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Infante and Jaime
* Emmanuelle de Dampierre ( 1913-2012 ), first wife of Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia
The Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia, son of Alfonso XIII of Spain, was one of the Legitimist pretenders to the French throne ; as such he created his son Gonzalo, Duke of Aquitaine ( 1972 2000 ); Gonzalo had no legitimate children.
Owing to the renunciations of his brothers Alfonso of Spain, Prince of Asturias, and Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia, Infante Juan was thus next in line to the defunct Spanish throne.
:* Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia was the second son of Alfonso, and the older brother of Juan, Count of Barcelona.
On 25 April 1985, her remains were returned to Spain and reinterred in the Royal Vault in the Escorial, outside Madrid, next to the remains of her husband, Alfonso XIII, and her sons, Infante Don Alfonso, Infante Don Jaime, and Infante Don Gonzalo.
She claimed that for many years she maintained an ongoing friendship with the exiled King Alfonso XIII of Spain and his son Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia, but this is strongly denied by the first wife of the latter, Emmanuela de Dampierre.
King Alfonso XIII of Spain and his son Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia seem to have had an ongoing friendship with Maria Pia ; her supporters have interpreted this relationship as an affirmation on the part of Alfonso and Jaime that they recognised Maria Pia as Carlos ' bastard daughter.
Alfonso was born in the Clinica Santa Anna in Rome, the elder son of Infante Jaime of Spain and of his first wife, Donna Emanuela de Dampierre.
Infante Jaime of Spain, Duke of Segovia, Grandee of Spain ( Jaime Leopoldo Isabelino Enrique Alejandro Alberto Alfonso Víctor Acacio Pedro Pablo María de Borbón y Battenberg ) ( 23 June 1908 20 March 1975 ), was the second son of King Alfonso XIII of Spain and his wife Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg.
Coat of arms of Don Jaime as Infante of Spain.
pt: Infante Jaime, Duque de Segóvia
* Pedro Jaime Marques de Barros e Vasconcelos ( b. 7 November 1962 ), married firstly to Maria João ... Bastos, whom he divorced, and had issue, and married secondly to Maria José Infante de Lacerda de Sequeira Marcelino, born in Lisbon, São Jorge de Arroios, on 25 March 1966, divorced with issue from Francisco José Coelho Bárcia, and had issue:
His godparents were his aunt the Infanta Adelgundes of Portugal and the husband of another aunt, the Infante Alfonso Carlos, Duke of San Jaime ( both of whom were represented by proxies ).
Catherine was married to João I, Duke of Braganza ( descendant in male line from Afonso I, Duke of Braganza, an illegitimate son of King John I of Portugal ), who himself was grandson of the late Duke Jaime of Braganza, also a legitimate heir of Portugal, being the son of Infanta Isabella, sister of Manuel I and daughter of Infante Ferdinand, Duke of Viseu, second son of King Duarte I.
He was also in regular contact with other royal and princely houses ; in 1930 he attended the Rome wedding of the Prince of Piedmont ( later King Umberto II of Italy ) to Princess Marie-José of Belgium, and in 1935 he attended the Rome wedding of Infante Jaime of Spain.

Infante and Enrique
* Infante Alfonso Pio Cristino Eduardo Francisco Guillermo Carlos Enrique Fernando Antonio Venancio of Spain, Prince of Asturias ( 1907 1938 ), a hemophiliac, he renounced his rights to the throne in 1933 to marry a commoner, Edelmira Ignacia Adriana Sampedro-Robato, and became Count of Covadonga.
Recently, a new theory of the work's authorship has been proposed by Santiago Sevilla ( see talk page ), claiming that the Infante Enrique of Castile was the original writer of the epic.
The majority of Carlists, however, considered that Alfonso was disqualified because he did not share the Carlist ideals ( and, more importantly, because Spanish law excluded from succession the descendants of those who had committed treason against the king, just as Alfonso's male-line ancestors had done, according to carlists, ever since Infante Francisco de Paula's recognition of Isabella II ), and many regarded his descent as illegitimate, believing that Alfonso XII's biological father was Isabella II's lover Enrique Puigmoltó y Mayans, Captain of the Royal Guard, or even General Francisco Serrano.
* Enrique Garcia-Herraiz: Un nuevo retrato del Cardenal Infante don Fernando, conmemorando la victoria de Nördlingen
A royalist party was organized in Mexico City, favoring the Infante Enrique, Duke of Seville, cousin and brother-in-law of Queen Isabella II of Spain.
In 1420 the Infante Don Enrique of Aragón burst into the palace and seized the person of John II, who escaped the Infante thanks to Álvaro de Luna.

Infante and Alberto
Other film versions ( which are loose adaptations as opposed to straight translations from stage to screen ) include: the 1929 The Framing of the Shrew, directed by Arvid E. Gillstrom, and starring Edward Thompson and Evelyn Preer ; the 1933 You Made Me Love You, directed by Monty Banks, and starring Stanley Lupino and Thelma Todd ; the 1938 Second Best Bed, directed by Tom Walls, and starring Jane Baxter and Walls himself ; the 1942 Italian adaptation La bisbetica domata, directed by Ferdinando Maria Poggioli, and starring Amedeo Nazzari and Lilia Silvi ; the 1943 Hungarian adaptation Makacs Kata ( Stubborn Kate ) directed by Emil Martonffy, and starring Katalin Karády and Pál Jávor ; another 1943 Hungarian adaptation, Makrancos hölgy ( Unruly Lady ), directed by Viktor Bánky, and starring Emmi Buttykay and Miklós Hajmássy ; the 1948 Mexican adaptation Cartas marcadas, directed by René Cardona, and starring Marga López and Pedro Infante ; the 1956 Spanish adaptation La fierecilla domada, directed by Antonio Román, and starring Carmen Sevilla and Alberto Closas ; the 1962 Egyptian adaptation Ah min hawaa, directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab, and starring Lobna Abdel Aziz and Rushdy Abaza ; the 1963 western McLintock !, directed by Andrew McLaglen, and starring John Wayne and Maureen O ' Hara ; the 1999 teen film 10 Things I Hate About You, directed by Gil Junger, and starring Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford ( Katherina ) and Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona ( Petruchio ); the 2003 comedy Deliver Us from Eva, directed by Gary Hardwick, and starring Gabrielle Union and LL Cool J ; and the 2010 Bollywood film Isi Life Mein, directed by Vidhi Kasliwal, and starring Akshay Oberoi and Sandeepa Dhar.
The 1950s saw the rise of goalkeeper Gabriel Ogando, and players such as Walter Garcerón, Alberto Bouché, Juan Eulogio Urriolabeitía, Ricardo Infante, Héctor Antonio, as well as the final seasons of striker Manuel Pelegrina, who remains Estudiantes'all-time top scorer with 221 goals.

Infante and Alfonso
* Infante Juan Carlos Teresa Silvestre Alfonso of Spain ( 1913 1993 ), named heir to the throne and Count of Barcelona, whose son is the current King, Juan Carlos I of Spain.
* Infante Gonzalo Manuel Maria Bernardo Narciso Alfonso Mauricio of Spain ( 1914 1934 ), a hemophiliac, like his elder brother Alfonso.
* 1956 Infante Alfonso of Spain ( b. 1941 )
Married Infante Philip of Castile, brother of Alfonso X of Castile in 1258.
* Infante Alfonso of Aragon ( 9 September 1377 1377 )
According to the chroniclers, he cemented his hold on power by executing 4, 000 other followers of Infante Alfonso, son of Ferdinand de la Cerda, in Badajoz.
The Infante Juan of Spain, Count of Barcelona ( Juan Carlos Teresa Silvestre Alfonso de Borbón y Battenberg ; English: John Charles Therese Sylvester Alphonse of Bourbon and Battenberg ) ( 20 June 1913 1 April 1993 ), was the third surviving son and designated heir of King Alfonso XIII of Spain and Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, the monarch replaced by the Second Spanish Republic, and father of King Juan Carlos I, under whom a constitutional monarchy was restored.
# Infante Alfonso of Spain ( Alfonso Cristino Teresa Angelo Francisco de Asis y Todos los Santos ) ( 1941 1956 )
To secure the agreement, Infante Sancho of Portugal married, in 1174, Infanta Dulce of Aragon, younger sister of King Alfonso II of Aragon.
He was the son of King Alfonso XII, son of Francisco de Asis de Borbón, son of Infante Francisco de Paula, the younger brother of Carlos V. He was recognised as Carlist claimant by a minority of Carlists who considered the death of Alfonso Carlos an opportunity to reunite Spanish monarchists both Carlist and Isabelline.
:* Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona ( 20 June 1913 1 April 1993 ) was the third son of Alfonso.

Infante and Victor
Georgina Russell, Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona | HRH The Count of Barcelona, John Biggs-Davison, MP., HRH Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia, Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol | The Marquess of Bristol, The Marquesa of Casa Tremanes, Lt .- Col. Julian de Parc Braham, HM Géraldine Apponyi de Nagyappony | Queen Geraldine of the Albanians.

Infante and Pedro
* 1917 Pedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer ( d. 1957 )
* November 18 Pedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer ( d. 1957 )
* April 15 Pedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer ( b. 1917 )
** Infante Pedro, Duke of Coimbra ( b. 1392 )
She returned to Mexico in 1955, and filmed successful films like La Escondida ( 1955 ) with Pedro Armendariz, Tizoc ( 1956 ) with Pedro Infante and The Soldiers of Pancho Villa ( 1959 ) with Dolores del Rio.
In 1948, her performance in Nosotros los pobres, opposite the well-known Mexican actor Pedro Infante, brought her fame.
* São Roque-deannexed from Sé under the authority of Cardinal Infante Henriques, the prelate of Funchal constructed this parish from sections of São Pedro and São Martinho ;
Other famous mariachi performers include Pedro Infante, Vicente Fernández, Pepe Aguilar, Pedro Fernández, Alejandro Fernández, Antonio Aguilar, and Miguel Aceves Mejia.
Maria married her uncle, Infante Pedro of Braganza on 6 June 1760.
In 1951 she played Rosa Suárez, viuda de Ortiz ( the widow of Ortiz ) in the film Islas Marías, starring Pedro Infante.
The station has had an entertainment focus, featuring artist such as: Manuel " Maber " Bernal, Emilio Tuero, Juan Arvizu, Luis Arcaráz, Nicolás Urcelay, Alfonso Ortiz Tirado, Los Panchos, Juan García Esquivel, Mario Ruiz Armengol, Maria Luisa Landín, María Victoria, Mario Moreno Cantinflas, Germán Valdés " Tin-Tan ", Agustín Lara, Toña la Negra, Angelines Fernández, Carmen Rey, Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Vargas, Gustavo Adolfo Palma from Guatemala, Fernando Fernández, Eulalio González " Piporro ", Francisco Gabilondo Soler (" Cri-Cri "), Hugo Avendaño, Amparo Montes, Héctor Martínez Serrano, Antonio Aguilar, Paco Stanley among others.
Many of the staples of mariachi bands were made famous by the charro films starring Pedro Infante, José Alfredo Jimenez, Javier Solis and Jorge Negrete during Mexico ’ s Golden Age of Film that featured the “ charro cantor ” ( singing cowboy ).
Mariachi Vargas became famous accompanying singers such as Luis Miguel, Lola Beltrán, and Pedro Infante.
Fuentes along with Vargas were instrumental in the standardizing of much of mariachi music, arranging traditional sons and writing new ones what would be performed by many of the legendary performers of the mid-20th century, such as Pedro Infante, Miguel Aceves Mejía, Lola Beltrán and José Alfredo Jiménez.
* Pedro Infante
In addition to his own recordings, many of his songs have been recorded by renowned artists from around the Spanish-speaking world, most notably by the following artists: Antonio Aguilar, Lola Beltrán, Vikki Carr, Gualberto Castro, Rocío Dúrcal, Alejandro Fernández, Pedro Fernández, Vicente Fernández, Los Relámpagos Del Norte con Cornelio Reyna y Ramón Ayala, Los Tigres del Norte, Manolo García, Little Joe Hernández & The Latinaires, Julio Iglesias, Pedro Infante, the Mexican rock group Maná, Miguel Aceves Mejía, Luis Miguel, Jorge Negrete, Sunny Ozuna & The Sunliners, María Dolores Pradera, Javier Solís, and Chavela Vargas.
Like many of his contemporaries such as Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, and Javier Solís ( the so-called " Three Mexican Roosters " or " Los Tres Gallos Mexicanos "), Jiménez died young.
# Infante John of Portugal, also known as John of Coimbra, ( 1431 or 1433 between July and 11 September 1457 ) ( son of Infante Pedro, Duke of Coimbra and grandson of King John I of Portugal ), in May 1456 in Nicosia.

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