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John and Stanton
Weld contributed to the anti-slavery convictions of such men as Joshua R. Giddings and Edwin M. Stanton, enlisted John Quincy Adams, and helped provide ideas which underlay Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Grant's curt response to Johnson in the Stanton matter increased his popularity with the Radical Republicans ; John Weiss Forney, editor of the Washington Daily Chronicle, who had paved the way for previous presidential nominations, took up the effort for Grant's nomination, by first inquiring with Rawlins about Grant's interest in the presidency.
From here the River Axe rises up from a deep sump where progressive depth records for cave diving in the British Isles have been set: firstly by Farr () in 1977, then Rob Parker () in 1985, and finally by John Volanthen and Rick Stanton () in 2004.
It was also nominated for Best Writing — Screenplay Written for the Screen for the work by Joel Cohen, Pete Docter, John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Alec Sokolow, Andrew Stanton, and Joss Whedon making Toy Story the first animated film to be nominated for a writing award.
Animator Pete Docter, director John Lasseter, musician Randy Newman, producers Bonnie Arnold and Ralph Guggenheim, production designer Ralph Eggleston, and writers Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow, Andrew Stanton, and Joss Whedon all won awards for " Best Individual Achievement " in their respective fields for their work on the film.
* Gillies, John & Ryuta Minami, Ruri Li and Poonam Trivedi Shakespeare on the Stages of Asia in Wells and Stanton pp. 259 283.
There is also a record of an Elizabeth Aguirre of Petersfield, Hampshire ( died 1665 ), who was the second wife of Josias White ( 1573 1622 ) of Hornchurch, Essex, brother of John White the ' Patriarch of Dorchester ', and son of a John White of Stanton St John, Oxfordshire ( 1540 before September 30, 1618 ), who afterwards married a Francis Drake ( 1573 1634 ) of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey a first cousin once removed of Sir Francis Drake ( 1540 1596 ) the famous explorer.
* The Church of Stanton St John, Suffolk This link includes a map.
Parsippany-Troy Hills's Township Council consists of Council President Brian Stanton, Council Vice President Vincent Ferrara, Paul Carifi, Jr., John Cesaro and Michael J. dePierro.
The wrought-ironworker John Warren worked under Stanton at Denham Place, Buckinghamshire, and the fine wrought iron gates and overthrow at Belton may be his.
* John Stanton Williams ( died 1876 ), American shipowner and businessman
The Hostage is a 1967 Crown International low-budget motion picture starring Don O ' Kelly, James Almanzar and Joanne Brown, with Leland Brown, John Carradine, and Harry Dean Stanton.
John Marin, Marsden Hartley, Alfred Henry Maurer, Arthur B. Carles, Arthur Dove, Henrietta Shore, Stuart Davis, Stanton MacDonald-Wright, Morgan Russell, Patrick Henry Bruce, Andrew Dasburg, Georgia O ' Keeffe, and Gerald Murphy were some important early American modernist painters.
Principal cast members included Maurie Fields ( John Quinney ), Carl Bleazby ( Colonel Jim Emerson ), Lynette Curran ( Rhoda Lang ), Elspeth Ballantyne ( Lori Chandler ), Gerda Nicolson ( Fiona Davies ), Peter Aanensen ( Jim Bacon ), Carmel Millhouse ( Marge Bacon ), Moira Charleton ( Olive Turner ), Terry Norris ( Joe Turner ), Robin Ramsay ( Charlie Cousens ), Penne Hackforth-Jones ( Ginny Hill ), Ian Smith ( Russell Ashwood ), Anne Phelan ( Kate Murray ), Dennis Miller ( Constable Des Davies ), Michael Preston ( Father John Kramer ), Gabrielle Hartley ( Maggie Emerson ), Tom Oliver ( Tom Grey ), Sean Scully, ( Ron Wilson ), Brian James ( Ian Bennett ), John Stanton ( Leo Hill ), Rod Mullinar ( Scott Leighton ), Maggie Millar ( Georgia Moorhouse ), Sheila Florance ( Dossie Rumsey ), Brian Hannan ( Roger Green ), Anne Charleston ( Wendy Robinson ), Louise Philip ( Christine Jackson ), Patsy King ( Kate Andrews ), and Alan Hopgood ( Matthew Reed ).
Later cast additions included Lynda Keane, Vanessa Leigh, Delvene Delaney, Luigi Villani, Tracy Mann, Jill Forster, John Stanton, Geraldine Turner, Davina Whitehouse, Syd Heylen, Tony Barry, Cheryl Rixon, Tristan Rogers, Noni Hazelhurst, Barbara Llewellyn, Anne Louise Lambert, Maurie Fields, Don Barker, Penny Downie, Christine Broadway, Ross Skiffington, Gary Day, Tom Richards.
* Earl, John and Stanton, John, The Canterbury Hall and Theatre of Varieties ( Cambridge, Chadwyck-Healy 1982 )
Vincent John Stanton, was the first Colonial Chaplain of the former Colony of Hong Kong.
Vincent John Stanton ( Founder 1849-1850 )
* 1977 John W. Stanton, BA Political Science, Founder and CEO, Western Wireless.
* Stanton St John, Oxfordshire

John and Fleming
After working in a shipping office for four years, the twenty-year-old Fleming inherited some money from an uncle, John Fleming.
About 20 years later, John Ambrose Fleming ( scientific adviser to the Marconi Company
John Fleming invented the first radio tube, the diode, in 1904.
Sir John Popham was Lord Chief Justice, Sir Thomas Fleming was Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and two Justices, Sir Thomas Walmsley and Sir Peter Warburton, sat as Justices of the Common Pleas.
Fleming did not provide Bond's date of birth, but John Pearson's fictional biography of Bond, James Bond: The Authorized Biography of 007, gives Bond a birth date on 11 November 1920, while a study by John Griswold puts the date at 11 November 1921.
Sir John Ambrose Fleming FRS ( 29 November 1849 18 April 1945 ) was an English electrical engineer and physicist.
In 1897 the Pender Laboratory was founding at University College, London and Fleming took up the Pender Chair after the £ 5000 was endowed as a memorial to John Pender, the founder of Cable and Wireless.
John Ambrose Fleming ( 1906 )
: One century ago, in November 1904, John Ambrose Fleming FRS, Pender Professor at UCL, filed in Great Britain, for a device called the Thermionic Valve.
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*: John C. Fleming

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