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Joshua and Prager
In 2000, reporter Joshua Prager detailed in the Wall Street Journal the troubled life of Mr. Clarke who has squandered the millions of dollars the book has earned him and who believes that Brown was his mother, a claim others dismiss.
Joshua Prager detailed the revelations in a book titled The Echoing Green: The Untold Story of Bobby Thomson, Ralph Branca and The Shot Heard Round the World.
Mortensen also had a good run at the 2007 European Poker Tour Main Event in Monte Carlo finishing 11th, going out to Joshua Prager after making a straight on the turn, but defeated by a flush on the river.
* Physician Joshua Prager, native
Joshua Prager detailed the revelations in a book entitled The Echoing Green: The Untold Story of Bobby Thomson, Ralph Branca and The Shot Heard Round the World.
* Although Branca was raised Catholic, in 2011 reporter Joshua Prager revealed in the New York Times that his mother Kati was Jewish.
In February 2001, Joshua Harris Prager of the Wall Street Journal reported that the Giants had positioned coach Herman Franks with a telescope in the Giants ' clubhouse during the latter half of the season, including the game itself, and had stolen the pitching signs of the Dodger catcher, Rube Walker, subbing for the injured Roy Campanella in the playoff game.
* Joshua Harris Prager, US Journalist

Joshua and doctor
Ferrer feared that the production would be a failure in rehearsals due to the open dislike for the play by director Mel Ferrer ( no relation ), so he called in Joshua Logan ( who had directed his star-making performance in Charley's Aunt ) to serve as " play doctor " for the production.
* Joshua Pim ( 1869-1942 ), Irish doctor and tennis player
Currently, Emily is studying psychology, Rebecca is a television producer / journalist, and Joshua is a doctor.
In 1765 he married Frances Babcock, the daughter of Joshua Babcock, a doctor and lawyer who served on the supreme court of the Rhode Island Colony.

Joshua and born
He was born in London, one of seventeen children of Joshua Mayhew.
Joshua Carter Jackson ( born June 11, 1978 ) is a Canadian actor.
According to the books Exodus, Numbers and Joshua, he became the leader of the Israelite tribes after the death of Moses ; his name was Hoshe ' a the son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim, but Moses called him Yehoshu ' a ( Joshua ) () the name by which he is commonly known ; and he was born in Egypt prior to the Exodus, and was probably the same age as Caleb, with whom he is occasionally associated.
Stephen Joshua Sondheim (; born March 22, 1930 ) is an American composer and lyricist known for his contributions to musical theatre.
Joshua Scott " JC " Chasez ( born August 8, 1976 ) is an American singer-songwriter, dancer, entertainer, record producer, and occasional actor, best known as one of the lead vocalists in the former pop group ' N Sync.
He does return however when Cory's brother Joshua is born prematurely and has a small chance of survival.
Josh Homme, lead singer for Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures, was born in Joshua Tree.
Joshua Barrett Madden, born in Minden but reared also in Sibley, was a decorated United States Army sergeant in the Iraq War.
Joshua Seney was born near Church Hill, and is buried on his property near the town.
* Joshua Gomez ( born 1975 ), stars in the NBC series Chuck as Morgan Grimes.
Thomas Bayes was the son of London Presbyterian minister Joshua Bayes and perhaps born in Hertfordshire.
Joshua Slocum was born on 20 February 1844 in Mount Hanley, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia ( officially recorded as Wilmot Station ), a community on the North Mountain within sight of the Bay of Fundy.
Joshua Slocum was born in the family's farm house in Mount Hanley and learned to read and write at the nearby Mount Hanley School.
* Joshua Lederberg ( 1925 – 2008 ), geneticist who received the 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for work in bacterial genetics, was born in Montclair.
Wetmore was born in Middletown, Connecticut and was hired by Joshua Stow as a land agent of property in the Western Reserve which was purchased by the Connecticut Land Company.
** Joshua Hobson, pamphleteer ( born 1810 )
Joshua Waitzkin ( born December 4, 1976 ) is an American chess player, martial arts competitor, and author.
* August 3 – Joshua Barnes, scholar ( born 1654 )
** Joshua Falk, Hebraic scholar ( born 1555 )
Their son Joshua was born 2 1 / 2 months early on September 12, 1973 and died 5 days later.
* Joshua Clark, ( born 1980 ), American writer
Joshua Daniel " Josh " Hartnett ( born July 21, 1978 ) is an American actor and producer.
John S. Pillsbury was born in Sutton, New Hampshire of English descent, son of John and Susan ( Wadleigh ) Pillsbury, and descendant of Joshua Pillsbury, who emigrated from England to Newburyport, Mass., in 1640.
Physician, American Revolution general, and Rhode Island Supreme Court justice, Dr. Joshua Babcock and Royal Governor and Chief Justice of Rhode Island Samuel Ward were born in Westerly.

Joshua and 1949
* South Pacific, 1949 Broadway, 1951 London, m Richard Rodgers, lb Oscar Hammerstein II, b Joshua Logan ( 1, 925, the second longest-running Broadway musical up to that time ) ( 1950 Tony Award winner )
In addition to his wife, he was survived by his younger brother Joshua Pretlow Darden, who was a mayor of Norfolk, Virginia ( 1949 – 1950 ).

Joshua and ),
Joshua forms part of the biblical history of the emergence of Israel which begins with the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, continues with their conquest of Canaan under their leader Joshua ( the subject matter of the book of Joshua ), and culminates in Judges with the settlement of the tribes in the land.
The conquest begins in Canaan with Jericho, followed by Ai ( central Canaan ), after which Joshua builds an altar to Yahweh at Mt Ebal ( northern Canaan ) and renews the Covenant.
* Joshua sent spies to scout out the land near Jericho ( 2: 1 ), just as Moses sent spies from the wilderness to scout out the Promised Land ( Num.
* Joshua led the Israelites out of the wilderness into the Promised Land, crossing the Jordan River as if on dry ground ( 3: 16 ), just as Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt through the Red Sea, which they crossed as if on dry land ( Ex.
* Joshua successfully intercedes on behalf of the Israelites when Yahweh is angry for their failure to fully observe the " ban " ( herem ), just as Moses frequently persuaded God not to punish the people ( Ex.
* Joshua and the Israelites were able to defeat the people at Ai because Joshua followed the divine instruction to extend his sword ( Josh 8: 18 ), just as the people were able to defeat the Amalekites as long as Moses extended his hand that held " the staff of God " ( Ex.
* Joshua served as the mediator of the renewed covenant between Yahweh and Israel at Shechem ( 8: 30 – 35 ; 24 ), just as Moses was the mediator of Yahweh's covenant with the people at Mount Sinai / Mount Horeb.
* Before his death Joshua delivered a farewell address to the Israelites ( 23 – 24 ), just as Moses had delivered his farewell address ( Deut.
After her husband Joshua Raymond died, Mercy moved with her family to northern New London, Connecticut ( later Montville ), where she bought much land.
), The Letters of Sir Joshua Reynolds ( 2000 ).
), The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds ( 1798, 3 volumes ).
Joshua ( Yĕhôshúa ‘;, Yūshaʿ ibn Nūn ), is a figure in the Torah, being one of the spies for Israel ( Num 13-14 ) and in few passages as Moses ' assistant.
Bethel was an important centre for Jeroboam's Golden Calf cult ( which used non-Levites as priests ), located on Israel's southern border, which had been allocated to the Tribe of Benjamin by Joshua, as was Ephron, which is believed to be the Ophrah that was allocated to the Tribe of Benjamin by Joshua.
Several years later, with his brother, Isaac, Jacob published the Bible commentary Miklal Yofi by Solomon ben Melekh which included his own commentary, Lekket Shikchah ( Gleanings ), on the Pentateuch, the Book of Joshua, and part of the Book of Judges.
“ And that Christ being Lord, and God the Son of God, and appearing formerly in power as Man, and Angel, and in the glory of fire as at the bush, so also was manifested at the judgment executed on Sodom, has been demonstrated fully by what has been said .” Then I repeated once more all that I had previously quoted from Exodus, about the vision in the bush, and the naming of Joshua ( Jesus ), and continued: “ And do not suppose, sirs, that I am speaking superfluously when I repeat these words frequently: but it is because I know that some wish to anticipate these remarks, and to say that the power sent from the Father of all which appeared to Moses, or to Abraham, or to Jacob, is called an Angel because He came to men ( for by Him the commands of the Father have been proclaimed to men ); is called Glory, because He appears in a vision sometimes that cannot be borne ; is called a Man, and a human being, because He appears arrayed in such forms as the Father pleases ; and they call Him the Word, because He carries tidings from the Father to men: but maintain that this power is indivisible and inseparable from the Father, just as they say that the light of the sun on earth is indivisible and inseparable from the sun in the heavens ; as when it sinks, the light sinks along with it ; so the Father, when He chooses, say they, causes His power to spring forth, and when He chooses, He makes it return to Himself.
In one case she paskinned din on " klaustra " a rare Greek word referring to an object, used in the Talmud, unfortunately Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi did not believe women could be credited with paskining din, as it says ' do not speak too much to women ' ( Tannah Rabbi Jesse the Galilean ), and therefore credited the law to Rabbi Joshua who may have been her father.
( 1952 ); Mark Antony in Joseph L. Mankiewicz's 1953 film adaptation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar ; and as Air Force Major Lloyd Gruver in Sayonara ( 1957 ), Joshua Logan's adaption of James Michener's 1954 novel.
They are mentioned over 250 times, the majority in the Deuteronomistic history ( the series of " history " books from Joshua to 2 Kings ), and are depicted as the archenemies of the Israelites, a serious and recurring threat before being subdued by David.
* Joshua Quagmire ( or JQ ), an American cartoonist, best known for Cutey Bunny
Following a brutal guerrilla war waged against authorities by two rival black nationalist organisations ( Robert Mugabe ’ s ZANU and Joshua Nkomo ’ s ZAPU ), Rhodesian premier Ian Smith conceded to biracial democracy in 1978.
The People's Political Party ( PPP ), founded in 1952 by Ebenezer Joshua, was the first major political party in St. Vincent.

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