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Improved and /
* Economic Costs of El Niño / La Niña and Economic Benefits from Improved Forecasting from " NOAA Socioeconomics " website initiative
** Improved InnoDB I / O subsystem
* PDP-11 / 23 +/ MicroPDP-11 / 23 — Improved 11 / 23 with more functions on the ( larger ) processor card.
* Improved power management and suspend / resume operations: The OEM version of Windows Me supports OS-controlled ACPI S4 sleep state ( hibernation ) and other power management features without manufacturer-supplied drivers.
* Improved variable / array handling
One survey across a large number of manufacturing and services organizations found, ranked in decreasing order of popularity, that systematic programs of organizational innovation are most frequently driven by: Improved quality, Creation of new markets, Extension of the product, range, Reduced labor costs, Improved production processes, Reduced materials, Reduced environmental damage, Replacement of products / services, Reduced energy consumption, Conformance to regulations.
Improved capability to change sex of children and / or adults.
UARS had ten sensing and measuring devices: Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer ( CLAES ); Improved Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder ( ISAMS ); Microwave Limb Sounder ( MLS ); Halogen Occultation Experiment ( HALOE ); High Resolution Doppler Imager ( HRDI ); Wind Imaging Interferometer ( WlNDII ); Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor ( SUSIM ); Solar / Stellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment ( SOLSTICE ); Particle Environment Monitor ( PEM ) and Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor ( ACRIM II ).
* MECHA PRESS # 16, Patlabor the Movie II: Building the " Guinness " C1 / Zeta Gundam, Changing Omnimechs Configurations on Miniatures, Votoms Synopsis Part IV, HGF: " Fortune " Card Insert, HGF: Improved Fighting, Bubblegum Crisis Miniatures Review, Btech Novels Review, BoMM Part 4: Pre-Assembly, BoMM Part 5: Glues, Dirtside II Review, HG: Duelling Scale, Ultra Mekton ( Giant Monster in MkII ), Mecha!
P25 standards use the proprietary Improved Multi-Band Excitation ( IMBE ) and Advanced Multi-Band Excitation ( AMBE + 2 ) voice codecs which were designed by Digital Voice Systems, Inc. to encode / decode the analog audio signals.
The Improved Mobile Telephone Service ( IMTS ) is a " 0G " pre-cellular VHF / UHF radio system that links to the PSTN.
* Improved Import / Export file formats
* Improved usability / accessibility
* 1987 / 1988 ASP's Men's Most Improved award
* New & Improved / Control Centre ( 1997 )
* Improved Golden Wax / Pencil Pod Black Wax / Top Notch, 55 days ( yellow, heirloom )
Improved friction is provided by lining materials that have a higher coefficient of friction than standard brake pads, while brake fade is reduced through the use of more expensive binding resins with a higher melting point, along with slotted, drilled, or dimpled discs / rotors that reduce the gaseous boundary layer, in addition to providing enhanced heat dissipation.
*: Phase I involved replacement of the CWAR with the AN / MPQ-55 Improved CWAR ( ICWAR ), and the upgrade of the AN / MPQ-50 PAR to Improved PAR ( IPAR ) configuration by the addition of a digital MTI ( Moving Target Indicator ).

Improved and Kentucky
Improved communications ( steam boats, stagecoach lines, and railroads ) and the development of ports along the rivers named above, ( e. g., Natchez, Memphis, Tennessee, Paducah, Kentucky, Nashville, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky ) made the route obsolete as a means of passenger and freight commerce.

Improved and 60
Improved outcomes are seen in 50 – 60 % of people.
Improved engine had higher compression ratio than before, and new turbocharger compressor ( 60 mm to 68 mm ), which gave power output of at 6250 rpm, at 3000 rpm.
* Improved MP3Gain: 60 % faster due to Hyperthreading and SSE2 Support and other improvements
Maximum range 2500 m, mimimum 75 m. Improved single HEAT warhead ; penetration 400 mm versus RHA or 230 mm towards armour inclined at 60 ° ( some publications claimed 9M111M to have tandem HEAT warhead ).

Improved and days
* Improved ventilation rates on still, hot days
* Improved passive cooling during warm season ( mostly on still, hot days )

Improved and green
On passenger locomotives Improved Engine Green was finished with olive green borders lined with black, red and white.
The locomotives were finished in the livery known as " Stroudley's Improved Engine Green ", which was actually an ochre colour, not green.

Improved and ),
Improved electric guitars such as Gibson ’ s ES175 ( released in 1949 ), gave players a larger variety of tonal options.
Upgrades to the cannon, ammunition, fire control, survivability, and other electronics systems over the design's lifespan have expanded the system's capabilities, including tactical nuclear projectiles, Cannon Launched Guided Projectiles ( CLGP or Copperhead ), Rocket Assisted Projectile ( RAP ), FAmily of SCAtterable Mines ( FASCAM ), and improved conventional munitions ( the Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition, DPICM ).
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows ( IOOF ), Knights of Pythias Lodge, Soloka Lodge, Wanapum Tribe 28, Improved Order of Redmen, Cacciatori d ’ Africa ( literally Hunters of Africa – an Italian Lodge ), Croatian Fraternal Union Lodge No. 56, SNF Lodge No. 79 ( Croatian ), St. Barbara Lodge No. 39 ( Greek Catholic ), and Dr. David Starcevich Lodge No. 56 ( Croatian ) are among the organizations and ethnicities represented at the cemetery.
The Improved Outer Tactical Vest ( IOTV ), here in Universal Camouflage Pattern, is issued to U. S. Army soldiers
* Manfred Tasche and Hansmartin Zeuner, " Improved roundoff error analysis for precomputed twiddle factors ," J. Computational Analysis and Applications 4 ( 1 ), 1 – 18 ( 2002 ).
* Improved robustness ( consistency ), of processes or product.
For US artillery ammunition these projectiles are called Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition ( DPICM ), a 155 mm M864 DPICM projectile for example contains a total of 72 shaped charge fragmentation bomblets.
** Improved riding quality ( Use of guided bus and powertrain control technologies for smoother operation ),
** KH-11 — Kennan ( or Kennen ), Crystal, Improved Crystal, and Ikon ( 1976 – 2011 )
" Improved Monte Carlo Renormalization Group Method ", Los Alamos National Laboratory ( LANL ), Cornell University, United States Department of Energy, ( 1985 ).
* Improved, higher bandwidth front side bus ( FSB ), with three times the capacity of the existing bus design.
Another major U. S. Army initiative was the Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System ( REMBASS ), which it upgraded to Improved REMBASS ( IREMBASS ), and now is considering REMBASS II.
The United States National Health Care Act ( Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act ) ( HR 676 ), is a bill submitted to the United States House of Representatives by Conyers which, as of September 29, 2008, has 93 cosponsors.
* M. S. Paterson, Improved sorting networks with O ( log N ) depth, Algorithmica 5 ( 1990 ), no.
The name " Improved Crystal " refers to the " Improved Metric CRYSTAL System " ( IMCS ), which adds reference markings for accurate mapping to images obtained by the satellite.
* St. James's Palace Stakes – ( 2 ) – Dr Fong ( 1998 ), Most Improved ( 2012 )
TIROS continued as the ESSA TIROS Operational System, and was eventually succeeded by the NOAA ITOS ( Improved TIROS Operational System ), or TIROS-M, and then by the TIROS-N and Advanced TIROS-N series of satellites.

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