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J and .
The theory predicts a linear dependence of Af on Af, where J is the experimentally determined Curie-Weiss constant.
The Stanford Achievement Test, Form J, was administered by classroom teachers, consisting of a battery of six sub-tests: Paragraph Meaning, Word Meaning, Spelling, Language, Arithmetic Computation, and Arithmetic Reasoning.
It is, of course, easy to see how `` J '' will mean Uncle Jack to one person and little Jane to another.
* Ackrill J. L. ( 2010 ).
* Barnes J.
* Loux, Michael J.
* in J. Barnes, M. Schofield, and R. R. K. Sorabji, eds .( 1975 ).
Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman, neuroscientists at the National Institutes of Health and LABS-D ' Or Hospital Network ( J. M.
H. J.
* J. L. Austin ( 1911 – 1960 ), British philosopher
* Miranda J.
This design-based analysis was discussed and developed by Francis J. Anscombe at Rothamsted Experimental Station and by Oscar Kempthorne at Iowa State University.
* Animal ( 2005 film ), US film by David J. Burke with Ving Rhames and Terrance Howard
Gen. Gideon J. Pillow, who had been initially in command in Tennessee as that State's top general.

J and N
Englewood Cliffs, N. J .: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
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West ( 1967 ) for Alcidamas ' invention of the contest of Homer and Hesiod, N. J. Richardson ( 1981 ) against
J. N. L. Myres built upon this suspicion and speculated that belief in Pelagianism reflected an actively provincial outlook in Britain and that Vortigern represented the Pelagian party, while Ambrosius led the Catholic one.
For example, in the authoritative modern monograph about the creed, J. N. D.
As seen from the definition, the derived SI units of angular momentum are newton meter seconds ( N · m · s or kg · m < sup > 2 </ sup > s < sup >− 1 </ sup >) or joule seconds ( J · s ).
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( 1995 ) The life and times of Menelik II: Ethiopia, 1844-1913, Lawrenceville, N. J .: Red Sea Press, ISBN 1-56902-010-8
* Kelly, J. N. D.
* Kelly, J. N. D.
Findlay, J. N., trans.
The 21 consonant letters in the English alphabet are B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and usually W and Y: The letter Y stands for the consonant in " yoke ", the vowel in " myth " and the vowel in " funny ", and " yummy " for both consonant and vowel, for examples ; W almost always represents a consonant except in rare words ( mostly loanwords from Welsh ) like " crwth " " cwm ".
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J and T
* 1953 – James " J. T.
:* La bataille d ' Austerlitz ( The Battle of Austerlitz ), by J. F. T. Gechter ( WEST façade ),
By 1927, J. T.
In 2012, a graphic adaptation of the Book of Esther was illustrated by J. T. Waldman and appeared in volume one of The Graphic Canon, edited by Russ Kick and published by Seven Stories Press.
* The Paramount Lesson of Job: God's Glory Magnified by Faith Triumphant over Tribulation by J. T.
J. P. Smith, with Tippity Witchet and others of the L. T. Bauer string, is scheduled to start for " the big apple " to-morrow after a most prosperous Spring campaign at Bowie and Havre de Grace.
* Powell J., Blakeley D. W., Powell, T. Biographical Dictionary of Literary Influences: The Nineteenth Century, 1800 – 1914.
Calvinism became the theological system of the majority in Scotland ( see John Knox ), the Netherlands, with men such as William Ames, T J Frelinghuysen and Wilhelmus à Brakel and parts of Germany ( especially those adjacent to the Netherlands ) with the likes of Olevianus and his colleague Zacharias Ursinus.
Co-Editors Israel J. Katz & John E. Keller ; Associate Editors Samuel G. Armistead & Joseph T. Snow.
Quarterback Carson Palmer, wide receiver # 84 T. J. Houshmandzadeh, and the rest of the Bengals line up to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006.
:* Stopford, J. T.
While some Lutherans believe in consubstantiation, others reject the concept because it substitutes what they believe to be the biblical doctrine with a philosophical construct and implies, in their view, a natural, local inclusion of the body and blood of Christ in the consecrated bread and wine of the eucharist .< ref > J. T.
T. S. Eliot's first professionally published poem, " The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ," was first published by Poetry.
* Haidinger, T. L., and J. E.
* Bell, C. D., E. J. Edwards, S. T. Kim, & M. J. Donoghue.
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# 2002 Boston: J. Hurford & T. Fitch ( eds.
* Socialism: Still Impossible After All These Years by Peter J. Boettke and Peter T. Leeson
Some important contributors to the field of experimental designs are C. S. Peirce, R. A. Fisher, F. Yates, C. R. Rao, R. C. Bose, J. N. Srivastava, Shrikhande S. S., D. Raghavarao, W. G. Cochran, O. Kempthorne, W. T. Federer, V. V. Fedorov, A. S. Hedayat, J.

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