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Johanan and son
His rabbinic education was acquired mainly at Tiberias, in the academy presided over by R. Johanan, with whom his relations were almost those of a son ( Yer.
After five years of war and raids, Judah sought an alliance with the Roman Republic to remove the Greeks: " In the year 161 BCE he sent Eupolemus the son of Johanan and Jason the son of Eleazar, ' to make a league of amity and confederacy with the Romans.
* Johanan, son of Kareah, mentioned as a leader of the army who led the remnant of the population of the Kingdom of Judah to Egypt for safety ( against the advice of Jeremiah – see ), after the Babylonian dismantling of the kingdom in 586 BC and the subsequent assassination of Gedaliah, the Babylon-appointed Jewish governor (, )
Rabbi Yochanan ( Biblical Hebrew transliteration: Yoḥanan bar Nafḥa ); ( also known as Rabbi Yochanan bar Nafcha or Johanan bar Nappaha, " Rabbi Yochanan son the blacksmith ," Hebrew: יוחנן בר נפחא )
According to the book it was written by Assaf ( or Assaph / Asaph ) Ben Berhiyahu ( son of Birhiyahu ) and Johanan Ben Zabda, who lived in Israel between the fourth and sixth century CE.

Johanan and mentioned
Both Sanballat and Johanan are mentioned in the Book of Nehemiah,,.
* Johanan ben Bag-Bag, one of the tannaim, who is mentioned several times in the Talmud
Some statements in the book are attributed to R. Berechiah, R. Johanan, R. Bun, rabbis mentioned in the later midrashic literature.
The Jewish Encyclopedia writes that the mention of the " Holy of Holies " in this passage is not an anachronism, as Grätz thinks, for while it is true that Eliezer and Joshua were present as the geonim par excellence at Elisha's circumcision — which must, therefore, have occurred after the death of Johanan ben Zakkai ( 80 )— it is also true that the " Holy of Holies " is likewise mentioned in connection with Rabbi Akiva ( Makkot, end ); indeed, the use of this expression is due to the fact that the Rabbis held holiness to be inherent in the place, not in the building ( Yevamot 6b ).

Johanan and Nehemiah
Johanan bar Nappaḥa ( 199 – 279 ) has left the following important note relative to the composition and editing of the Mishnah and other halakic works: " Our Mishnah comes directly from Rabbi Meir, the Tosefta from R. Nehemiah, the Sifra from R. Judah, and the Sifre from R. Simon ; but they all took Akiva for a model in their works and followed him " ( Sanh.

Johanan and who
Johanan succeeded Gedaliah, who had been assassinated by an Israelite prince in the pay of Ammon " for working with the Babylonians.
According to R. Johanan, who wrote in the third century,
" R. Zera said in the name of R. Abbahu who quoted R. Johanan: These are the eighty thousand battle trumpets which assembled in the city of Bethar, when it was taken and men, women and children were slain in it until their blood ran into the Great Sea.

Johanan and is
The enormous size of the Leviathan is described by R. Johanan, from whom proceeded nearly all the aggadot concerning this monster: " Once we went in a ship and saw a fish which put his head out of the water.
When the Leviathan is hungry, reports R. Dimi in the name of R. Johanan, he sends forth from his mouth a heat so great as to make all the waters of the deep boil, and if he would put his head into Paradise no living creature could endure the odor of him ( ib .).
This legend has been somewhat elaborately treated in Yiddish under the title, Ein ganz neie Maase vun dem Tanna R. Akiba, Lemberg, 1893 ( compare Tanna debe Eliyahu Zuṭṭa, xvii., where Johanan ben Zakkai's name is given in place of Akiba ).
The Tosefta omits the ordinances of Gamliel and of Johanan ben Zakkai, and the dispute of the two leaders of the school-house, nor does it mention anything of the power of any tannaitic dignitary ; the Tosefta is here a product of the time of the Amoraim.
There is no difference in meaning between the various transliterations ( Yohanan, Yochanan, and Johanan ); in the absence of a generally agreed transliteration method for Hebrew, the name of the same individual may be transliterated differently by different sources.
The form Johanan is traditional in English-language Bible translations of the Hebrew Bible.
Instead the chain is listed as passing directly from Hillel to Johanan ben Zakkai.
104b ), and an aggadic ruling on Biblical stories beginning with the phrase " Va-yehi bayamim " ( And it came to pass in those days ) is designated by Johanan, or his pupil Levi, as a " tradition of the men of the Great Synagogue " ( Meg.
He is, moreover, known as a disciple of Rabbi Johanan, after whose death he and his friends Ammi and Assi were the recognized authorities on the Halakah in Palestine.

Johanan and with
" Refusing to listen to Jeremiah's counsel, Johanan fled to Egypt, taking with him Jeremiah and Baruch, Jeremiah's faithful scribe and servant, and the king's daughters.
He was a pupil of Johanan ( d. 279 ); in a question regarding the time of the new moon, which he sent to Rav Ammi, he introduces a sentence taught to him by Johanan with the words: " Know that R. Johanan has taught us thus all his life long " ( R. H. 20a ).
In Biblical times this occurs with regard to the names Abigail, Abijah, Athaliah, Chushan, Ephah, Micha, Nahash, Shelomith, Zibiah ; in Talmudic times, with regard to Ibu, Johanan, Nehorai, Pasi, Shalom ; the only later instances that may be cited are Jeroham, Mazal-Ṭob, Neḥamah, Menuḥah, Simḥah, Tamar, Bongodas, and Bien-li-Viengue.
R. Johanan connected the following story with Neh.

son and high
The son of a wealthy Evanston executive was fined $100 yesterday and forbidden to drive for 60 days for leading an Evanston policeman on a high speed chase over icy Evanston and Wilmette streets Jan. 20.
When Charlemagne sent his young son Pepin to Italy as King of the Lombards Angilbert went along as primicerius palatii, a high administrator of the satellite court.
* The son of Abiathar, and high priest in the time of David ().
Their daughters Cristina and María both married into the high nobility ; Cristina to Ramiro, Lord of Monzón, grandson of García Sánchez III of Navarre via an illegitimate son ; María, first ( it is said ) to a prince of Aragon ( presumably the son of Peter I ) and second to Ramón Berenguer III, count of Barcelona.
This was the first time in Royal Naval history that a father and son had both attained such high rank.
John Painter states that phrase " who was called Christ " is used by Josephus in this passage " by way of distinguishing him from others of the same name such as the high priest Jesus son of Damneus, or Jesus son of Gamaliel " both having been mentioned by Josephus in this context.
At his high school graduation, Ronald Reagan introduced himself to his son by saying, " My name is Ronald Reagan.
In Rome, by virtue of his high culture, Polybius was admitted to the most distinguished houses, in particular to that of Aemilius Paulus, the conqueror in the Third Macedonian War, who entrusted Polybius with the education of his sons, Fabius and Scipio Aemilianus ( who had been adopted by the eldest son of Scipio Africanus ).
Campanis later said he would have signed Clemente were it not for Melchor Clemente's insistence that his son finish high school.
I, Ulfila, bishop and confessor, have always so believed, and in this, the one true faith, I make the journey to my Lord ; I believe in one God the Father, the only unbegotten and invisible, and in his only-begotten son, our Lord and God, the designer and maker of all creation, having none other like him ( so that one alone among all beings is God the Father, who is also the God of our God ); and in one Holy Spirit, the illuminating and sanctifying power, as Christ said after his resurrection to his apostles: " And behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you ; but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be clothed with power from on high " ( Luke 24: 49 ) and again " But ye shall receive power, when the Holy Ghost is come upon you " ( Acts 1: 8 ); being neither God ( the Father ) nor our God ( Christ ), but the minister of Christ ... subject and obedient in all things to the Son ; and the Son, subject and obedient in all things to God who is his Father ... ( whom ) he ordained in the Holy Spirit through his Christ.
This section features letters both written by the editors and sent in by readers often with ridiculous names, usually in the form of obviously fictitious anecdotes ( one reader claimed that by defecating on the high seas, he was able to expel a single unbroken " monster " turd ; however, nobody wanted to grant him research funds for further attempts ) or various observations, such as the " children say the funniest things " type ( one issue featured numerous variations of a reader's young son making a reference to masturbation during bathtime, such as " playing with pork sword "; in this case, when the reader entered the bathroom, she discovered her son had indeed fashioned a sword out of pork sausages ).
His wife and youngest son were not with him, having stayed behind in Arkansas so the son could complete his junior year of high school at Catholic High in Little Rock.
According to his father's desire that his youngest son should choose a < em > gentleman's </ em > vocation, William, after his graduation from high school, entered the Cayuga County National Bank of Auburn as a clerk, where he spent long hours adding numbers.
After his son graduated from Doland's high school, Hubert Humphrey, Sr. left Doland and opened a new drugstore in the larger town of Huron, South Dakota ( population 11, 000 ), where he hoped to improve his fortunes.
Weismann was born a son of high school teacher Johann ( Jean ) Konrad Weismann ( 1804 – 1880 ), a graduate of ancient languages and theology, and his wife Elise ( 1803 – 1850 ), née Lübbren, the daughter of the county councillor and mayor von Stade, on January 17, 1834 in Frankfurt am Main.
He realized that he was getting very old ( 69 by this point ) and, at Sun Jun's recommendation, commissioned Zhuge Jin's son Zhuge Ke as the future regent for Sun Liang, even though he correctly had misgivings about how Zhuge Ke was arrogant and had overly high opinion of his own abilities, because at that time, virtually the entire empire, awed by Zhuge's prior military victories, was convinced that Zhuge would be the correct choice for regent.
* John Hyrcanus becomes high priest and prince ( ruler ) of Judea, until 104 BC, following the murder of his father Simon Maccabaeus by Ptolemy the son of Abubus in 135 BC.
" Upon the Mother depend the winds, the ocean, the whole earth beneath the snowy seat of Olympus ; whenever she leaves the mountains and climbs to the great vault of heaven, Zeus himself, the son of Cronus, makes way, and all the other immortal gods likewise make way for the dread goddess ," the seer Mopsus tells Jason in Argonautica ; Jason climbed to the sanctuary high on Mount Dindymon to offer sacrifice and libations to placate the goddess, so that the Argonauts might continue on their way.
Walker's son describes this " Elaborate Machine " as " twenty feet high, and twenty-seven in diameter: it stands vertically before the spectators, and its globes are so large, that they are distinctly seen in the most distant parts of the Theatre.
Apart from the bastard eunuch Basil Lekapenos, who was appointed parakoimomenos, Theophylact was the only son of Romanos I to retain his high office after the family's fall from power in 945.
He was the fifth son born to Beneigne Bossuet, a judge of the parlement ( a provincial high court ) at Dijon, and Marguerite Mouchet.

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