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J and .
The theory predicts a linear dependence of Af on Af, where J is the experimentally determined Curie-Weiss constant.
The Stanford Achievement Test, Form J, was administered by classroom teachers, consisting of a battery of six sub-tests: Paragraph Meaning, Word Meaning, Spelling, Language, Arithmetic Computation, and Arithmetic Reasoning.
It is, of course, easy to see how `` J '' will mean Uncle Jack to one person and little Jane to another.
* Ackrill J. L. ( 2010 ).
* Barnes J.
* Loux, Michael J.
* in J. Barnes, M. Schofield, and R. R. K. Sorabji, eds .( 1975 ).
Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman, neuroscientists at the National Institutes of Health and LABS-D ' Or Hospital Network ( J. M.
H. J.
* J. L. Austin ( 1911 – 1960 ), British philosopher
* Miranda J.
This design-based analysis was discussed and developed by Francis J. Anscombe at Rothamsted Experimental Station and by Oscar Kempthorne at Iowa State University.
* Animal ( 2005 film ), US film by David J. Burke with Ving Rhames and Terrance Howard
Gen. Gideon J. Pillow, who had been initially in command in Tennessee as that State's top general.

J and W
* W. S. Judd, C. S. Campbell, E. A. Kellogg, P. F. Stevens, M. J. Donoghue, 2002.
* W. S. Judd, C. S. Campbell, E. A. Kellogg, P. F. Stevens, M. J. Donoghue ( 2002 ).
Punch had a poem containing the words “ When Ivo comes back with the urn ” and when Ivo Bligh wiped out the defeat Lady Clarke, wife of Sir W. J. Clarke, who entertained the English so lavishly, found a little wooden urn, burnt a bail, put the ashes in the urn, and wrapping it in a red velvet bag, put it into her husband ’ s ( Ivo Bligh ’ s ) hands.
Great artists closely associated with Romanticism include J. M. W.
J. Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly similarly were not aware of the details of Babbage's Analytical Engine work prior to the completion of their design for the first electronic general-purpose computer, the ENIAC.
* Lovers ' Lips by Plato in the Project Gutenberg eText Select Epigrams from the Greek Anthology by J. W. Mackail.
Unsuccessful attempts at Cnossus were made by both W. J. Stillman and H. Schliemann, and A. J. Evans, coming on the scene in 1893, travelled in succeeding years about the island picking up trifles of unconsidered evidence, which gradually convinced him that greater things would eventually be found.
* Randolph, J. W.
* Holden, A. W. and J. R. Birch, A. E Housman-A Reassessment ( Palgrave Macmillan, London 1999 )
Other significant properties are high specific heat ( 1925 J · kg < sup >− 1 </ sup >· K < sup >− 1 </ sup >) and thermal conductivity ( 216 W · m < sup >− 1 </ sup >· K < sup >− 1 </ sup >), which make beryllium the metal with the best heat dissipation characteristics per unit weight.
Various local legends were compiled by J. W. Burns in a series of Canadian newspaper articles in the 1920s.
The distribution was discovered in the context of classical statistical mechanics by J. W.
W. J.
The Bakelite Corporation was formed in 1922 ( after patent litigation favorable to Baekeland ) from a merger of three companies: the General Bakelite Company which Baekeland founded in 1910, the Condensite Company, founded by J. W.
* Mayer, Alastair J. W., " The Architecture of the Burroughs B5000-20 Years Later and Still Ahead of the Times?
* Ward, T. J .; Bielawski, J. P .; Davis, S. K .; Templeton, J. W .; and Derr, J. N. ( 1999 ) Identification of Domestic Cattle Hybrids in Wild Cattle and Bison Species: A General Approach Using mtDNA Markers and the Parametric Bootstrap, Animal Conservation
* MacKie, E W 1997 Dun Mor Vaul re-visited, J. N. G.
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in 1997 signed legislation designating the southwest corner of West 54th Street and Broadway, the corner on which John J. Fitz Gerald lived from 1934 to 1963, as " Big Apple Corner.
* Powell J., Blakeley D. W., Powell, T. Biographical Dictionary of Literary Influences: The Nineteenth Century, 1800 – 1914.
* W. S. Judd, C. S. Campbell, E. A. Kellogg, P. F. Stevens, M. J. Donoghue ( 2002 ).

J and Binns
* Cuthbert Binns, from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
* Employee Stock Ownership Plans: ESOP Planning, Financing, Implementation, Law and Taxation by Robert W. Smiley Jr., Ronald J. Gilbert, David M. Binns, Ronald L. Ludwig, and Corey M. Rosen, ( Afterword by Louis O. Kelso and Patricia Hetter Kelso ) The Beyer Institute at the Rady School of Management University of California, San Diego, Vol.
On January 20, 2006 the president of the Hero Scholarship Fund announced that " After carefully comparing revenues over the past several years, including decreases as well as the expense and difficulty in putting on the show, it has been decided to discontinue the show ...." In April, 2006, James J. Binns, a Philadelphia lawyer, founded the Hero Thrill Show, Inc., which assumed production of the Hero Thrill Show and the administration of funds generated by the Hero Thrill Show.
The Cadillacs were back in 1970 with J. R. Bailey, Bobby Spencer, original member Bobby Phillips ( who had retired from Speedo's group during the split ), and new member Leroy Binns, of The Charts.
* Harrogate, Binns ( formerly Edward J Clarke )

J and Intellectual
" Religion and Intellectual Freedom on the Dalhousie Campus in the 1920s: The Case of Norman J.
The Intellectual System was translated into Latin by Johann Lorenz von Mosheim and furnished with notes and dissertations which were translated into English in John J. Harrison's edition ( 1845 ).
*" Boney " Fuller: The Intellectual General by A. J.
* Opsomer, J., " Favorinos versus Epictetus on the Philosophical Heritage of Plutarch: a Debate on Epistemology ," in J. Mossman ( еd ), Plutarch and his Intellectual World ( London, 1997 ), 17-34.
* Gervais, D. J., Towards A New Core International Copyright Norm: The Reverse Three-Step Test, Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review, Vol.
* Koelman K. J., 2006, Fixing the Three-Step Test, European Intellectual Property Review, p. 407, http :// ssrn. com / abstract = 924174
* " Abrupt Climate Jumps and the Evolution of Higher Intellectual Functions during the Ice Ages ," chapter for R. J. Sternberg, ed., The Evolution of Intelligence ( Erlbaum, 2001 ), pp. 97-115.
* Hoeveler, J. David, Jr. James McCosh and the Scottish Intellectual Tradition: From Glasgow to Princeton.
*" The Intellectual History of Laissez-Faire ", 1960, J Law Econ
* Hoeveler, J. David, Jr. " The University and the Social Gospel: The Intellectual Origins of the ' Wisconsin Idea '", Wisconsin Magazine of History, vol.
* Negotiating the Numbered Treaties: An Intellectual and Political Biography of Alexander Morris by Robert J. Talbot ( 2009 )
Meskis is a former board member of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression and is also the recipient of The William J. Brennan, Jr. Award from the The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, the PEN / Newman First Amendment Award, the Brandeis Award from Privacy International, and the American Library Association's John Phillip Immroth Memorial Award for Intellectual Freedom.
* The Intellectual and Literary History of Germany in the nineteenth Century ( 1912 ) in Germany in the Nineteenth Century, with E. C. K. Gonner, J. H. Rose and M. E. Sadler
* Intellectual and manual labour: a critique of epistemology, Atlantic Highlands, N. J: Humanities Press, 1977
* Watson, J. R. " Shelley's ' Hymn to Intellectual Beauty ' and the Romantic Hymn.
* Karl Jorda, David Rines Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Industrial Innovation, Director Kenneth J. Germeshausen Center for the Law of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Franklin Pierce Law Center, New Hampshire
*" Challenges of the New Economy: Issues at the Intersection of Antitrust and Intellectual Property ," 68 Antritrust L. J.

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