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Located and backyard
Located in the backyard of the home is Hanson's original 1871 wood frame cabin, where the city charter was signed.
Located in a wooded neighborhood two blocks north of the UC Berkeley campus, Kidd Hall features a backyard redwood forest-niche intersected by Strawberry Creek.

Located and ",
Located in the region called "' t Gooi ", it is the largest town in that area.
Located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, New York City ( between West 110th Street, which is also known as " Cathedral Parkway ", and 113th Street ) in Manhattan's Morningside Heights, the cathedral disputes with Liverpool Anglican Cathedral the title of the largest cathedral and Anglican church and fourth largest Christian church in the world.
Located near Cordes Junction, about north of Phoenix and visible from Interstate I-17 in central Arizona, the project intends to provide a model demonstrating Soleri's concept of " Arcology ", architecture coherent with ecology.
Located in Zutphen is the " Spittaal ", location of the Gelre Ziekenhuizen ( Gelre Hospitals ) group.
Located on the eastern wall of the valley and overlooking central Sequatchie County, the Tree Tooper's famous " radial ramp ", also known as Henson's Gap, is the site of numerous hang gliding competitions.
Located between " Frying Pan Road " and " Double O Road ", this is south-southeast of the USGS location.
Located within the country club is a golf pro shop, a sports bar named " Chippers ", and a formal dining restaurant.
Located across from " The Home of The $ 5 Pizza " is Mr. K's Wearhouse, " Home of the $ 5 Custom T-shirt ", which offers custom embroidered, and screenprinted apparel.
Located in central London, SOAS describes itself as the " world's leading centre for the study of a highly diverse range of subjects concerned with Asia, Africa and the Middle East ", and is consistently ranked amongst the top universities in the UK.
Located for nearly 50 years in a stately Georgian mansion known as " Parsons Place ", in 1946 CSG moved to a more modern mansion with larger grounds on South Columbia Avenue in Bexley.
Located in Browne's Addition amid the mansions of Spokane's late 19th-century " Age of Elegance ", the Museum is in a secluded setting a few blocks from the center of downtown.
Located on the shore is a legendary twelve-ton boulder, the " Blue stone ", which was worshiped by pagans in centuries past, and is still a venue for celebrating Russian Orthodox holidays.
Located in the excavated area of the castle, east of Tower " B ", it is a rectangular building, with a simple single floor.
Located on the Little Miami River, the area is now known as " Oldtown ", near presentday Xenia.
Located directly opposite the village is the Praia Islet, an important natural reserve, classified as a " Zone of Special Protection ", due to the abundant marine bird species that use it for nesting and as transitory stop in annual migrations.
Located within the village are Carlton Village Stores and " The Smiths ", a family run bar / restaurant ( previously the Smiths Arms ).
Located on a series of fields with altitudes of 80-95 m, it is on the Mizil Plain, a subdivision of the Bucureştilor Plain, in turn part of the Wallachian Plain, and has been called the " gate to the Bărăgan ", a reference to the plain extending to its east.
Located to the west of the Six Duchies, The Mountain Kingdom is not a true kingdom but a loose confederation of many tribes and nomads ruled by a " Sacrifice ", a sort of servant-leader.
Located several yards east of the downtown bridge on the Grasse River is the second remaining major dam of the river, known as the Downtown Dam or " weir ", standing only 3 – 4 feet ( 1 m ) tall.
Located between the cities of Santander and Bilbao, Laredo is known in the region and nationally for " La Salvé ", its 5 km long beach ( 7 km at high tide ) and for the historic part of town dating back to Roman times.
Located in the canton street Salinas Guayas and Quil Pier and is known as " The Museum of the Great Peninsula ", has an archaeological room, a temporary exhibition hall, a lounge and a naval parade, are the component cultural museum.
Located in the snow-and rain-heavy " Columbia Wet Belt ", this section of the Purcells is subject to heavy erosion and large, active glaciers.
Located in the area of Gaul settled by the powerful Celtic ( Gaule Celtique ) tribe, the Bituriges, or the " Kings of the World ", and after their defeat at Bourges ( Avaricum ), part of Roman Aquitania.
Located at the visitor center is a pamphlet that explains the " Wetland Walkway ", a nature trail made from concrete, a portion of which is a wooden boardwalk, located south of the refuge headquarters ( HQ ).

Located and Coliseum
Located in the area adjacent to the Hampton Coliseum and the Convention Center, the new urbanism-type project features a wide mix of retail stores, housing and other attractions.

Located and Sports
Located on LG1, next to the Sports Hall entrance, the Health Center consists of a Medical Clinic, a Student Dental Clinic as well as a Staff Dental Clinic.
Located in TD Garden is The Sports Museum ( also known as " The Sports Museum of New England ").
Located between the hospital and the Malvern Hills College are the grounds and buildings of the Manor Park Club Multi Sports Complex that provides the Malvern area with extensive indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
Located inside the Charlie Richard Outdoor Sports Facility, Liston Stadium, built in the 1930s, is home to football, track, and select soccer matches.
Located on the main school site, the John Lyon School's Sports Centre features a large sports hall, a newly-refurbished gym and fitness studio, and a 25m swimming pool.
Located in Fort Myers, they provide many services to the surrounding community such as Drug Prevention Programs, Youth Sports Programs, and Educational Opportunities.
Located near the Hippodrome du Pont-Long, the arena's design is identical to the Palais des Sports de Pau, which is nearby the venue.
Located on the University Center Rochester Campus is a nationally recognized Regional Sports Center with more than 20 athletic fields as well as Rochester Regional Stadium featuring a season Bubble for year-round use.
Durham Gilesgate Sports College is also part of Durham Gilesgate Sixth Form Centre Located in The Sands in the centre of Durham.
" Located about 300 m east of Martin Grove Road ( location number 7500 / 7700 ), it is near an industrialized area and north of Vaughan Grove Sports Park.
Located next to St George Stadium on the grounds of Barton Park lies the Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre, the home of the Rockdale Ilinden Football Club, a largely Macedonian supported NSWSL soccer club.

Located and Arena
Located on the northern outskirts of Munich the Allianz Arena has been in use since the beginning of the 2005 – 06 season.
Located on the main campus, The Event Center Arena seats approximately 5, 000 people for athletic events and over 6, 000 for concerts, and features an attached recreation center that includes a basketball practice gym, racquetball courts, a weight room and a climbing wall.

Located and are
Located in a bad slum area now undergoing redevelopment, this school and its program are especially tailored to the vocational aims of its students.
Located 10 miles ( 16 km ) northwest of Ullapool, Achiltibuie is home to the Hydroponicum, a garden where plants are grown using a hydroponic system, in water and without soil.
Located within the Christian Petersen Art Museum are the Lyle and Nancy Campbell Art Gallery, the Roy and Bobbi Reiman Public Art Studio Gallery, the Margaret Davidson Center for the Study of the Art on Campus Collection, the Edith D. and Torsten E. Lagerstrom Loaned Collections Center, and the Neva M. Petersen Visual Learning Gallery.
Located to the north of the main campus area are the university sports grounds.
* Evergreen Cemetery – Located on the south side of town, there are over 50, 000 people interred ; it is the home of the infamous tall " Jesus with cowboy boots " statue and grave marker, as well as the resting place of banker / philanthropist William J. McDonald, Confederate General / U. S. Senator Sam Bell Maxey, rancher Pitts Chisum, and cotton magnate John J. Culbertson.
Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, approximately southwest of Orlando, Florida, United States, the resort covers an area of and includes four theme parks, two water parks, 23 on-site themed resort hotels ( excluding eight more that are on-site, but not owned by the Walt Disney Company ), including a campground, two spas and physical fitness centers, five golf courses, and other recreational venues and entertainment.
Located in Chicago's central business district, the park's most notable features are Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum Campus.
Located nearby are several ancient burial mounds ( kurgans ) and excavated cities.
Located in the Place Saint-Laurent, the collections come from the archaeological excavations done on the site and are dated throughout the 3rd century AD.
Located in the Haifa district are the Ein Hod artists ' colony, where over 90 artists and craftsmen have studios and exhibitions, and the Mount Carmel national park, with caves where Neanderthal and early Homo Sapiens remains were found.
Located in an innocuous building, the Voluntary Artist Studio's objective is to encourage traditional and contemporary art forms among the youth of Thimphu who are keen to imbibe these art forms.
Located south of the former city gate ( the " Barrière d ' Enfer " at today's Place Denfert-Rochereau ), the ossuary holds the remains of about six million people and fills a renovated section of caverns and tunnels that are the remains of Paris's stone mines.
Located at the Highway 138 and Interstate 15 junction, the Mormon Rocks are visual evidence of the San Andreas fault lying beneath the California surface.
Located in Hudson Bay, the Belcher Islands are spread out over almost.
Located in southwest Florida, the principal cities in the county are Fort Myers ( the county seat ) and Cape Coral ( the county's most populous municipality ).
Located here are staff offices, dressing rooms, storage rooms and an employee rest area.
Located in foul territory outside both baselines are two ' Coach's Boxes '.
Located in Orsay, Essonne, about 26, 000 students are enrolled.
Located in the northwest part of the county are the Killdeer Mountains, which are more accurately described as hills.
Located on the River Alde, the town is notable for its Blue Flag shingle beach and fisherman huts where freshly caught fish are sold daily, and the Aldeburgh Yacht Club.
Located in southeastern Tennessee on Chickamauga Lake and Nickajack Lake, which are both part of the Tennessee River, Chattanooga lies approximately to the northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, to the southwest of Knoxville, about to the southeast of Nashville, about to the northeast of Huntsville, Alabama, and about to the northeast of Birmingham, Alabama.
Located in Grove Hill are Clarke County High School ( grades 9 through 12 ), Wilson Hall Middle School ( grades 5 through 8 ), and Grove Hill Elementary School ( grades K though 4 ).
Located at Broadway and Cloverly Avenue, for three days, game booths, rides and food stalls are open to the community.
Located nearby are California State University, Sacramento and the University of California, Davis, as well as branches of Golden Gate University and St. Mary's College.

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