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Into and Night
Most of his roles are cameo appearances, as in Into The Night, Jason X, To Die For, Blood_and_Donuts and Alias, but on occasion he has played major roles, as in Nightbreed or Last Night.
* Into the Night ( 1985 )
Bowie had a cameo in Yellowbeard, a 1983 pirate comedy created by Monty Python members, and a small part as Colin, the hitman in the 1985 film Into the Night.
Spacey would later work with Lemmon in Dad ( 1989 ), the critically acclaimed film Glengarry Glen Ross ( 1992 ) and on stage in a revival of Long Day's Journey Into Night.
The former Swedish pop group The Motorhomes allude to Laika in the video for their song Into The Night.
" In 1951, Davis appeared in her favorite screen role, Night Into Morning, a study of bereavement starring Ray Milland.
* Night Into Morning ( 1951 )
Described by Frank Rich of the New York Times as " now the greatest and perhaps best-known artist in the American musical theater ", his most famous works include ( as composer / lyricist ) A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Company, Follies, A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the Park with George and Into the Woods.
Tracy turned down roles in Long Days Journey Into Night ( 1962 ) and The Leopard ( 1963 ), and had to pull out of Ford's all-star How the West Was Won ( 1962 ) when it clashed with Judgment at Nuremberg.
Psyche's latest release " All Things Pass Into The Night " including updated extended mixes of " Goodbye Horses ", " Prisoner To Desire ", and " Eating Violins " will appear on the Optimo music label
Following Scarface, she accepted the roles of Isabeau d ' Anjou in Richard Donner's fantasy film Ladyhawke ( 1985 ) opposite Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick, Diana in John Landis ' comedy Into the Night ( 1985 ) opposite Jeff Goldblum, Faith Healy in Alan Alda's Sweet Liberty ( 1986 ) opposite Michael Caine, and Brenda Landers in a segment of the 1950s sci-fi parody Amazon Women on the Moon ( 1987 ), all of which, despite achieving only modest commercial success, helped to establish her as an actress.
In 2003 she won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her performance in the Broadway revival of Eugene O ' Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night.
He was also a regular and popular guest on the late night BBC Radio 1 programme Into the Night, hosted by Nicky Campbell.
* Der Gang in die Nacht ( Journey Into the Night, released 13 December 1920 )
Similar ideas are found in Dylan Thomas's " Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night ", which Williams excerpted and added as an epigraph to his 1974 version.
Perkins's only notable film performance as an actor was in John Landis ' 1985 film Into the Night, a cameo-laden film that includes a scene where characters played by Carl and David Bowie die at each other's hand.
During airport scenes in Into the Night and Coming to America, there are announcements on the PA system requesting a ' Mr. Frank Oznowicz ' to pick up the white courtesy phone.
In addition to his Academy Awards, Douglas won a Tony Award for his Broadway lead role in the 1960 The Best Man by Gore Vidal, and an Emmy for his 1967 role in Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.
* Long Day's Journey Into Night ( 1962 )
Notable among these is " Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night ", which he performed on stage in the concert held in Cardiff in 1999 to celebrate the opening of the Welsh Assembly.
During the tour, a three-track EP with Goldrush ( Falling Out Into the Night ) and a live album ( the acoustic solo Live @ the Knitting Factory, New York City ) were released.
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Eugene O ' Neill, Long Day's Journey Into Night
Long Day's Journey Into Night was first performed by the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden.

Into and Life
New Insights Into His Life and Work, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam 2001.
In 1966, Herman's next musical was the smash hit Mame starring Angela Lansbury, which introduced a string of Herman standards, most notably the ballad " If He Walked Into My Life ", the holiday favorite " We Need a Little Christmas ", and the title tune.
In a 2004 interview, Paul McCartney said that the song is about LSD, stating, " A song like ' Got to Get You Into My Life ,' that's directly about pot, although everyone missed it at the time.
* Real Life ( 1979 )-" Jump Into the Fire "
This was chiefly the result of an entry in the singles charts with a cover of The Beatles ' " Got To Get You Into My Life ", which peaked at # 62.
* " Got To Get You Into My Life " ( 1975 ) # 62
It contained the popular song, " Back Into My Life ", which was a minor hit in the USA.
MGM produced a short film Van Gogh: Darkness Into Light, narrated by Dore Schary and showing the European locations used for the filming, to promote Lust for Life.
After renewed interest because of the success of the Blues Brothers and its soundtrack, Savoy released three more Burke gospel albums: Into My Life You Came ( 1982 ); Take Me, Shake Me ( 1983 ); and This Is His Song ( 1984 ).
" Maybe " was used as the opening theme in Fallout ( 1997 ), while also being played alongside their songs, " I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire " and " Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall " on the in-game radio station Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3.
Volcano: An Inquiry Into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry ( 1976 ) is a National Film Board of Canada documentary produced by Donald Brittain and Robert A. Duncan and directed by Brittain and John Kramer.
On the list for " Best Overall Academic Experience for Undergraduates ," Haverford ranks # 8 ; " School Runs Like Butter ," # 17 ; " The Toughest to Get Into ," # 20 ; " Best Quality Of Life ," # 14 ; " Happiest Students ," # 16.
*" Come Into My Life " # 89 U. S.
** Journey Into Life: The World of the Unborn
** Maurice White ( arranger ) for " Got to Get You Into My Life " performed by Earth, Wind & Fire
* Caldwell, Daniel H. ( ed ) The Esoteric World of Madame Blavatsky: Insights Into the Life of a Modern Sphinx, Quest Books, 2000.
Fisher's hit compositions included " You Always Hurt the One You Love ", " Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall ", " Amado Mio ", " Put the Blame on Mame " and " That Ole Devil Called Love ".
Total Feng Shui: Bring Health, Wellness and Happiness Into Your Life.
** Eydie Gorme for " If He Walked Into My Life "
* I Feel Good Now b / w Get Your Life Back ; June 1991 ( 7 ", 12 ", CDs ; 12 " also has Am I Turning Into You?
His writing ranges from essay, stories and novels, and among the books he has written are Working Through, ( 1972 ) " Falling Into Life " ( 1991 ) and " Flying Solo.
**" Got to Get You Into My Life " – released on Joined Together: The Complete Studio Duets – Shared lead vocal with Diana Ross, with The Temptations singing background.
Into My Own: The Remarkable People and Events that Shaped a Life.
* Overture ( Open A New Window, If He Walked Into My Life, That's How Young I Feel, Mame )

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