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Judith and Wiesner
Graf then won Leipzig, with her 500th career victory coming in a quarterfinal against Judith Wiesner.
:* First round — Defeated Judith Wiesner ( Austria ) 4-6, 6-1, 6-2
:* First round — Lost to Judith Wiesner ( Austria ) 6-7 4-6
In Kitzbühel, Schett defeated World No. 17 Katerina Maleeva in the third round, and lost in the quarterfinals to Judith Wiesner.
Sawamatsu's most significant title came in 1993 at Strasbourg, she defeated clay courter Judith Wiesner in the final.
Sawamatsu had much success at Strasbourg reaching the semifinals in 1991, final in 1992 losing to Judith Wiesner.

Judith and player
Produced by Embassy Television ( later Embassy Communications and ELP Communications ), in association with Hunter-Cohan Productions, and Columbia Pictures Television, the series starred Tony Danza as a retired major league baseball player who relocates to Fairfield, Connecticut to work as a live-in housekeeper for a divorced advertising executive, played by Judith Light.
Judith Elian of the French sports paper L ' Équipe, approved these statistics by ranking Rosewall as the number one player ahead of Newcombe and the panel of experts for the ' Martini and Rosso ' Cup also had Rosewall first, narrowly over Laver.
Judith Carr was born and grew up in Burbank, California, the daughter of a jazz trumpet player and an aspiring actress.
The oldest of three children, Potter was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Ron Potter, an ex-pro-football player and insurance salesman and Judith Potter, a singer.

Judith and born
* Judith Chomsky ( born 1942 ), American human rights lawyer and co-founder of the Juvenile Law Center
Edward Gibbon was born in 1737, the son of Edward and Judith Gibbon at Lime Grove, in the town of Putney, Surrey.
According to the Annales Cracovienses Compilati, this event took place in 1136 ; since it can be assumed that the Polish princess was younger than her betrothed, and also are known the birth dates of the youngest children of Bolesław III ( Agnes in 1137 and Casimir in 1138 ), Judith in consequence could have been born between 1130 and 1135.
Judy Blume ( born Judith Sussman ; February 12, 1938 ) is an American author.
The story involved Fitz returning to Manchester after several years of living in Australia with Judith and his son James ( who had been born during the final series of the original programme ) to attend his daughter Katy's wedding.
" Goodall has a sister, Judith, who shares the same birthday, though the two were born four years apart.
* Judith Durham ( born 1943 ), Australian singer, member of The Seekers
Judith ( also named Maria in some sources ) was the youngest of the six children born to Emperor Henry III and Empress Agnes.
In addition, Judith had an older half-sister, Beatrix I, Abbess of Quedlinburg and Gandersheim, born from her father's first marriage with Gunhilda of Denmark.
With the help of Sieciech, Judith convinced her husband to postpone the return of Władysław I's first-born son Zbigniew, who seems to be a strong candidate to the succession despite his illegitimacy ; also, they wanted an eventual alliance with the only legitimate son of Władysław I, Bolesław, born from his first marriage with the Bohemian princess.
Judith Godrèche ( born Judith Goldreich on March 23, 1972 ) is a French actress and author, born in Paris.
Dame Judith Olivia " Judi " Dench, CH, DBE, FRSA ( born 9 December 1934 ) is an English film, stage and television actress.
Other early conjoined twins to attain notice were the " Scottish brothers ", allegedly of the dicephalus type, essentially two heads sharing the same body ( 1460 – 1488, although the dates vary ); the pygopagus Helen and Judith of Szőny, Hungary ( 1701 – 1723 ), who enjoyed a brief career in music before being sent to live in a convent ; and Rita and Cristina of Parodi of Sardinia, born in 1829.
* Judith Rich Harris ( born 1938 ), psychologist and author of The Nurture Assumption.
* Judith LeClair ( born 1958 ), bassoonist.
Fanny Marguerite Judith Ardant ( born 22 March 1949 ) is a French actress.
Judith A. Reisman (; born April 11, 1935 ) is an American cultural conservative writer best known for her criticism and condemnation of the work and legacy of Alfred Kinsey.
In 1943, he met Judith Malina ( born 1926 ) and quickly came to share her passion for theatre ; they founded The Living Theatre in 1947.
They had two daughters: Judith ( born 1899 ) and Renate ( born 1901 ).
Judith Wright was born in Armidale, New South Wales the eldest child of Phillip Wright and his first wife Ethel, but spent most of her formative years in Brisbane and Sydney.
* Judith Scott ( 1943 – 2005 ) was born deaf and with Down Syndrome.

Judith and March
He then became involved in the Society for the Advancement of Judaism, where on March 18, 1922, he held the first public celebration of a Bat Mitzvah in America, for his daughter Judith.
The March of Moravia was subdued and its government entrusted to Rudolph's representatives, leaving Ottokar's widow Kunigunda of Slavonia, in control of only the province surrounding Prague, while the young Wenceslaus II was again betrothed to Rudolph's youngest daughter Judith.
On 2 March 1997, Judith Beatrice Bari died at home of breast cancer.
In 1089 Władysław married secondly with Judith ( b. 9 April 1054 – d. 14 March ca.
* Judith ( 1054, Goslar – 14 March 1092 or 1096 ), married firstly 1063 Solomon of Hungary and secondly 1089 Ladislaus I Herman, duke of Poland
* March 1 – Judith Rossner, writer
Nathan, who came to prefer the name Judith around this time, moved back to New York in March 1992, enrolling her daughter at the Spence School in Manhattan.
On March 29, 1971 the Handel Society of New York performed the American premiere of the work in a concert version with mezzo-soprano Sophia Steffan in the title role and Judith Raskin as Ginevra.
* Judith Kaye, former Chief Judge of the State of New York, is of counsel, and in March 2010 was tapped to lead the investigation of New York Governor David Patterson.
Over the years it has been presented by Joan Griffiths, Olive Shapley, Jean Metcalfe ( 1947, 1958 ), Marjorie Anderson ( until 1972 ), Judith Chalmers ( 1966 – 1970 ), Sue MacGregor ( 1972 – 1987 ), Jenni Murray ( 1987 – present ), and Martha Kearney ( 1998 – March 2007 ).
Judith Eleanor " Judi " Moylan ( born 24 February 1944, Perth, Western Australia ), an Australian politician, has been a Liberal member of the Australian House of Representatives since March 1993, representing the Division of Pearce, Western Australia.
* Lewis, Judith ( March 12, 2004 ).
Judge Jerry Sheindlin ( husband of former New York Family Court Judge Judith Sheindlin, the presiding " judge " over the court show Judge Judy ) sat on the bench from September 13, 1999 to March 9, 2001.
In March 2012 the appointment became a matter of public controversy after it was discovered that Justice Minister Judith Collins had ignored recommendations and consultation requirements over the appointment.
* Judith Ann Schiff, " Advice for the language-lorn ," Yale Alumni Magazine, March / April 2010 ( description of life and career ).
* On 3 March 2010, Philo hosted feminism, gender, and sexuality theorist Judith Butler.
Judith Scott ( May 1, 1943 – March 15, 2005 ) was an internationally renowned American fiber artist.
Following Spitzer's resignation, David Alexander Paterson ( then Lieutenant Governor of New York ) was sworn in as the 55th Governor of New York on March 17, 2008 by New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye.
* March 17, 2008: Following Spitzer's resignation, David Alexander Paterson ( then Lieutenant Governor of New York ) is sworn in as the 55th Governor of New York at the New York State Capitol by New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye.
The film moves on to show segments with Paramount players of the 1931-32 season, including George Bancroft, Nancy Carroll, the Four Marx Brothers, Charles Rogers, Clive Brook, Phillips Holmes, Sylvia Sidney, Eleanor Boardman, Frances Dee, Jackie Searl, Kay Francis, Judith Wood, Regis Toomey, Peggy Shannon, Jackie Coogan, Lilyan Tashman, Eugene Pallette, Anna May Wong, Juliette Compton, Stuart Erwin, William Boyd, Miriam Hopkins, Wynne Gibson, Jack Oakie, Ginger Rogers, Robert Coogan, Carmen Barnes, Charlie Ruggles, Richard ' Skeets ' Gallagher, Mitzi Green, Richard Arlen, Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Claudette Colbert, Paul Lukas, Tallulah Bankhead, Gary Cooper, Ruth Chatterton, Marlene Dietrich, and Maurice Chevalier.
William married Judith or Ita von Babenberg, daughter of Leopold III of Austria and Agnes of Germany, sometime before March 28, 1133.

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