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Joseph and Jackson
* 1786 – Joseph Jackson Lister, English opticist and physicist ( d. 1869 )
Movement founder Joseph Smith, Jr. told his earliest followers that the Garden of Eden had been located in Jackson County, and that the New Jerusalem where Jesus will come in the Second Coming would be built in Independence.
These include Richard Kirwan, John Smeaton, Henry Moyes, John Michell, Pieter Camper, R. E. Raspe, John Baskerville, Thomas Beddoes, John Wyatt, William Thomson, Cyril V. Jackson, Jean-André Deluc, John Wilkinson, John Ash, Samuel More, Robert Bage, James Brindley, Ralph Griffiths, John Roebuck, Thomas Percival, Joseph Black, James Hutton, Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Banks, William Herschel, Daniel Solander, John Warltire, George Fordyce, Alexander Blair, Samuel Parr, Louis Joseph d ' Albert d ' Ailly, the seventh Duke of Chaulnes, Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond, Grossart de Virly ,, Johann Gottling.
* May 14 – American Civil War – Battle of Jackson ( MS ): Union General Ulysses S. Grant defeats Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston, opening the way for the Siege of Vicksburg.
* July 26 – Joseph Jackson, Father of the Jackson Family
** Smart Money-Lucien Hubbard, Joseph Jackson
Joseph Daniel Jackson came to the area in 1882 as part of Company B of the Texas Rangers assigned to protect the railroad.
* Joseph Jackson Fuller ( 1825-1908 ), Jamaican missionary to pre-colonial West Africa
Learning that Jackson County Missouri was Zion meant much to Joseph Smith and the members of the Mormon Church.
This can mean that Zion can be anywhere, but when God referred to Jackson County as Zion he also told Joseph that this land would be the New Jerusalem.
Many members ( including notable members — Joseph Smith and Brigham Young among them ) of the mainline LDS Church, past and present, have believed that Jackson County was the site of the biblical Garden of Eden.
* Joseph Bernard Jackson 1927-1951
* Joseph Jackson, born in Fountain Hill, 1928, father of the King of Pop Michael Jackson.
About 1912 he sold the hotel to Joseph W. Jackson, who operated the place as the ' Commercial Hotel '.
Many famous people came to Crown Point to be wed including 2009Tom Mix, Rudolph Valentino, Cassius Clay, Jackson 5 patriarch Joseph Jackson.
* Raymond Joseph Cannon, U. S. Representative from Wisconsin, attorney for Shoeless Joe Jackson and several of the Chicago Black Sox
The area was settled by Europeans in 1834 when Hiram and Joseph Putnam moved briefly to the area from Jackson.
The private schools, Washington School and Greenville Christian School, also serve the city ; as well as the parochial schools, St. Joseph High School and Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary which are part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jackson.

Joseph and Lister
Other names connected to the city include Max Born, physicist and Nobel laureate ; Charles Darwin, the biologist who discovered natural selection ; David Hume, a philosopher, economist and historian ; James Hutton, regarded as the " Father of Geology "; John Napier inventor of logarithms ; chemist and one of the founders of thermodynamics Joseph Black ; pioneering medical researchers Joseph Lister and James Young Simpson ; chemist and discoverer of the element nitrogen, Daniel Rutherford ; mathematician and developer of the Maclaurin series, Colin Maclaurin and Ian Wilmut, the geneticist involved in the cloning of Dolly the sheep just outside Edinburgh.
However, his discoveries were not appreciated by his contemporaries and came into general use only with discoveries of British surgeon Joseph Lister, who in 1865 proved the principles of antisepsis in the treatment of wounds ; However, medical conservatism on new breakthroughs in pre-existing science prevented them from being generally well received during the 19th century.
However, he decided to enlist the help of a different doctor named Joseph Lister.
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