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Lucky and Luciano
His first action as mayor was to order the chief of police to arrest mob boss Lucky Luciano on whatever charges could be found.
In 1936, LaGuardia had special prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey, a future Republican presidential candidate, single out Lucky Luciano for prosecution.
* 1897 Lucky Luciano, American gangster ( d. 1962 )
* November 24 Lucky Luciano, Sicilian-American Mafia boss ( d. 1962 )
* January 26 Lucky Luciano, American gangster ( b. 1897 )
Dewey, the District Attorney for Manhattan, had risen to national fame as the " Gangbuster " prosecutor who had sent numerous infamous Mafia figures to prison, most notably Lucky Luciano, the organized-crime boss of New York City.
However, New York crime boss Lucky Luciano and the " Mafia Commission " decided that Dewey's murder would provoke an all-out crackdown.
By the late 1930s Dewey's successful efforts against organized crime — and especially his conviction of Lucky Luciano — had turned him into a national celebrity.
Masseria had Lucky Luciano, Vito Genovese, Joe Adonis, Carlo Gambino, Albert Anastasia and Frank Costello on his side.
He appeared in several Italian films, including Hands Over the City ( 1963 ) and Lucky Luciano ( 1974 ) ( both Francesco Rosi's ), and also Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dynamite ( 1971 ).
* Lucky Luciano ( 1974 )
Davis began work on Marked Woman ( 1937 ), as a prostitute in a contemporary gangster drama inspired by the case of Lucky Luciano.
The town was a haven for gangsters in the 1930s, including longtime resident Owney Madden and Lucky Luciano.
* Bill Graham as Charlie " Lucky " Luciano
Gambino also became involved with the " Young Turks ," a group of Americanized Italian and Jewish mobsters in New York which included Frank " Prime Minister " Costello, Albert " The Executioner " Anastasia, Frank Scalice, Settimo Accardi, Gaetano " Tommy Three-Finger Brown " Lucchese, Joe Adonis, Vito Genovese, Meyer Lansky, Benjamin " Bugsy " Siegel, Mickey Cohen, and Charles " Lucky " Luciano, one of the future's most powerful Mob bosses.
Sinatra would later testify about this in court, but announced that he didn't know any Carlo Gambino, but it got to a point where he had to explain why he was attending the Havana Conference in Cuba in 1946, showing up with $ 2, 000, 000 in a silver suitcase and a picture that showed Sinatra, Charles " Lucky " Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Albert " The Executioner " Anastasia, and Carlo Gambino having a drink by a pool.
Gambino was also the only mob boss of the Five Families who attended the burial of the longtime friend " Lucky " Luciano.
Charles " Lucky " Luciano ( pronounced ; born Salvatore Lucania November 24, 1897 January 26, 1962 ), was an Italian-born, naturalized American mobster born in Sicily.
It is not clear how Luciano earned the nickname " Lucky ".
Lucky Luciano in 1948
* The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano ( 2011 ) based on the book, The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano by Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer is currently in the works.

Lucky and 1973
In 1973 he and his friends got together to record a live album for his fans called Lucky Day, named after a song he wrote in the truck on his way up to live in Nova Scotia.
* The Allingham Minibus ( U. S. title: Mr. Campion's Lucky Day and Other Stories ) ( 1973 )
* In 1973 he was played by actor Edmond O ' Brien in the movie Lucky Luciano by Francesco Rosi, with Gian Maria Volonté.
The song has remained enduringly popular and is an example of the political and sociological thread running through much of Siffre ’ s lyrics and poetry since the single " Thank Your Lucky Star " and the album " For the Children " ( 1973 ).
Under MCA, she recorded a new album, titled Can I Sleep in Your Arms / Lucky Ladies, the name of two singles to be released by Seely between 1973 and 1974.
Between 1964 and 1973 Doonican was rarely out of the UK Singles Chart, his greatest successes including the singles " Walk Tall ", " The Special Years ", " Elusive Butterfly ", " What Would I Be ", ( on Decca ) " If The Whole World Stopped Loving " ( Pye ), and " Morning " ( Philips ); and the albums 13 Lucky Shades of Val Doonican ( Decca ), and Val Doonican Rocks, But Gently ( Pye ) which reached Number 1 in the UK Albums Chart in 1967.
( 1973 ), Travis ' adventures finally come to an end in Britannia Hospital which sees Mick as a muckraking reporter investigating the bizarre activities of Professor Millar, played by Graham Crowden, whom he had had a run in with in O Lucky Man.

Lucky and
* 1964 Lucky Dube, South African singer and keyboardist ( d. 2007 )
See Sadler's book I'm a Lucky One ( Macmillan 1967, pp. 80 81 ).
A 1993 compilation called Lucky Thirteen was released, but it only covered Young's 1982 1988 output.
* 1923 Morris, Belgian cartoonist ( Lucky Luke ) ( d. 2001 )
* 2012 Lucky Diamond, American dog model ( b. 1997 )
* 1949 Captain James Gallagher lands his B-50 Superfortress Lucky Lady II in Fort Worth, Texas after completing the first non-stop around-the-world airplane flight in 94 hours and one minute.
* 1927 The first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon, Trolley Troubles, produced by Walt Disney, is released by Universal Pictures.
* 1958 Lucky Ali, Indian singer-songwriter and actor
*" Lucky Wilbury " Bob Dylan
The rope is much shorter, and Lucky who has acquired a new hat leads Pozzo, rather than being driven by him.
However, Pozzo's dominance is noted to be superficial ; " upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that Lucky always possessed more influence in the relationship, for he danced, and more importantly, thought not as a service, but in order to fill a vacant need of Pozzo: he committed all of these acts for Pozzo.
* March 2 The B-50 Superfortress Lucky Lady II under Captain James Gallagher lands in Fort Worth, Texas, after completing the first non-stop around-the-world airplane flight ( it was refueled in flight 4 times ).
* September 5 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, American cartoon
#" Lucky Ball & Chain " 2: 46
Commonly known as Jim Callaghan ( and nicknamed " Sunny Jim ", " Gentleman Jim ", " Lucky Jim " or " Big Jim "), Callaghan is the only person to have served in all four of the Great Offices of State: Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer ( 1964 67 ), Home Secretary ( 1967 70 ), and Foreign Secretary ( 1974 76 ).

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