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LPC and
* SL ( Skirt Lifter ) refers to the metal or plastic skirt at the base of a lightpole, and used in reference to LPC caches ( see LPC ).
Two months after the film's premiere, RCA released the extended play single Elvis By Request Flaming Star, catalogue LPC 128, which peaked at # 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The biggest support and inspiration came from Paul and Edith Geheeb the fouders of the Freie Schulgemeinde, Odenwaldschule and the Ecole d ´ Humanité, which still has a big connection with LPC.

LPC and Light
* Light Patrol Craft ( LPC )

LPC and /
In 1973, according to Lincoln Laboratory informal history, the first realtime 2400 bit / s LPC was implemented by Ed Hofstetter.
In 1974 the first realtime two-way LPC packet speech communication was accomplished over the ARPANET at 3500 bit / s between Culler-Harrison and Lincoln Laboratories.
In 1976 the first LPC conference took place over the ARPANET using the Network Voice Protocol, between Culler-Harrison, ISI, SRI, and LL at 3500 bit / s.
* real-time LPC analysis / synthesis learning software
Mafeteng has several industrial developments including a Gap / Old Navy clothing factory and the Lesotho Pharmaceutical Company ( LPC ), which also exports to several countries in the region.
The LPC Bridge provides a data and control path to the Super I / O ( the normal attachment for the keyboard, mouse, parallel port, serial port, IR port, and floppy controller ) and FWH ( firmware hub which provides access to BIOS flash storage ).
* Audioconferencing: vat-t ttl destination-host / port ( supports: LPC, PCMU, DVI4, GSM )
However some controversy remains about the lack of Training Contracts and Pupillages available to graduates even after having completed the LPC / BPTC.
The TMC0280 / TMS5100 was the first self-contained LPC speech synthesizer IC ever made.
LPC has since disbanded, though the instructional components are available at http :// www. youtube. com / darkmattersquad
* PCI / PCIX, LPC, GPIO, etc.
An alternative arrangement which is more usual in recent designs has the FDC included in a super I / O chip which communicates via a Low Pin Count ( LPC ) bus.
ALPC has a performance advantage over the former LPC interface, as it can be configured to use I / O completion ports instead of synchronous request / reply mechanism that LPC exclusively uses.
In Hong Kong the CPE is also recognised for the purpose of admission to the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws ( PCLL ) course, which can be seen as the local equivalent to the LPC / BPTC and is a prerequisite to become a solicitor or barrister in Hong Kong.
Like the GDL / CPE, the LPC can be applied to through the Central Applications Board.
9, 337 students enrolled on the LPC in 2008 / 09.

LPC and Post
Those who are already graduates can take The Post Graduate Diploma in Paralegal Practice ( PPC ) ( similar to the LPC for solicitors ).

LPC and used
Also known as liquor carbonis detergens ( LCD ), and liquor picis carbonis ( Latin: coal tar solution ) ( LPC ), it can be used in medicated shampoo, soap and ointment, as a treatment for dandruff and psoriasis, as well as being used to kill and repel head lice.
Other types of lossy compressors, such as the linear predictive coding ( LPC ) used with speech, are source-based coders.
In order to accomplish this he wrote what is nowadays known as a virtual machine, which he called the LPMud driver, that ran the C-like LPC programming language used to create the game world.
Linear predictive coding ( LPC ) is a tool used mostly in audio signal processing and speech processing for representing the spectral envelope of a digital signal of speech in compressed form, using the information of a linear predictive model.
LPC is frequently used for transmitting spectral envelope information, and as such it has to be tolerant of transmission errors.
LPC is generally used for speech analysis and resynthesis.
LPC synthesis can be used to construct vocoders where musical instruments are used as excitation signal to the time-varying filter estimated from a singer's speech.
A 10th-order LPC was used in the popular 1980's Speak & Spell educational toy.
LPC predictors are used in Shorten, MPEG-4 ALS, FLAC, and other lossless audio codecs.
Because LPC is generally used to code MUDs, ' rooms ' are often created as objects that store information describing a particular scene along with exits that point to other room objects.
The TMS5100 used a 10th-order linear predictive coding ( LPC ) model and the electronic DSP logic.
* For messages longer than 256 bytes a shared memory section must be used to transfer data, which the ( A ) LPC service maps between the sending and receiving processes.
( A ) LPC is used heavily in communication between internal subsystems in Windows NT.

LPC and on
Modern motherboards do not have physical ISA expansion bus connectors any more, but the bus signals live on in the modern LPC bus for software compatibility.
LPC ( short for Lars Pensjö C ) is an object-oriented programming language derived from C and developed originally by Lars Pensjö to facilitate MUD building on LPMuds.
Features added in FluffOS that are not present in MudOS include available MXP output, UTF-8 capability, support for running on 64-bit architectures, IPv6 support, and ( optionally ) stricter type checking of variables in LPC code.
However, one of the ways that IMC2 differs significantly from I3 is that it does not use so called mudmode connections, making it much easier to implement IMC2 on muds not written in LPC.
Around this time, the LPC put a video ( now available on YouTube ) of one of the members, Eric, liquid dancing on Napster.
LPC encoded speech data was stored on a pair of TMS6100 128 Kbit metal gate serial PMOS ROMs.
The LCD sought to prevent the LPC from using his head as its symbol, but on December 6 the High Court ruled in favor of the LPC.
The programme can be seen as the equivalent of the Legal Practice Course ( LPC ) or the Bar Professional Training Course ( BPTC ) in England and Wales, which focuses heavily on practical issues, unlike a first degree in law.
In an LPMud, the mudlib consists of interpreted code written in the LPC language, which is interpreted on the fly by a driver.
LPC also aims to promote personal growth and responsibility amongst the campers and counsellors through creating a communal environment that depends on active participation.
The Local Procedure Call ( LPC, often also referred to as Lightweight Procedure Call or Local Inter-Process Communication ) is an internal, undocumented inter-process communication facility provided by the Microsoft Windows NT kernel for lightweight IPC between processes on the same computer.
( A ) LPC is implemented using kernel " port " objects, which are securable ( with ACLs, allowing e. g. only specific SIDs to use them ) and allow identification of the process on the other side of the connection.
As mentioned, RPC can use ( A ) LPC as a transport when the client and server are both on the same machine.
Many services that are designed to communicate only on the local computer use ( A ) LPC as the only transport through RPC.
Taking the LPC results for many students in massive debt and no return on investment whatsoever.
* Reports on the LPC Providers
* Qed Law-Information on LPC exam results and pass rates
It was also announced in April 2012 that the College has teamed up with international law firm CMS Cameron McKenna to launch an International Legal Practice Course, the first LPC to focus on the global legal services market.

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