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Key and Largo
Debuting as a director with The Maltese Falcon ( 1941 ), John Huston followed with the major noirs Key Largo ( 1948 ) and The Asphalt Jungle ( 1950 ).
Other successes followed, including To Have and Have Not ( 1944 ); The Big Sleep ( 1946 ); Dark Passage ( 1947 ) and Key Largo ( 1948 ), with his wife Lauren Bacall ; The Treasure of the Sierra Madre ( 1948 ); In a Lonely Place ( 1950 ); The African Queen ( 1951 ), for which he won his only Academy Award ; Sabrina ( 1954 ); and The Caine Mutiny ( 1954 ).
Key Largo was directed by John Huston and, in addition to the presence of Bogart and Bacall, features Edward G. Robinson as " Johnny Rocco ," a seething older synthesis of many of his past vicious gangster roles.
( Santana was also the name of the cabin cruiser featured in the 1948 film Key Largo ).
He advised Claire Trevor, when she had been nominated for Key Largo, to " just say you did it all yourself and don't thank anyone ".
Hydropolis, project cancelled 2004 in Dubai, would have had suites on the bottom of the Persian Gulf, and Jules ' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida requires scuba diving to access its rooms.
He wrote the screenplays for most of the 37 feature films he directed, many of which are today considered classics: The Maltese Falcon ( 1941 ), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre ( 1948 ), Key Largo ( 1948 ), The Asphalt Jungle ( 1950 ), The African Queen ( 1951 ), Moulin Rouge ( 1952 ), The Misfits ( 1961 ), and The Man Who Would Be King ( 1975 ).
While in Key Largo in late May, Clarke met Marilyn Mayfield, an attractive young woman.
The Florida Keys Council for the Arts is the primary cultural umbrella for the Florida Keys, and serves the population from Key Largo to Key West.
The forty-fourth highest percentage of Cuban residents in the US, at 9. 76 % of the city's population ( tied with Key Largo ,) the twenty-fourth highest percentage of Dominicans in the US, with 4. 62 %, and the fifteenth highest percentage of Jamaican residents in the US, at 6. 3 % of the city's population.
In 1950 the Dade County Planning Board announced a plan to build a highway connecting Key Biscayne with the Overseas Highway on Key Largo.
The project envisioned a series of bridges connecting artificial islands, to be built on the Safety Valve, and existing small keys to Elliott Key and on to Key Largo.
* Key Largo 20px 20px 20px Atlantic Ocean
* Key Largo, Atlantic Ocean
Key Largo harbor
Key Largo is a census-designated place in Monroe County, Florida, United States, located on the island of Key Largo in the upper Florida Keys.
Key Largo is located at ( 25. 106637 ,-80. 429917 ).
The 1948 film Key Largo, starring Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart, was set there.

Key and island
* Mullet Key, a historic island near Crystal River, Florida
He establishes that Strangways had been investigating Dr. No, a Chinese operator of a guano mine on the Caribbean island of Crab Key ; Bond travels to the island to investigate further.
Bond is briefed that Strangways had been investigating the activities of Dr. Julius No, a reclusive Chinese-German who lives on Crab Key and runs a guano mine ; the island is said to be the home of a vicious dragon with a colony of Roseate Spoonbills at one end.
The colony was one hundred mile square of inaccessible mangrove swamp and salt flats, home to flamingos, egrets and roseate spoonbills: the location became the background for Dr. No's island of Crab Key.
The Studios of Key West was founded in 2006, at America's Southernmost point, with a new genre approach and a mission of working with creative people to engage the island community at-large.
A priest would come up from Key West on occasion to provide for the Catholics on the island.
Some of the earliest European settlers of the area ( notably the Alvarez, Fernandez, Johnson, and Soto families ) were fishing families that lived on Mound Key, a mangrove-ringed island that dominates Estero Bay.
In following years, structures were rebuilt on Way Key, a more protected island inland, but the damage was done.
Longboat Key is a town in Manatee and Sarasota counties along the central west coast of the U. S. state of Florida, located on and coterminous with the barrier island of the same name.
The United States Postal Service operates a Post Office on Longboat Key, with the entire island serviced within ZIP Code 34228.
Currently Longboat Key is located within two Florida counties, Manatee County in the north and Sarasota County in the south, but there have been calls for the Florida Legislature to pursue an initiative to create a 68th county, " Longboat Key County ," to simplify governance of the island.
Key Biscayne is a town in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States on the island of Key Biscayne.
While there had been earlier schemes to develop a town on Key Biscayne, it wasn't until the opening of the four-mile ( 6 km ) long Rickenbacker Causeway from Miami to Virginia Key and on to Key Biscayne in 1947 that the island was opened up to large scale residential development.
Key Biscayne Magazine is a lifestyle magazine based on the island.
Prior to this date, Islamorada was only considered to be on the island of Upper Matecumbe Key.
Big Coppitt Key is a census-designated place and an unincorporated community in Monroe County, Florida, on an island of the same name in the lower Florida Keys.
Big Pine Key is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Monroe County, Florida, on an island of the same name in the Florida Keys.
Several bars and restaurants are available along the US-1 corridor, and the No Name Pub is located near the bridge to No Name Key in the NE part of the island.
The Big Pine Key island is home to the National Key Deer Refuge, where the majority of the Key Deer population can be found.

Key and Florida
* Conch Republic Independence Celebration ( Key West, Florida ) – April 23
Most recently the OSCE sponsored a round of negotiations between the Presidents in Key West, Florida.
* Independence Day ( Conch Republic, Key West, Florida )
For the next ten years, the team would winter at NAS Key West, Florida.
Chic's was formed by Nile Rodgers a self described " street hippie " from late 1960s New York and Martin Dow DJ at from Key West, Florida who pioneered the NYC sound across that state.
The base was also an important intermediate distribution point for World War II merchant shipping convoys from New York City and Key West, Florida, to the Panama Canal and the islands of Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago.
They were married in Key Biscayne, Florida ; Lewis was 56.
The three men relax before dinner, Key Biscayne, Florida, December 1971.
Meanwhile, Davis ' belongings continued on the train bound for Cedar Key, Florida.
* 1923: Rosewood, Florida ( area is now an outgrowth of Cedar Key, Florida )
About June 1984, the Key West Police Department located in the County of Monroe, Florida, was declared a criminal enterprise under the federal RICO statutes after a lengthy United States Department of Justice investigation.
Florida is home of the Key lime pie and swamp cabbage.
In hundreds of admiralty court cases heard in Key West, Florida, no captain of a wrecked ship ever charged that he had been led astray by a false light.
* April 23 – Dennis Wardlow, mayor of Key West, Florida, declares the independent " Conch Republic " for a day.
* October 18 – The first flight of Pan American Airways takes off from Key West, Florida, bound for Havana, Cuba.
* September 6 – Spanish treasure fleet sinks off Marquesa Key in the straights of Florida Atocha, Margarita, and Rosario most heavily laden treeasure ships found in 20th century
* 3. 846 Mm — Length of U. S. Route 1 ( from Fort Kent, Maine to Key West, Florida )
In 1869, Spanish cigar manufacturer Vicente Martinez Ybor moved his Principe de Gales ( Prince of Wales ) operations from the important cigar manufacturing center of Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida to escape the turmoil of the Ten Years ' War.
Their years together, in an apartment in Manhattan and a modest house in Key West, Florida, were Williams ' happiest and most productive.
The Tennessee Williams Theater in Key West, Florida, is named for him.
Flooding near Key West, Florida, United States from Hurricane Wilma's storm surge in October 2005.

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