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Line and singer
* February 26 – Johnny Cash, American country singer ( I Walk The Line ) ( d. 2003 )
Earlier that year Witherspoon was chosen to portray June Carter Cash, the second wife of country music singer and songwriter Johnny Cash, in Walk the Line.
In 2008, State Line Mob, a Southern rock duo group formed by singer and songwriters Phillip Crunk ( Florence native ) and Dana Crunk ( Rogersville native ), released their first CD, Ruckus and won two Muscle Shoals Music Awards for 2008 for ( Best New Artist ) and Best New Country Album ) of the year.
* Rose Murphy -- Jazz singer most famous for the song ' Busy Line '
Their second album was Bridging the Gap ( 2000 ), which had the single " Request + Line " featuring R & B singer Macy Gray.
Drummer Everett Morton and Saxa formed The International Beat along with the Birmingham based singer, Tony Beet, and the band released an album titled The Hitting Line on Blue Beat Records in 1990 ( BBSLP 009 ).
The Underdog EP consists of only five songs: " Underdog ", about the struggles of a high school underdog football player ; " Avondale ", about backstabbing ( it was specifically written in expression of a now-resolved fight between Yellowcard singer Ryan Key and Inspection 12 singer Dan McLintock, paraphrasing lyrics from his song " Doppelganger " aimed at Ryan ); " Finish Line ", seemingly about nostalgia ( but also more deeply about the band's friendship with another band, The Starting Line ); " Powder ", about the more frightening downsides of using drugs recreationally, including abuse and addiction ( it specifically is meant to refer to oxycodone ); and " Rocket ", a sort of " punk lullaby ".
The show also brought in numerous celebrity judges " for Season 2 including such celebrities as Colin Mochrie from Whose Line Is It Anyway, Olympic gold medallist Sami Jo Small, MLB star Chris Woodward, environmentalist David Suzuki, and German folk singer Heino.
In 2001, he played the boss of ' N Sync singer Lance Bass in the film On the Line.
Rock / Country singer Aaron Lewis makes reference to the flag in a song called " Country Boy " on his debut solo album Town Line. The Hardcore Band Cro-Mags also had a song named ²Don't tread on me " on their debut " age of quarrel ".
A talented singer, Lawrence's speciality on Whose Line was her ability to improvise songs on the spot.
The Line, the Cross and the Curve is a musical short film directed by and starring pop singer Kate Bush.
The latest record by The Icarus Line, Wildlife was characterized by the greater prominence of frontman Joe Cardamone, who in addition to lead singer and primary songwriter duties further expanded his responsibilities to include producing and engineering.
The Smash Martians were designed for the advertising agency Boase Massimi Pollitt by Sian Vickers and Chris Wilkins, also responsible for the four-wheeled red telephone used to advertise Direct Line, The Gocompare. com opera singer, Sheilas ' Wheels commercials and Mr. Mouse, a blue American rodent advertising the insurance group esure.
Mosley also appears in many local New York City venues ( including for a time as the featured performer for the Gray Line Show Business Insider Tour ), sometimes as singer, sometimes actor.
* Line Renaud ( born 1928 ), a French female singer and actress, true name Jacqueline Enté
Meat Loaf sang a duet version of the song with former backup singer Karla Devito for his concert, Live at the Bottom Line.
* 2011: The High Line is featured in the song " The Marching Line " by pop singer Vanessa Carlton on her fourth studio album Rabbits on the Run.

Line and born
Nova Scotia was also the birthplace and home of Samuel Cunard, a British shipping magnate, born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, who founded the Cunard Line.
By the mid-20th century, some speakers applied the word to any American born north of the Mason – Dixon Line, though usually with a specific focus still on New England.
* James Lyle Mackay, later first Earl of Inchcape, ( 1852 – 1932 ), Chairman of the P & O Line and the British India Company, born and educated in Arbroath
* Afemo Omilami, actor in the films Drum Line, Forrest Gump and Glory, was born and raised here.
Sir Samuel Cunard, 1st Baronet ( 21 November 1787 – 28 April 1865 ) was a British shipping magnate, born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, who founded the Cunard Line.
* In the Broadway musical A Chorus Line, Richie Walters was born in Herculaneum, Missouri.
Although born in Wales, Lovelock was from a family of Wiltshire origin that is known to family historians as the Lyneham Line.
* Phillip Spaeth ( born 1986 ), actor / dancer on the Broadway production of Wicked and played the role of council member " Fender " in New Line Cinema's 2007 production of Hairspray.
According to the town's history, Linesville was settled by Amos Line, who was born in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
Lady Barnett-whose autobiography, My Life Line, was published in 1956, had one son, Alastair ( born 1944 ), with her husband.
Tung Chao Yung () better known as 董浩雲,, born 18th of the eighth lunar month in 1912 ; died 15 April 1982 ), also known as C. Y. Tung, was a Chinese shipping magnate, the founder of the Orient Overseas Line ( now Orient Overseas Container Line or OOCL ).
The original owners were a couple with dual nationality ; Mr. Carlos F. Haskell was an American businessman from Derby Line who owned a number of sawmills, while Mrs. Haskell was born in Canada.
* Lord Frederick Windsor, born 6 April 1979 ; married, 12 September 2009, Sophie Winkleman and 39th in the Line of Succession to the British throne.
* Lady Gabriella Windsor, born 23 April 1981 ; and 40th in the Line of Succession to the British throne.
Like most other White Star Liners, these three ships were born of a special effort by the White Star Line to attract more immigrants by treating them with respect and making their crossings pleasurable.
Colin Andrew Mochrie (; born November 30, 1957 ) is a Scottish Canadian actor and improvisational comedian, most famous for his appearances on the British and U. S. versions of television improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway ?.
Zetterberg replaced Devereaux on the Datsyuk-Hull line, and the famous version of the " Two Kids and an Old Goat Line " was born.
Rabri Devi Yadav was born to Sib Prasad Chaudhary of Salarkalan, Line Bazar, Gopalganj.
In 1954, Schlesinger married Rachel Line Mellinger ( born February 27, 1930 – died October 11, 1995 ); they had eight children: Cora ( 1955 ), Charles ( 1956 ), Ann ( 1958 ), William ( 1959 ), Emily ( 1961 ), Thomas ( 1964 ), Clara ( 1966 ), and James ( 1970 ).
* William J. Herlihy born 1818 and his son Timothy J. Herlihy born 1857, Dean of the Quartermasters of the Fall River Steamship Line.
Alexander was born at White Lodge, Richmond Park, United Kingdom, and is currently 1374th in the Line of succession to the British throne.
John H. Hinderaker ( born September 1950 ) is a conservative American lawyer and a blogger at the Power Line weblog, as well as a fellow at the Claremont Institute.

Line and 1996
Jones, whose work had been nominated eight times over his career for an Oscar ( winning thrice: For Scent-imental Reasons, So Much for So Little, and The Dot and the Line ), received an Honorary Academy Award in 1996 by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for " the creation of classic cartoons and cartoon characters whose animated lives have brought joy to our real ones for more than half a century.
* Kieran Mulvaney and Mark Warford ( 1996 ): Witness: Twenty-Five Years on the Environmental Front Line, Andre Deutsch.
* 1998 – In Clinton v. City of New York, the United States Supreme Court decides that the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 is unconstitutional.
In 1996, Congress attempted to enhance the president's veto power with the Line Item Veto Act.
British examples are At Risk ( 2004 ), Secret Asset ( 2006 ), Illegal Action ( 2007 ), and Dead Line ( 2008 ), by Dame Stella Rimington ( formerly the Director General of MI5 from 1992 to 1996 ) and The Code Snatch ( 2001 ) by Alan Stripp, formerly a cryptographer at Bletchley Park.
The fourth, the Line Item Veto Act of 1996, was invalidated in 1998.
( 1988 ), Heart of Dixie ( 1989 ), Mystery Train ( 1989 ), The Silence of the Lambs ( 1991 ), Trespass ( 1991 ), The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag ( 1992 ), The Firm ( 1993 ), The Delta ( 1996 ), The People Vs. Larry Flynt ( 1996 ), The Rainmaker ( 1997 ), Cast Away ( 2000 ), 21 Grams ( 2002 ), A Painted House ( 2002 ), Black Snake Moan ( 2005 ), Forty Shades of Blue ( 2005 ), Walk the Line ( 2005 ), Hustle & Flow ( 2006 ), Nothing But the Truth ( 2008 ), Soul Men ( 2008 ), and The Grace Card ( 2011 ).
( 1960 ), Frank Loesser's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying ( 1962 ), Marvin Hamlisch, Ed Kleban, James Kirkwood, and Nicholas Dante's A Chorus Line ( 1976 ), Stephen Sondheim's and James Lapine's Sunday in the Park with George ( 1985 ), Jonathan Larson's Rent ( 1996 ), and Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt's Next to Normal ( 2010 ).
* Dumb and Dumber ( 1995 – 1996, co-production with New Line Cinema, ABC )
Congress attempted to grant this power to the president by the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 to control " pork barrel spending ", but in 1998 the US Supreme Court ruled the act to be unconstitutional in a 6-3 decision in Clinton v. City of New York.
Dinh and Sales argued that the Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006 satisfies the Constitution ’ s Bicameralism and Presentment Clause, and therefore avoids the constitutional issues raised in the 1996 Act struck down by the Supreme Court.
In 1962 China and India fought a brief war over Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh, but in 1993 and 1996 the two countries signed agreements to respect the Line of Actual Control.
In 1996, Senator Coats cosponsored the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 which President Clinton signed into law.
In 1996, the United States Congress passed, and President Bill Clinton signed, the Line Item Veto Act of 1996.
* Taipei's Brown Line ( opened in 1996, larger variant using the MAGGALY technology from Lyon Metro line D )
* Alan Gillie, " The Origin of the Poverty Line ", Economic History Review, XLIX / 4 ( 1996 ), 726
Midland Mainline ( legal name Midland Main Line Limited, company no 3007934 ) was a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by National Express that operated the Midland Main Line franchise from April 1996 until November 2007.
It was set up at the privatisation of British Rail in 1996, and operates local passenger trains from Marylebone station in London to Aylesbury and main-line trains on the Chiltern Main Line to Birmingham Snow Hill with its associated branches.
The Porrettana Line went into service in 1864, the Direttissima in 1934 and the High Speed in 1996.
Stanley's next project was the third major movie version of the H. G. Wells novel The Island of Doctor Moreau for New Line Cinema in 1996.

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