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December and 2010
On the December 13, 2010 episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen reads a passage of A Modest Proposal in support of Ted Turner's suggestions on reducing overpopulation by having poor people sell ( to rich people ) their right to bear a single child per family.
| December 2010
| 31 December 2010
| December 2010
He led tours of its interior through December 17, 2010.
" Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt called for a tax increase on such products, although this had not yet happened as of December 2010.
Mirvish Productions presented the earlier Stratford production at the Canon Theatre, Toronto, in December 2010 through January 2011.
2008 has brought announcements of new or additional sales to Singapore, Finland, Morocco and South Korea ; in December 2010 the Swiss government requested 150 AIM-120C-7 missiles.
The recent winter of 2009 / 2010 was an exception as there was a permanent snow cover from late December till early March.
In December 2010, it was announced that Glee actress Heather Morris was in talks for the lead role in the upcoming film.
In December 2010 Belle & Sebastian curated the sequel to the Bowlie Weekender in the form of Bowlie 2 presented by All Tomorrow's Parties.
* December 2010 North American blizzard
Prior to 31 December 2010, deposits with building societies of up to £ 50, 000 per individual, per institution, were normally protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme ( FSCS ), but Nationwide and Yorkshire Building Societies negotiated a temporary change to the terms of the FSCS to protect members of the societies they acquired in late 2008 / early 2009.
The amended terms allowed former members of multiple societies which merge into one to maintain multiple entitlements to FSCS protection until 30 September 2009 ( later extended to 30 December 2010 ), so ( for example ) a member with £ 50, 000 in each of Nationwide, Cheshire and Derbyshire at the time of the respective mergers would retain £ 150, 000 of FSCS protection for their funds in the merged Nationwide.
On 31 December 2010 the general FSCS limit for retail deposits was increased to £ 85, 000 for banks and building societies and the transitional arrangements in respect of building society mergers came to an end.
Costa Rican colones (₡) per US $ 1 – 512. 11 ( September 4, 2010 ), US $ 1 – 559. 51 ( October 24, 2008 ), per US $ 1 – 500. 10 ( December 2007 ), 516. 78 ( November 2007 ), 506. 11 ( April 2006 ), 479. 57 ( July 2005 ), 299. 63 ( February 2000 ), 285. 68 ( 1999 ), 257. 23 ( 1998 ), 232. 60 ( 1997 ), 207. 69 ( 1996 ) and 179. 73 ( 1995 )
| 4 December 2010
Catherine Coleman and Valentina Tereshkova at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in December 2010.
Coleman launched on December 15, 2010 ( December 16 Baikonur time ), aboard Soyuz TMA-20 to join the Expedition 26 mission aboard the International Space Station.
Soyuz TMA-20 / Expedition 26 / 27 ( December 15, 2010, to May 23, 2011 ) was an extended duration mission to the International Space Station.
SOHO's 2000th comet was discovered by Polish amateur astronomer Michał Kusiak on 26 December 2010, and the numbers are expected to continue rising steadily for the foreseeable future.
On 22 December 2010, the UN declared the period from 2011 to 2020 as the UN-Decade on Biodiversity.
Four comic books to have sold for over $ 1 million USD as of December 2010, including two examples of Action Comics No. 1, the first appearance of Superman, both sold privately through online dealer ComicConnect. com in 2010, and Detective Comics No. 27, the first appearance of Batman, via public auction.

December and town
Louis H. Grenier, clerk of the board, said that the appeals will be reviewed in December at the time the board is visiting new construction sites in the town for assessment purposes.
The company announced it would close the Herald American -- making Boston a one-newspaper town — on December 3, 1982.
In December 1851, the town was home to a movement of republican resistance towards Napoleon III's coup.
* 1470 20 December – A new charter was granted to the town of Gibraltar, now a nobiliary town, based in the Antequera charter.
* 1501 2 December – Acknowledging the importance of the town, the Catholic Monarchs asked the Duke of Medina Sidonia for the return of Gibraltar to the domains of the crown.
* 1942 September – A small group of Gibraltarians, who remained in the town serving in the British Army, joined a mechanic official, Albert Risso, to create ' The Gibraltarians Association ', the starting point of what became the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights ( officially established in December that year ), the first political party in Gibraltar.
Christopher Columbus established a small settlement called La Navidad, near the modern town of Cap Haitien, built from the timbers of his wrecked ship Santa María, during his first voyage in December 1492.
On December 20, 1959, a Muay Thai among Thai fighters was held at Tokyo Asakusa town hall in Japan.
On December 30, 2005 the Lebanese army dismantled two other Katyusha rockets found in the border town of Naqoura, an action suggesting increased vigilance following PM Saniora's angry remarks.
Zamenhof was born on December 15 ( December 3 OS ), 1859 in the town of Białystok in the Russian Empire ( now part of Poland ).
Since December 1994 the old town of Quedlinburg and the castle mount with the collegiate church are listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.
Robert Gordon Menzies was born to James Menzies and Kate Menzies ( née Sampson ) in Jeparit, a town in the Wimmera region of northwestern Victoria, on 20 December 1894.
From December 1920 until September 1921, Magritte served in the Belgian infantry in the Flemish town of Beverlo near Leopoldsburg.
He and his troops did not stay for long, however, as the town was quickly engulfed by the plague, which ultimately killed Piccolomini himself in December 1689.
* On 2 December 1959, Malpasset Dam in southern France collapsed and water flowed over the town of Frejus, killing 412.
* December 2 – Malpasset Dam in southern France collapses and water flows over the town of Frejus, killing 412.
* December 15 – Women of Fredonia, New York, march against the retail liquor dealers in town to inaugurate the Woman's Crusade of 1873 – 74.
* December 7 – A 5. 7 Richter scale earthquake destroys most of the Bulgarian town of Strajica, killing 2 people.
* December 20 – The town of Tuscumbia, Alabama, is incorporated.
* The Puritan minister Richard Baxter, ( born 12 November 1615 – died 8 December 1691 ) began his ministry in Kidderminster in April 1641 and spent the next 19 years in the town.
* December 8 – the first battle between the forces of Švitrigaila and Sigismund Kęstutaitis is fought near the town of Oszmiana ( Ashmyany ), launching the most active phase of the civil war in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
On December 28, 1908, at exactly 5: 21 AM, the town was hit by a heavy earthquake and shook violently for 31 seconds.
In December 1499, Vasco da Gama was rewarded by King Manuel I of Portugal with the town of Sines as a hereditary fief ( the very town which his father, Estêvão, had once held as a commenda ).

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