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June and
The Paris Bordeaux Paris race of June 1895 has sometimes been erroneously described as the " first motor race ", despite the 1894 event being decided by speed and finishing order of the eligible racers.
Alexis Carrel ( June 28, 1873 November 5, 1944 ) was a French surgeon and biologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1912 for pioneering vascular suturing techniques.
* Maj .- Gen. Dadash Rzayev ( February June 1993 )
* Colonel Safar Abiyev ( June August 1993 )
54 ( June 2001 ), pp. 753 778
Abner Doubleday ( June 26, 1819 January 26, 1893 ) was a career United States Army officer and Union general in the American Civil War.
Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS ( ; 23 June 1912 7 June 1954 ), was a British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist.
André-Marie Ampère ( 20 January 1775 10 June 1836 ) was a French physicist and mathematician who is generally regarded as one of the main founders of the science of classical electromagnetism, which he referred to as " electrodynamics ".
Alboin ( 530s June 28, 572 ) was king of the Lombards from about 560 until 572.
Alexander I or Aleksandar Obrenović ( Cyrillic: Александар Обреновић ; 14 August 1876 11 June 1903 ) was king of Serbia from 1889 to 1903 when he and his wife, Queen Draga, were assassinated by a group of Army officers, led by Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević
# David ( 20 March 1272 June 1281 Stirling Castle ); buried in Dunfermline Abbey
Andrew Jackson ( March 15, 1767 June 8, 1845 ) was the seventh President of the United States ( 1829 1837 ).
Alessandro Algardi ( 31 July 1598 10 June 1654 ) was an Italian high-Baroque sculptor active almost exclusively in Rome, where for the latter decades of his life, he was the major rival of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
Afonso I ( 25 June 1109, Guimarães or Viseu 6 December 1185, Coimbra ), more commonly known as Afonso Henriques (), nicknamed " the Conqueror " (), " the Founder " () or " the Great " () by the Portuguese, and El-Bortukali (" the Portuguese ") and Ibn-Arrik (" son of Henry ", " Henriques ") by the Moors whom he fought, was the first King of Portugal.
* Alfonso Sanz y Martínez de Arizala ( 28 January 1880, Madrid 1970 ), married in 1922 to María de Guadalupe de Limantour y Mariscal ( d. 1977, Marbella ), daughter of Julio de Limantour y Marquet ( 17 June 1863, Mexico City 11 October 1909, Mexico City ) and wife Elena Mariscal y ..., paternal granddaughter of French Joseph Yves de Limantour y Rence de la Pagame ( 1812, Ploemeur 1885, Mexico City ) and wife Adèle Marquet y Cabannes ( 1820, Bordeaux ?
Alfonso III ( 1265, Valencia 18 June 1291 AD ), called the Liberal ( el Liberal ) or the Free ( also " the Frank ," from el Franc ), was the King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona ( as Alfons II ) from 1285.
Alfonso the Magnanimous KG ( also Alphonso ; ; 1396 27 June 1458 ) was the King of Aragon ( as Alfonso V ), Valencia ( as Alfonso III ), Majorca, Sardinia and Corsica ( as Alfonso II ), and Sicily and Count of Barcelona ( as Alfonso IV ) from 1416 and King of Naples ( as Alfonso I ) from 1442 until his death.
Alfonso had been betrothed to Maria of Castile ( 1401 1458 ; sister of John II of Castile ) in Valladolid in 1408 ; the marriage was celebrated in Valencia on 12 June 1415.
August Wilhelm Ambros ( November 17, 1816 June 28, 1876 ) was an Austrian composer and music historian of Czech descent.
Andronikos III Palaiologos, Latinized as Andronicus III Palaeologus (; 25 March 1297 15 June 1341 ) was Byzantine emperor from 1328 to 1341, after being rival emperor since 1321.

June and Gia
* June 7 Gia Carides, Greek-Australian actress
According to page 7 of the book Coraopolis, by Gia Tatone, Coraopolis Historical Society ( 2007 ), " The newspaper Frank Braden, Jr. uncovered was simply called the News and was published in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, on June 5, 1897.
On 18 February 1859, they conquered Saigon and three southern Vietnamese provinces: Biên Hòa, Gia Định and Dinh Tuong ; the Vietnamese government was forced to cede those territories to France in June 1862.
On 6 June 1884, the imperial Chinese seal-a symbol of the vassal status of Annam which had been given to Gia Long-was melted and the Patenôtre Treaty was signed.
Gia Carides ( born 7 June 1964 ) is an Australian actress.

June and Long
# In the summer of 1934 Hitler instructed the SS to kill Ernst Röhm and other leaders of the Nazi party's SA, former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher and several aides to former Chancellor Franz von Papen in the so-called Night of the Long Knives ( June 30, 1934 / July 1, 1934 ).
On the weekend of 30 June 1934, he gave order to the SS to seize Röhm and his lieutenants, and to execute them without trial ( known as the Night of the Long Knives ).
Between 85 to 200 members of the SA leadership and other political adversaries, including Gregor Strasser, were killed between 30 June and 2 July 1934 in these actions, known as the Night of the Long Knives.
Adenauer was imprisoned for two days after the Night of the Long Knives on the 30th June 1934, but already on the 10th of August 1934, maneuvering for his pension, he wrote a 10-page letter to Hermann Göring ( the Prussian interior minister ) stating among other things that as a mayor he had even violated Prussian laws in order to allow NSDAP events in public buildings and Nazi flags to be flown from city flagpoles, and added that in 1932 he had declared publicly that the Nazis should join the Reich government in a leading role.
The first rainy season begins around March and last to the end of July with a peak in June, this rainy season is followed by a short dry break in August known as the August break which is a short dry season lasting for two to three weeks in August. This break is broken by the Short rainy season starting around early September and lasting to Mid October with a peak period at the end of September. The ending of the short rainy season in October is followed by Long Dry Season. This period starts from late October and lasts till early March with peak dry conditions between early December and late February.
* June 23 Wiley Post and Harold Gatty take off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island in an attempt to accomplish the first round-the-world flight in a single-engine plane.
* June 12 Senator Huey Long of Louisiana makes the longest speech on Senate record, taking 15½ hours and containing 150, 000 words.
* June 30 Murdered during the Night of the Long Knives:
President Garfield viewed the Seventh Regiment on June 23, 1881. Elberon Hotel, Long Branch 1900
He timed Gell's appointment to coincide with both the Long Vacation ( from June to September ) and the death of Mark Pattison, so potential opposition was prevented from attending the crucial meetings.
* Jeff Helmreich, Orthodox women moving toward religious leadership, Friday June 6, 1997, Long Island Jewish World
** Performed by Buddy Ebsen, Vilma Ebsen, June Knight, Nick Long Jr., and Eleanor Powell
** Performed by June Knight, Nick Long Jr., and chorus
From June 29, 2002 until September 27, 2004, a portion of its collection was on display in what was dubbed MoMA QNS, a former Swingline staple factory in Long Island City, Queens.
" in Andren, A .; Jennbert, K .; Raudvere, C. Old Norse Religion in Long Term Perspectives: Origins, Changes and Interactions, an International Conference in Lund, Sweden, June 3-7, 2004.
* Andrén, A .; Jennbert, K .; Raudvere, C. ( 2006 ) " Old Norse Religion: Some Problems and Prospects " in Old Norse Religion in Long Term Perspectives: Origins, Changes and Interactions, an International Conference in Lund, Sweden, June 3 7, 2004.
" Bridging mythology and belief: Viking Age functional culture as a reflection of the belief in divine intervention " in Andren, A .; Jennbert, K .; Raudvere, C. Old Norse Religion in Long Term Perspectives: Origins, Changes and Interactions, an International Conference in Lund, Sweden, June 3 7, 2004.
Another compilation album, The Best of Van Morrison Volume Two was released in January 1993, followed by Too Long in Exile in June, another top five chart success.
The date of June 30 marked the beginning of the Night of the Long Knives.
In June 2007, he announced he would no longer be on Team Pokerstars due to changes in the U. S. legal system that would cause poker sites to have to focus on European and Asian markets and held a farewell Pokerstars tournament on June 5, 2007, which he titled So Long and Thanks for All the Chips.
Garret was born in Long Branch on June 3, 1844.
" In addition to his Children of Sorrow album, on June 12, 1994 Norman released A Moment in Time, a concept album which contained rough mixes of ten new songs ( including " Long Hard Road " co-written with Dizzy Reed ) written while he was in hospital and recorded in the studio for the as yet unreleased Pushing Back the Darkness album, that also raised funds for CCPC to fight child pornography.
Though a backer of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 presidential election, Long split with Roosevelt in June 1933 and planned to mount his own presidential bid for 1936.

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