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Johnny and Got
When Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen began their collaboration in 1940, Mercer, like Arlen, had several substantial film songs to his credit, among them `` Hooray For Hollywood '', `` Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride '', `` Have You Got Any Castles, Baby??
Trumbo's 1939 anti-war novel, Johnny Got His Gun, won one of the early National Book Awards: the Most Original Book of 1939.
Shortly after the 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union, Trumbo and his publisher decided to suspend reprinting of Johnny Got His Gun until the end of the war.
In 1971, Trumbo directed the film adaptation of his novel Johnny Got His Gun, which starred Timothy Bottoms, Diane Varsi, Jason Robards and Donald Sutherland.
* Johnny Got His Gun, 1971 ( also directed )
Bogdanovich liked Bottoms for his sad eyes, and recalled that he was convinced to cast him when he learned that he was being highly touted at the time by his agent who said he had been given the lead in a Dalton Trumbo movie Johnny Got His Gun ( 1971 ); " I guess that's what convinced me " he said.
Bottoms did indeed have the lead in Johnny Got His Gun, although he was playing a quadriplegic and terribly mutilated World War I soldier who could not see, hear, move or speak.
Singers such as Sonny Burgess (" My Bucket's Got A Hole In It "), Charlie Rich, Junior Parker, and Billy Lee Riley recorded for Sun with some success, while others such as Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Carl Perkins would become superstars.
A similar movement occurred in literature, producing a slew of novels on both sides of the Atlantic including notably All Quiet on the Western Front and Johnny Got His Gun.
Johnny Got His Gun is a novel by American author and screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.
#" I Got Your Love All over Me " ( Johnny Cymbal / Peggy Clinger ) – 2: 39
** Johnny Kemp and Gene Griffin for " Just Got Paid "
These trends were depicted in novels such as All Quiet on the Western Front, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Johnny Got His Gun.
" Brown also recorded go-go covers of early jazz and blues songs, such as " Go-Go Swing " Duke Ellington's " It Don't Mean a Thing If Ain't Got That Swing ", " Moody's Mood for Love ", Johnny Mercer's " Midnight Sun ", Louis Jordan's " Run Joe ", and T-Bone Walker's " Stormy Monday ".
Other famous friends include Johnny Depp, who starred in the video for " That Woman's Got Me Drinking ", and Joe Strummer, who referred to MacGowan as " one of the best writers of the century ".
For authenticity Trumbo, as was in the case of Johnny Got His Gun, tried to become the character that he was writing about.
As well as writing songs for their own group, Riley and Hall collaborated on other songwriting and production projects, including Bobby Brown's " My Prerogative " and Johnny Kemp's " Just Got Paid ".
Managed by Gene Griffin, Riley's work with Guy pioneered the New Jack Swing style of R & B, which had been showcased previously in Riley's productions for Keith Sweat ( I Want Her ), Johnny Kemp (" Just Got Paid "), Bobby Brown (" My Prerogative ") and among others.
Johnny Horton, an avid Louisiana fisherman who celebrated Cajun customs and culture, also mentions pirogues in his 1956 song " I Got a Hole in My Pirogue.
This phrase was mentioned by Johnny Bravo in the 1997 episode " Cookie Crisis " after he admits to try Suzy's cookies and getting a delviery of them by saying " A million and two cookies ... Got milk?
His first starring role in a feature film was in the 2008 indie release Johnny Got His Gun which garnered excellent reviews for his solo performance.
In 2008, McKenzie earned critical acclaim for his solo performance in the " live on stage, on film " version of Dalton Trumbo's 1939 novel Johnny Got His Gun, his first starring role in a feature film.
Her later films include Johnny Got His Gun in 1971, a film which Varsi described as her favorite, and a 1972 ABC-TV " Movie of the Week ", titled The People.
Of Johnny Got His Gun, the actress said: " This is the kind of thing I always wanted to do.

Johnny and Gun
The CTCA distributed a khaki-bound songbook that provided the impetus for spirited renditions of the selections found therein, plus a number of others whose lyrics were more earthy -- from `` Johnny Get Your Gun '' to `` Keep The Home Fires Burning '' to `` Mademoiselle From Armentieres ''.
* " Johnny Get Your Gun " w. m.
Johnny and Leo went on to form " The Tribe " with keyboard player Pauline Groen and bassist Tommy " Gun " Keating recording originals that were a little more mainstream.
Other parts came-movie roles in I Was a Teenage Werewolf, High School Confidential, and the notorious God's Little Acre, as well as many roles on television, such as Crossroads ( three episodes ), The Restless Gun ( pilot episode aired on Schlitz Playhouse of Stars ), Sheriff of Cochise ( in " Human Bomb "), Crusader, The Rifleman, The Adventures of Jim Bowie, Johnny Staccato, Wire Service, General Electric Theater, The Court of Last Resort, State Trooper ( two episodes ), Tales of Wells Fargo, Tombstone Territory ( in the episode " Rose of the Rio Bravo ", with Kathleen Nolan ), among many others.
The theme song and the other music was also previously frequently used in the 1950s and 1960s in other CBS-owned radio and television dramas ( Perry Mason ; Rawhide ; Gunsmoke ; Have Gun Will Travel ; Suspense ; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar ; etc ), in addition to Twilight Zone, as it was all owned by CBS.
Fuck De Boere ( Dedicated to Johnny Dyani ) is a live album of free sessions from these early years, containing two long improvisations, a 1968 recording of " Machine Gun " live ( earlier than the studio version ) and a longer jam from 1970.
* The song has been covered by Chocolate Starfish, The Mountain Goats, David Axelrod, John Barrowman, Liza Minnelli, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall ( as " The Odd Couple "), Chimira, Venice, Jann Arden, Janet Jackson ( who sampled the song in " Son of a Gun ( I Betcha Think This Song Is About You )", with Simon providing featured vocals, Anna Waronker, Faster Pussycat, Romantic Guitar, Dres, Daryll-Ann, Smokie, Foo Fighters, Sally Seltmann, Asaro and Wolcott, Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs and Marilyn Manson ( featuring Johnny Depp ).
* Johnny Got His Gun
Bottoms made his film debut in 1971 as Joe Bonham in Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun.
He was also heavily featured in the Metallica video for " One ", which featured footage of the film Johnny Got His Gun.

Johnny and 1939
* 1939Johnny Raper, Australian rugby league footballer
* 1880 – Johnny Gruelle, American cartoonist, children's book writer and creator of Raggedy Ann ( d. 1939 )
* 1939Johnny Maestro, American singer ( Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge ) ( d. 2010 )
* 2010 – Johnny Maestro, American singer ( Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge ) ( b. 1939 )
* 2011 – Johnny Preston, American pop singer ( b. 1939 )
In 1939 country artists began playing boogie-woogie when Johnny Barfield recorded " Boogie Woogie ".
Some of Lamour's other notable films include John Ford's The Hurricane ( 1937 ), Spawn of the North ( 1938 ; with George Raft, Henry Fonda, and John Barrymore ), Disputed Passage ( 1939 ), Johnny Apollo ( 1940 ; with Tyrone Power ), Aloma of the South Seas ( 1941 ), Beyond the Blue Horizon ( 1942 ), Dixie ( 1943 ; with Bing Crosby ),
The most popular 1930s standard, Johnny Green's " Body and Soul ", was introduced in Broadway and became a huge hit after Coleman Hawkins's 1939 recording.
* Three Days of the Condo – The commercial for " Gone With the Wind Estates " originally used the famous theme song from the 1939 film of the same name ; it was replaced, though it remained intact when Venus and Johnny sang it during the closing tag.
: 4 Johnny Mize ( 1939 – 1940, 1947 – 1948 )
: 4 Johnny Murphy ( 1938 – 1939, 1941 – 1942 )
In a 1939 interview, she expressed her interest in starring opposite Power in Johnny Apollo ( 1940 ).
* Johnny Metras – builder, 1980 ( St. Michael's College ( ORFU ) as player 1933 – 34 ; University of Western Ontario as assistant coach 1935 – 38, head coach 1939 – 69, and other roles ).
Wald produced and wrote many films between the 1930s and 1960s including Stars Over Broadway ( 1935 ), The Roaring Twenties ( 1939 ), On Your Toes ( 1939, in collaboration with playwright Lawrence Riley ), They Drive by Night ( 1940 ), Navy Blues ( 1941 ), Across the Pacific ( 1942 ), The Man Who Came to Dinner ( 1942 ), Destination Tokyo ( 1943 ), Mildred Pierce ( 1945 ), Johnny Belinda ( 1948 ), Key Largo ( 1948 ), Always Leave Them Laughing ( 1949 ), The Glass Menagerie ( 1950 ), Perfect Strangers ( 1950 ), Two Tickets to Broadway ( 1951 ), The Blue Veil ( 1951 ), Peyton Place ( 1957 ), An Affair to Remember ( 1957 ), In Love and War ( 1958 ), The Sound and the Fury ( 1959 ), Sons and Lovers ( 1960 ), Return to Peyton Place ( 1961 ) and Wild in the Country ( 1961 ).
Eddie James Kendrick was born in Union Springs, Alabama on December 17, 1939, the son of Johnny and Lee Bell Kendrick.
The special was based on the Johnny Marks song by the same name ; the song taken from the 1939 poem of the same title written by Marks ' brother-in-law, Robert L. May.
* Raggedy Ann in the Magic Book ( 1939 ) written by Johnny Gruelle, illustrated by Worth Gruelle
After his hands had healed, Hostak returned with a third-round knockout of Johnny Erjavec in Seattle, before facing Krieger in a rematch in Seattle on June 27, 1939.

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