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Kenosha and Plant
AMC's main plant in Wisconsin is still active, albeit heavily downsized, as the Kenosha Engine Plant, producing engines for several Chrysler Group products, including the Wrangler.
* Kenosha " Lakefront " ( Kenosha, Wisconsin ) Plant The AMC plant in downtown Kenosha along Lake Michigan was razed, and after reclamation the land was used for new development.

Kenosha and
* IOI 2003 was held in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, August 16 23, 2003 ( results )
* Marty Conrad, offensive lineman in the NFL for the Toledo Maroons ( 1922 1923 ), the Kenosha Maroons ( 1924 ), and the Akron Pros ( 1925 ).
The University of Wisconsin Parkside is located two miles south of Mount Pleasant in Kenosha.
* University of Wisconsin Parkside is located 2 miles south of the border of Racine within Kenosha.
Since it was located in Kenosha, that city wanted it named the University of Wisconsin Kenosha ; however, Racine wanted to name it the University of Wisconsin Racine.
Built in AMC's Kenosha, Wisconsin factories, the 1984 1987 Encore was a two and four-door hatchback based on the European Renault 11.
** The University of Wisconsin Parkside located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
* Kenosha Comets ( 1943 1951 )
He was the younger brother of Charles Sholes ( 1816 1867 ) who was a newspaper publisher and politician who served in both houses of the Wisconsin State Legislature and as mayor of Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Paul Russo ( April 10, 1914 in Kenosha, Wisconsin
* University of Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin
The Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area ( MSA ) consists of Cook county and five surrounding Illinois counties as well as the Chicago Gary Kenosha Consolidated Statistical Area ( CSA ) which is made up of nine counties, two of them in northwestern Indiana and one in southeastern Wisconsin.
He began a teaching career as an assistant professor at University of Wisconsin Parkside in Kenosha.
* Chicago Cardinals v Chicago Boosters ( pre-1920 ), Chicago Tigers ( 1920 ), Hammond Pros ( 1920 26 ), Kenosha Maroons ( 1924 ), Chicago Staleys / Bears ( 1921 1959 )

Kenosha and now
The unincorporated community of Somers is located within the town at Kenosha County Highway E ( 12th Street ) at the former Milwaukee Road ( now Canadian Pacific / Amtrak main railroad line north of Chicago ).
Land he once owned in Kenosha is now part of the Library Park Historic District.
The " Tarryall diggings " and other nearby sites on the west side of South Park attracted thousands of prospectors over Ute Pass and Kenosha Pass, and the towns of Tarryall and Hamilton, both now completely vanished, were soon founded along the creek.
His wife's father, former Kenoshan Harry DeBolt who now lived in the east, returned to Kenosha to attend the hearing.
He then took a job as a sportswriter at the Minneapolis Tribune ( now part of the Minneapolis Star Tribune ), then moved into broadcasting — first at WLIP-AM in Kenosha, then at WCCO-AM in Minneapolis, WMBD-TV in Peoria, Illinois ; and WBZ-AM-FM-TV in Boston.

Kenosha and Chrysler's
Alliance production at the Kenosha plant ended in June 1987, shortly after Chrysler's buyout of AMC was announced.
Chrysler's then executive vice president for manufacturing, Steve Sharf, met with officials at American Motors ( AMC ) to use the extra capacity at an assembly plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin to build the full-size cars.
Chrysler's tooling was moved from St. Louis to Kenosha, and over the next two and a half years, about 250, 000 Chrysler and Dodge models were built by AMC at a lower cost than Chrysler could.

Kenosha and plant
In 1909, residents of Kenosha County brought suit against the company on the grounds that the plant was a public menace.
Assembled at AMC's plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Alliance received Motor Trend's domestic Car of The Year award in 1983.
While Americans turned to the new imports in increasing numbers, AMC continued its struggle at the inefficient and aging Kenosha, Wisconsin facilities — the oldest continuously operating automobile plant in the world, where components and unfinished bodies still had to be transported across the city.
There were rumors that the aging Kenosha plant was to be shut down.
Therefore, Lee Iacocca and Joe Cappy reached an agreement to use some of AMC's idle plant capacity in Kenosha.
Beginning in late 1986 through the 1989 model year, they were manufactured at the American Motors plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin ( purchased by Chrysler in 1987 ).
The Alliance was a 2-or 4-door sedan, launched in June 1982 as a 1983 model after a US $ 150 million overhaul of AMC's Kenosha, Wisconsin, assembly plant.
Beginning in late 1986 ( 1987 models ) and through the last 1989 year, the American Motors plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin was also used for production.

Kenosha and with
By 1971, the University of Wisconsin system consisted of campuses at Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Kenosha / Somers, along with 10 freshman-sophomore centers and the statewide UW-Extension.
American Motors combined the Nash and Hudson product lines under a common manufacturing strategy in 1955, with the production of Nashes and Hudsons consolidated at Kenosha.
For Kenosha the season ended dismally with a 0-4-1 record.
The basin was connected to Denver by railroad with the extension of the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad over Kenosha Pass in 1879.
Other cities with heritage streetcar lines include Galveston, Texas ; Kenosha, Wisconsin and San Pedro, California ( home of the port of Los Angeles ).
A series of late night phone calls by Enyart to the general manager of the Kenosha, Wisconsin station which carried his program but publicly disagreed with Enyart's views prompted Senator Russ Feingold to call for a Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) investigation to see if any laws had been broken by the talk show host.
WCGV-TV, digital channel 25 ( virtual channel 24. 1 ), is a television station located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, affiliated with MyNetworkTV Its signal covers most of southeastern Wisconsin, including the cities of Racine, Kenosha, Sheboygan and Waukesha.
In preparing for the role of Shoeless Joe Jackson, D. B. Sweeney, a former Tulane University outfielder, spent a season training with the Class-A Kenosha Twins of the Midwest League.
After a season in rookie ball, Cordova moved up to class A and spent the 1990 season with the Kenosha Twins of the Mid West League.
The Union Pacific / North ( UP-N ) is a commuter rail line in the Chicago metropolitan area that runs between Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois, with some trains continuing to Kenosha, Wisconsin.
He would later tell reporters that he first experimented with two-way talk during his time in Kenosha.
In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Darcy, editor at her high school paper, and her long-term boyfriend Stan are in their final year of high school and already have been accepted at good colleges ; before Darcy goes to college to study journalism, she'll go on a trip to Paris with her mother for her graduation present, while Stan will go to Caltech to study architecture.
He also worked closely with the Kenosha delegation to help pass legislation that led to the creation of the Lakeview Corporate Park.
This is to allow NextMedia to meet ownership caps with their Chicago cluster, as Kenosha is classified in that radio market by Arbitron ; moving the city of license to Racine County allows NextMedia to continue their ownership of the radio station by placing it in the Milwaukee Arbitron market instead.
The Kenosha Maroons folded, with the Racine Legion and Minneapolis Marines mothballing.
In December 1970, WRAC-FM flipped to a rock-based Top 40 format with the WRKR call sign, primarily targeting Racine, Kenosha and the southern part of Milwaukee County.
One day in 1941, McNally took a day off from his coaching duties for the Kenosha Cardinals minor league football team and played one game with the Buffalo Tigers of the third American Football League.

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