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Lebanese and writer
* 1883 – Khalil Gibran, Lebanese writer ( d. 1931 )
* The Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf based his novel Samarkand on the life of Omar Khayyam, and the creation of the Rubaiyat.
According to Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf:
In one of his films The Sixth Day اليوم السادس, an adaptation of a novel written in French by Lebanese writer André Chedid, the famous Egyptian singer Dalida was the protagonist in the role of a poor Egyptian woman.
* date unknown-Butrus al-Bustani, Lebanese writer ( died 1883 )
* Renée Hayek, Lebanese writer and novelist
* Elias Khoury ( born 1948 ), Lebanese writer
In 1931, It was acquired by the family of Khalil Gibran, the famous Lebanese writer, poet and painter as a burial place.
* Edward Atiyah, Lebanese born writer, father of Michael and Patrick
Perhaps the most famous among them is the Lebanese historian and writer Emir Shakib Arslan.
* Suhayl Idris ( 1923 – 2008 ), Lebanese novelist, short-story writer, journalist and translator
Suhayl Idris ( 1923-2008 ) is a Lebanese novelist, short-story writer, journalist and translator.
The collection originated with Lebanese writer, humanist, and philosopher Saleem Moussa Ashi ( 1909 – 1984 ), whose pen name was Dr. Dahesh.
* Shakib Arslan, ( 1869 – 1946 ), Lebanese politician, writer, poet, historian
* Butrus al-Bustani ( 1818-1883 ), Lebanese writer and scholar
It was founded in 1924 by the Lebanese intellectual, writer and reporter Youssef Ibrahim Yazbek and Fou ' ad al-Shmeli, a tobacco worker from Bikfaya.
Lebanese writer Hanan Al-Shaykh at Helsinki Book Fair 2003
* Emily Abi Rashed Nasrallah – Leading Lebanese author and writer
* Edvik Jureidini Sheiboub – Leading Lebanese writer and broadcaster
* Afifeh Saab-Leading Lebanese writer and educator
* Lauren Shoucair Rihani – A Lebanese writer, artist, socialite and founder of the first youth magazine in the Arab world

Lebanese and Amal
Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, a Lebanese political analyst, argues that although Zionism has influenced Hezbollah's anti-Judaism, " it is not contingent upon it " because Hezbollah's hatred of Jews is more religiously motivated than politically motivated.
" Hezbollah, along with the Amal Movement, represents most of Lebanese Shi ' a.
The Shi ' a Muslim Amal militia sought to rout the Palestinians from Lebanese strongholds.
** Amal Hijazi, Lebanese singer and model
Here he joined the Amal Movement, a Lebanese Shi ' a political group.
This fiasco, coupled by the pressure resulting from tighter security measures and joint anti-militia sweeps implemented by the Syrian Army, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces ( ISF ) and the Amal Movement at the Shia quarters of West Beirut in 1987 – 88, brought a steady decline in the organization's activities in Lebanon for the rest of the civil war.
*-35 in service with the Lebanese Army in 1976, passed on to the Kataeb Regulatory Forces militia, Tigers Militia ( Lebanon ), Amal Movement, Al-Murabitun, Army of Free Lebanon, Lebanese Arab Army, Lebanese Forces, South Lebanon Army.
In 1984, Berri was elected leader of the Amal movement, and led it during the Lebanese Civil War.
* Amal Movement, a Lebanese political party
* Amal Hijazi ( b. 1978 ), Lebanese singer and pop icon
*: Lebanese Armed Forces, Internal Security Forces ( POLICE ), Amal Movement ( 1984 – 1990 )
In 1944, Lebanese musician Clovis el-Hajj performed this song and called it " Amal ".
The movement remained active during the Lebanese Civil War, and again joined Syria, the Lebanese Shi ' a Amal Movement and Abu Musa's Fatah al-Intifada in attacks on the PLO during the War of the Camps in 1984-85, and for the remainder of the Civil War ( which lasted until 1990 ).
Faudel is also known for the wildly popular, fast-beat, song " Einak " (" Your Eyes ") which is a duet with the celebrated Lebanese pop-star, Amal Hijazi.
* Zaman ( album ) is the second album of Lebanese singer, Amal Hijazi.
The Amal Movement ( or Hope Movement in English, ) is a Lebanese political party associated with Lebanon's Shia community.
On January 20, 1975, the Lebanese Resistance Detachments ( in Arabic أفواج المقاومة اللبنانية-also referred to in English as ' The Battalions of the Lebanese Resistance ') and Hussein el-Husseini effectively the Amal militia, were formed as a military wing of Harakat al-Mahrumin under the leadership of al-Sadr, and came to be popularly known as Amal ( in Arabic أمل ) from the acronym Afwaj al-Mouqawma Al-Lubnaniyya ).
Amal became one of the most important Shi ' a Muslim militias during the Lebanese Civil War.

Lebanese and quotes
" Charles Glass believes that the quotation was likely a fabrication, citing other published accounts of Nasrallah's speech that had no reference to the anti-Semitic comment, and statements by the editor-in-chief of the Lebanese newspaper which published the quotes, that questioned both the translation and the " agenda of the translator.

Lebanese and Hasan
Hasan Nasrallah ( born August 31, 1960 ; ) became the third Secretary General of the Lebanese political and paramilitary organization Hezbollah after Israel assassinated the previous leader, Abbas al-Musawi, in 1992.
Hasan Izz-Al-Din () ( born about 1963 ) is a Lebanese national wanted by the United States government.

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