If we get any clues on the sheep, sir, we'll phone you right away.
If a person has commit murder he must pay seven cows, four goats and five sheep.

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