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Lord and Rupert
The combined forces of the English Parliamentarians under Lord Fairfax and the Earl of Manchester and the Scottish Covenanters under the Earl of Leven defeated the Royalists commanded by Prince Rupert of the Rhine and the Marquess of Newcastle.
Resting at Bury nearby, Rupert was joined by the Marquess of Newcastle's cavalry under Lord George Goring, which had broken out of York early in the siege, with a small contingent from Derbyshire, and several regiments which were being freshly raised in Lancashire by the Earl of Derby.
* Rupert Frazer ..... Lord George Lamson-Scribener
Rupert was placed in command of a Palatinate cavalry regiment, and his later friend Lord Craven, an admirer of Rupert's mother, assisted in raising funds and accompanied the army on the campaign.
Lord Craven, also taken in the battle, attempted to persuade his captors to allow him to remain with Rupert, but was refused.
Rupert allied himself with Lord Shaftesbury on matters of foreign policy, but remained loyal to King Charles II on other issues, and was passionate about protecting the Royal Prerogative.
Rupert was also appointed to the supreme position of " General at Sea and Land ", effectively assuming the wartime powers of the Lord High Admiral.
He starred alongside some high profile names including cult science fiction actress and Superman star Sarah Douglas, Rupert Degas, Lord of the Rings actor Andy Serkis, Harry Potter villain Jason Isaacs, Mark Wing-Davey and Martin Jarvis ( written by Elliott Stein & Neil Gardner, and produced / directed by Neil Gardner ).
Lord Invader ( Rupert Westmore Grant, 13 December 1914-15 October 1961 ) was a prominent calypsonian with a very distinctive, gravelly voice.
It was Grant's tailor who gave him his moniker by commenting, " I tell you, Rupert, you should call yourself Lord Invader so when you go up to the city you be invadin ' the capital.
In August Goring had been despatched by Prince Rupert of the Rhine, who recognized his ability, to join Charles I in the south, and in spite of his dissolute and insubordinate character he was appointed to supersede Henry, Lord Wilmot, as lieutenant-general of the Royalist horse.
On that day I was asked a question by Rupert Ryan, brother-in-law of Lord Casey, on the deportation of Malayan seamen, Chinese and other people who had contravened our immigration laws.
Rupert Evelyn Beckett by his wife Muriel Helen Florence Paget, daughter of Lord Berkeley Charles Sydney Paget, himself a younger son of the 2nd Marquess of Anglesey, whom he married in 13 December 1932, was an invalid for many years, suffering from clinical depression and anorexia nervosa, but she bore him his only child, a daughter, Fiona, in 1934.
In Doug's Quailman fantasies, he has the villain identities of Golden Salmon, Rupert Schmupert, Lord of the Polka, and an unnamed space slug.
Prince Rupert challenged him, and he fought a duel with Lord Wilmot.
The 6th and present Marquess is Christopher George Charles Nevill ( b. 23 April 1955 ), the son of the late Lord Rupert Charles Montecute Nevill and Lady Ann Camilla Evelyn Wallop.
* Rupert Baxter, Lord Emsworth's secretary in the stories and novels by P. G. Wodehouse
Notable former pupils include historian P. J. Marshall, architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, impressionist Rory Bremner, Adolphus Cambridge, 1st Marquess of Cambridge, author Sebastian Faulks, language school pioneer John Haycraft, political journalist Robin Oakley, actor Sir Christopher Lee, writer George Orwell, author Rupert Croft-Cooke, poet Gavin Ewart, composer John Gardner, world champion motor racing driver James Hunt, Leader of the House of Lords Lord Strathclyde, journalist and television presenter Peter Snow, the UK Pop Idol winner Will Young, and BRIT Award-nominated singer Nerina Pallot, and the rugby union players James Haskell and the brothers Max and Thom Evans.
The 2006 festival welcomed many household names including Lord Falconer, Zadie Smith ( who, according to reports mentioned that one of the characters in her second book was based on an Old Gower ), Matthew Pinsent and Rupert Everett, as well as a multitude of journalists, actors, authors, musicians, economists, and many more.
Over the centuries the interpretation of Mary as an ever virgin bride of the Lord who had taken a vow of perpetual chastity spread and was in full vogue by the time of Rupert of Deutz in the 12th century.
1628, the Stadtholders and their Wives ( Amsterdam and Hague ), Charles Louis and Rupert, Charles I's nephews ( Louvre, St Petersburg, Combe Abbey and Willin ), and Lord Craven, ( National Portrait Gallery, London ). Honthorst's early style can be seen in the Lute-player ( 1614 ) at the Louvre, the Martyrdom of St John in Santa.
The Lord Brooke, who commanded for Parliament in Warwickshire and Staffordshire and was looked on by many as Essex's eventual successor, was killed in besieging Lichfield Cathedral on 2 March, and, though the cathedral soon capitulated, Gell and Brereton were severely handled in the indecisive Battle of Hopton Heath near Stafford on 19 March, and Prince Rupert, after an abortive raid on Bristol ( 7 March ), marched rapidly northward, storming Birmingham en route, and recaptured Lichfield Cathedral.
The King's chances of escaping from Newark were becoming smaller day by day, and they were not improved by a violent dispute between him and Rupert, Maurice, Lord Gerard and Sir Richard Willis, at the end of which these officers and many others rode away to ask Parliament for leave to go over-seas.
* Lord Charles George William Colin Spencer-Churchill ( born London, 13 July 1940 ) married firstly 13 July 1965 Gillian Spreckles Fuller with no issue ; marriage dissolved in 1968 ; married secondly 1970 Elizabeth Jane Wyndham ( born 1948 ) ( a great-niece of the interior decorator Nancy Lancaster ) and has three children: Rupert John Harold Mark Spencer-Churchill ( born 26 November 1971 ), Dominic Albert Charles Spencer-Churchill ( born 1979 ), and Alexander David Spencer-Churchill ( born 9 June 1983 )
In July that year, his forces had taken on Prince Rupert and company at Ripley in Yorkshire, during which successful ( for the Parliamentarians ) skirmish, they liberated a statue of a wild boar that Lord Ingleby had brought back from Italy as one of a pair.

Lord and Edward
Examples include Edward Elgar's Great is the Lord ( 1912 ) and Give unto the Lord ( 1914 ) ( both with orchestral accompaniment ), Benjamin Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb ( 1943 ) ( a modern example of a multi-movement anthem and today heard mainly as a concert piece ), and, on a much smaller scale, Ralph Vaughan Williams ' O taste and see ( 1952 ) ( written for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II ).
With Gladstone's refusal Derby and Disraeli looked elsewhere and settled on Disraeli's old friend Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who became Secretary of State for the Colonies ; Derby's son Lord Stanley, succeeded Ellenborough at the Board of Control.
Edward Wood MP, better known as the future Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, rejected force and urged the British government to make an offer to the Irish " conceived on the most generous lines ".
Two days after Bloody Sunday, the Westminster Parliament adopted a resolution for a tribunal into the events of the day, resulting in Prime Minister Edward Heath commissioning the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Widgery to undertake it.
Judicial decisions and treatises of the 17th and 18th centuries, such at those of Lord Chief Justice Edward Coke, presented the common law as a collection of such maxims.
Lord Chief Justice Edward Coke, a 17th-century English jurist and Member of Parliament, wrote several legal texts that formed the basis for the modern common law, with lawyers in both England and America learning their law from his Institutes and Reports until the end of the 18th century.
Lord Edward Herbert of Cherbury ( d. 1648 ) is generally considered the " father of English deism ", and his book De Veritate ( On Truth, as It Is Distinguished from Revelation, the Probable, the Possible, and the False ) ( 1624 ) the first major statement of deism.
* Powicke, F. M. ( 1947 ), King Henry III and the Lord Edward: The Community of the Realm in the Thirteenth Century, Oxford: Clarendon Press.
Catherine Parr, Henry's widow, soon married Thomas Seymour of Sudeley, Edward VI's uncle and the brother of the Lord Protector, Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset.
Twelve-year-old Edward was now the 17th Earl of Oxford and Lord Great Chamberlain of England, and heir to an estate whose annual income, though assessed at approximately £ 2, 500, may have run as high as £ 3, 500.
Affectionately known as her " Boar " or her " Turk ," discord arose between them, and on 1 July, Oxford bolted to the continent without permission, travelling to Calais with Lord Edward Seymour, and then to Flanders, ' carrying a great sum of money with him '.
David Kahanamoku, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Edward, and Duke Kahanamoku, c. 1920. After his war service, and having been promoted to sub-lieutenant on 15 January 1919, Mountbatten attended Christ's College, Cambridge for two terms where he studied engineering in a programme that was specially designed for ex-servicemen.
* 1462 – Treaty of Westminster is finalised between Edward IV of England and the Scottish Lord of the Isles.
It was adapted for television in 1987 as part of a series starring Edward Petherbridge as Lord Peter and Harriet Walter as Harriet Vane.
* 17th century – Early Quakers, such as Edward Burrough, make mention of tongues speaking in their meetings: " We spoke with new tongues, as the Lord gave us utterance, and His Spirit led us ".
Lord Stanley's five sons were instrumental in bringing ice hockey to Europe, beating a court team ( which included both the future Edward VII and George V ) at Buckingham Palace in 1895.
It was also at this time that Severn met, among other notables, the sculptors John Gibson and Antonio Canova, and Lord Byron's friend, the adventurer Edward John Trelawny.
In a note prefixed to the Collected Edition of his wife's poems, Robert Browning tells us that " On the early death of his father, he ( Edward Moulton ) was brought from Jamaica to England when a very young child, as ward to the late Chief Baron Lord Abinger, then Mr. Scarlett, whom he frequently accompanied in his post-chaise when on pursuit.
Featuring Edward Petherbridge as Lord Peter Wimsey
Lord Peter Wimsey was played by Ian Carmichael in a series of independent serials that ran from 1972 to 1975 and adapted five novels ( Clouds of Witness, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, Five Red Herrings, Murder Must Advertise and The Nine Tailors ) and by Edward Petherbridge in 1987, in which three of the four major Wimsey / Vane novels ( Strong Poison, Have his Carcase and Gaudy Night ) were dramatised.
The government, represented by Lord Edward Irwin, decided to negotiate with Gandhi.
In 1922, she married Edward Hilton Young, later Lord Kennet ( she becoming Lady Kennet ), and remained a doughty defender of Scott's reputation until her death, aged 69, in 1947.

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