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Jewish and encyclopedia
* Jewish encyclopedia entry
* Abendana, Jacob in The Jewish encyclopedia: a descriptive record of the history, religion, literature, and customs of the Jewish people from the earliest times to the present day, New York ; London: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1901 – 06, volume 1, p 53.
* Mordecai Kaplan. 2005. http :// jwa. org / encyclopedia / article / kaplan-mordecai, Jewish Women's Archive, 2005
http :// jwa. org / encyclopedia / article / reconstructionist-judaism-in-united-states, Jewish Women's archive, 2005
: Kantor, Mattis, The Jewish time line encyclopedia: A year-by-year history from Creation to the present, Jason Aronson Inc., London, 1992
* Kantor, Matis, The Jewish time line encyclopedia: A year-by-year history from Creation to present, Jason Aronson, New Jersey, 1992
* Jewish encyclopedia entry & Jewish Virtual Library
Modern critical scholars debate whether Yeshu does or does not refer to the historical Jesus, a view seen in several 20th century encyclopedia articles including The Jewish Encyclopedia, Joseph Dan in the Encyclopaedia Judaica ( 1972, 1997 ).
Jewish encyclopedia.
* Sir Matthew Nathan at the Jewish encyclopedia
The Encyclopaedia Judaica is a 26-volume English-language encyclopedia of the Jewish people and their faith, Judaism.
American Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum, adjunct professor of theology at the American Jewish University as well as director of its Sigi Ziering Institute: Exploring the Ethical and Religious Implications of the Holocaust, serves as the editor for the Holocaust and Americana sections of the encyclopedia and executive editor for the work at large.
According to the 1906 Jewish encyclopedia, The Letter of Aristeas states that creators of the Septuagint washed their hands in the sea each morning before prayer ; Josephus states that this custom was the reason for the traditional location of synagogues near water.
* Mattis, Kantor, The Jewish time line encyclopedia: a year-by-year history from Creation to present, Jason Aronson Inc., Northvale, N. J., 1992
* In the Jewish encyclopedia
In 2008 a Library user found an encyclopedia entitled Religion in History and the Present Day with a bookplate indicating it once belonged to a Jewish theologian.
* The Essential Pele Yoetz: an encyclopedia of ethical Jewish living ( 1991 )
In 2008, the American Jewish Committee objected to an encyclopedia article on Zionism that Ignatiev wrote for The Encyclopedia of Race and Racism.
The American Jewish Committee also questioned why the encyclopedia included an entry about Zionism, stating that it was the only nationalist movement with an article in the encyclopedia.

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