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liner and notes
The song " The Raven " featured lead vocals by the actor Leonard Whiting, and, according to the 2007 remastered album liner notes, was the first rock song to use a digital vocoder, with Alan Parsons speaking lyrics through it.
In the liner notes on BDP's 1992 album Sex and Violence, KRS-One writes: " BDP in 1992 is KRS-One, Willie D, and Kenny Parker!
") According to the liner notes of his first ( self-titled ) album, musician Bob Dylan dedicated the first song he ever wrote to Bardot.
In the liner notes to Buddy Holly: The Definitive Collection, Billy Altman notes that " Peggy Sue " was originally written as " Cindy Lou " ( after Holly's niece ), but Holly changed it prior to recording as a tip of the hat to Crickets drummer Jerry Allison's girlfriend, Peggy Sue Gerron.
According to Billy Altman's liner notes to the Geffen / Universal compilation, Buddy Holly: The Definitive Collection, in addition to " True Love Ways ", during the October 1958 sessions at Decca's Pythian Temple, Holly also recorded two other songs, " It Doesn't Matter Anymore " and " Raining In My Heart.
He wrote the introduction to the liner notes and is visiting colleges across the nation discussing the significance of the set.
The album's liner notes included information about the songs, written by music journalist David Hepworth.
The liner notes confirmed that Crowded House had no plans to reunite at that time.
In his liner notes, Hogwood points out that these composers would typically have played the clavichord in the privacy of their homes.
Also removed were the following comments on those two songs and Time Fades Away, from Young's handwritten liner notes:
Additionally, the majority of commercial didgeridoo recordings available are distributed by multinational recording companies and feature non-Aboriginals playing a New Age style of music with liner notes promoting the instrument's spirituality which misleads consumers about the didgeridoo's secular role in traditional Aboriginal culture.
It also includes a theatrical trailer, screenplay excerpt, original ending, biographies, 10-page full-color fold-out with photos and liner notes, a 8 cm " Heathers Rules!
According to the liner notes of the 1995 compilation Love Story, Young stuck with the album project long enough to arrange the track " The Daily Planet.
" That was three different songs ... yet they were brought together to sound like one, which was fantastic ," lead guitarist John Echols said of " You Set The Scene " in the liner notes by Andrew Sandoval for the " Collector's Edition " of " Forever Changes " that was released by Rhino Records in 2008.
" In the liner notes to both sets, David Sinclair wrote that "' Forever Changes ' has always held a place of honour in the hearts of British fans.
The second disc contains a previously unissued alternate mix of " Forever Changes " ( according to the liner notes, the original master of " Forever Changes " is missing, although the alternate mix was made from it at some point ).
In the liner notes, Andrew Sandoval quotes Lee as saying, "... at the end of ' You Set The Scene ' somebody just starts rapping!
It also includes the liner notes from the 2001 release ( in English ), an insert with the lyrics in English and Japanese and an OBI strip.
Band members: ( from the liner notes of the 2008 " Collector's Edition ")
Additional contributions ( from the liner notes of the 2001 release )
The liner notes of the first recordings of the Davis Quintet for Columbia Records call it one of the most spectacular failures of the jazz club scene.
When the recording was presented on the Orange and Blue album, Campbell-Lyons's liner notes treated it seriously and with allusion to Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.
" Rainbow Chaser " was one of the few Nirvana recordings that had any connection with " psychedelic " music, although " Orange and Blue " ( 1970 ) was acknowledged to have been written under the influence of LSD according to the liner notes of the eponymous album.
In the liner notes of the CD reissue of her 1966 album, Nancy In London, Sinatra states that she was " scared to death " of recording the song, and asked the songwriters: " Are you sure you don't want Shirley Bassey?

liner and 1999
After lengthy legal battles, informal contact between Fish and the other four band members apparently did not resume until 1999 ; Fish would later disclose in the liner notes to the 2-CD reiussue of Clutching at Straws that he and his former bandmates had met up and discussed the demise of the band and renewed their friendship, and had come to the consensus that an excessive touring schedule and too much pressure from the band's management led to the rift.
Pianist Angela Hewitt, in the liner notes to her 1999 Hyperion recording, argues that he was trying to caution against taking too slow a tempo, and thus turning the dance into a forlane or siciliano.
In the liner notes of PiL's Plastic Box compilation ( 1999 ), John Lydon remarked that: " In some ways Album was almost like a solo album.
The 1996 and 1999 remastered CDs added six bonus tracks and extensive liner notes:
Starting in 1999, Silent Sea issued a series of CD-Rs, featuring recompiled studio outtakes with commercial-quality packaging and liner notes.
* Dan Morgenstern, liner notes in: Midnight at Minton's, High Note HCD 7044 ( 1999 )
In the liner notes for the 1999 remaster of the album, Fagen and Becker claim it to be " the most hideous album cover of the seventies, bar none ( excepting perhaps Can't Buy A Thrill ).
From October 1999 to January 2000, Manning forced Climbié to sleep in a bin liner in the bath in her own excrement.
Although no credit is given to the performers in the album's liner notes ( except " all songs written by the Vandals unless otherwise noted "), the band's 1989 lineup should be credited with making the original recordings used here, as it differed substantially from their 1999 incarnation.
The liner notes include entries from Robert Fripp's web-diary, entered between March 4 and April 22, 1999.
According to Bob Blumenthal's 1999 liner notes, " Blue Note logs indicate that an attempt had been made to record " Maiden Voyage ", " Little One " and " Dolphin Dance " six days earlier, with Hubbard on cornet and Stu Martin in place of Williams.
** Sea-Land Corporation ( International liner, sold to the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group in 1999 )
* Miller, Jeffery, liner notes for Mario Ancona: the complete Victor recordings ( 1907-08 ), Romophone CD 82013-2, produced by Ward Marston ( England, 1999 )
** Buzz Osborne-vocals, guitar, liner notes on 1999 Ipecac reissue
This is reflected in the liner notes of the 1999 reissue.
" I was pretty overbearing to deal with ," Rundgren recalled in the liner notes to the 1999 CD release.
Bassist Cennamo stated in liner notes of the CD re-release of the album on the Repertoire label in 1999 that drug problems had created difficulties within the band-which apparently ran at cross purposes with the fact that the record received good reviews and significant FM radio attention, and was selling reasonably well.
* Byron Nilsson, " Notes on the Composers ," liner notes for Peter Blanchette, Archguitar Renaissance, performed by Peter Blanchette with the Virtual Consort and Charlie Schneeweiss ( Troy, New York, Dorian Recordings: 1999 ), p. 3
* Carl Magnus Palm – liner notes ( 1999, 2002, 2004, 2008 reissues )

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