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John and 1549
This remarkable text, originally written in Latin, is extant only in the 1549 translation of Bishop John Ponet.
1549 translation of Bishop John Ponet.
There was also a Dance of Death painted in the 1540s on the walls of the cloister of St Paul's Cathedral, London with texts by John Lydgate, which was destroyed in 1549.
* May 21 John Rainolds, English scholar and Bible translator ( b. 1549 )
John Calvin, who had lost his own wife in 1549, wrote a letter of condolence.
However, by other more documented accounts, the lake's designation borrows from the moniker of a Native American woman, Magdalena, who interpreted the language for a Spanish expedition into Florida in 1549, or even more likely, the name comes from the 1882 marriage of John Parrish and Mary Magdalene Yates, daughter of Jonah Yates, first mayor of Plant City in the Lake Magdalene section of Hillsborough County.
In June 1547, together with John Knox and others captured at St Andrews, Fife, following the capture of the castle by pro-Catholic French forces he was condemned to become a galley-slave rowing French galleys, but was released in 1549.
In consideration of the challenging military situation faced by Portuguese forces world wide, John III declared every male subject between 20 and 65 years old recruitable for military service on 7 August 1549.
John III decided to abandon Safim and Azamor in 1541, followed by Arzila and Alcácer Ceguer in 1549.
The first Governor-General appointed by John III was Tomé de Sousa, who in 1549 founded the city of Bahia ( known at the time as São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, Holy Saviour of the Bay of All Saints ).
It was subsequently published by John Bale in 1549 ( with Bale's own additional commentary ) under the title The laboryouse journey & serche of Johan Leylande for Englandes antiquitees.
Published by John Bale ( with additional commentary ) as The Laboryouse Journey ( 1549 ).
Some they solde to the grossers and soapsellers …" — John Bale, 1549
After Joan of Kent was imprisoned in 1548 and convicted in April 1549, John Foxe, one of the few Protestants opposed to burnings, approached Rogers to intervene to save Joan, but he refused with the comment that burning was “ sufficiently mild ” for a crime as grave as heresy.
John Dudley recovered the post of Lord Admiral immediately after the Protector's fall in October 1549, Thomas Seymour having been executed by his brother in March 1549.
Soon afterwards he became chaplain to John Bell Bishop of Worcester and then served Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London, in the same capacity from 1543 to 1549.
After Bonner was deprived of his see, in about 1549, Thomas Cranmer sent Feckenham to the Tower of London, and while there learning and eloquence made him such a successful advocate that he was temporarily freed (" borrowed out of prison ") to take part in seven public disputations against John Hooper, John Jewel and others.
* 1549 / 50 Randolph Glossop John Gregory
Crossing to England towards the end of 1582, he attended the lectures of John Rainolds ( 1549 1607 ) at Oxford, and those of William Whitaker at Cambridge.
* John Rainolds or Reynolds ( 1549 1607 ), Puritan scholar influential in the translation of the King James Bible
Somerset was deposed and sent to the Tower of London in October 1549, with Arundel, Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton, and John Dudley, Earl of Warwick ( later Duke of Northumberland ) among the leaders of the new governing group.
* John Petre, 1st Baron Petre ( 1549 1613 )
* John Scrope, 8th Baron Scrope of Bolton ( d. 1549 )

John and
* John Austin ( legal philosopher ) ( 1790 1859 ), English jurist
* John Arnold Austin ( 1905 1941 ), American sailor
* John M. Pierce ( 1886 1958 ) was one of the founders of the Springfield Telescope Makers.
Historian John Huddleston estimates the death toll at ten percent of all Northern males 20 45 years old, and 30 percent of all Southern white males aged 18 40.
He was the fourth child of Ondrej Varchola ( Americanized as Andrew Warhola, Sr., 1889 1942 ) and Júlia ( née Zavacká, 1892 1972 ), whose first child was born in their homeland and died before their move to the U. S. Andy had two older brothers, Paul, born about 1923, and John, born about 1925.
* 1385 John, Master of the Order of Aviz, is made king John I of Portugal.
* 1808 John Jacob Astor incorporates the American Fur Company, that would eventually make him America's first millionaire.
* 1849 John William Waterhouse, British painter ( d. 1917 )
* 1871 Prince Alexander John of Wales ( d. 1871 )
* 1947 John Ratzenberger, American actor
* 1960 John Pizzarelli, American jazz guitarist, songwriter, singer and bandleader
* 1792 John Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham, English statesman ( d. 1840 )
* 1940 John Hagee, American pastor and televangelist
* 1944 John Kay, German-Canadian singer-songwriter and musician ( The Sparrows and Steppenwolf )
* 1865 Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot the previous evening by actor John Wilkes Booth.
* 1971 John Boyne, Irish novelist
* 1981 John O ' Shea, Irish footballer
* 1665 John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol, English politician ( d. 1751 )
* 1724 John Joachim Zubly, Swiss-American pastor, planter, and statesman ( d. 1781 )
* 1904 John Hay Whitney, American businessman, publisher, and diplomat, founded J. H.
* 1947 John Morrison, New Zealand cricketer
* 1948 John Mehler, American drummer ( Love Song )

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