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MIT and OpenCourseWare
* 6. 912 Introduction to Copyright Law taught by Keith Winstein, MIT OpenCourseWare January IAP 2006
* MIT OpenCourseWare in-depth look at Electrical Engineering-online courses with video lectures.
* Toward the Scientific Revolution From MIT OpenCourseWare, class materials for the history of science up to and including Isaac Newton.
MIT OpenCourseWare, for example, is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.
Several major computer-related organizations have originated at MIT since the 1980s: Richard Stallman's GNU Project and the subsequent Free Software Foundation were founded in the mid-1980s at the AI Lab ; the MIT Media Lab was founded in 1985 by Nicholas Negroponte and Jerome Wiesner to promote research into novel uses of computer technology ; the World Wide Web Consortium standards organization was founded at the Laboratory for Computer Science in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee ; the OpenCourseWare project has made course materials for over 2, 000 MIT classes available online free of charge since 2002 ; and the One Laptop per Child initiative to expand computer education and connectivity to children worldwide was launched in 2005.
In 2001, inspired by the open source and open access movements, MIT launched OpenCourseWare to make the lecture notes, problem sets, syllabuses, exams, and lectures from the great majority of its courses available online for no charge, though without any formal accreditation for coursework completed.
* MIT. edu, OpenCourseWare: Organic Chemistry I
* MIT OpenCourseWare: Organometallic Chemistry
* MIT OpenCourseWare 8. 03: Vibrations and Waves Free, independent study course with video lectures, assignments, lecture notes and exams.
* MIT Linear Algebra Lecture on Image Compression at Google Video, from MIT OpenCourseWare ( not available right now )
* GEB video lectures, MIT OpenCourseWare
* MIT OpenCourseWare HST. 512 Genomic Medicine A free, self-study course in genomic medicine.
*, MIT Linear Algebra Lecture on the Four Fundamental Subspaces at Google Video, from MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare ( MIT OCW ) is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) to put all of the educational materials from its undergraduate-and graduate-level courses online, partly free and openly available to anyone, anywhere.
MIT OpenCourseWare is a large-scale, web-based publication of MIT course materials.
Currently, MIT OpenCourseWare is supported by MIT, corporate underwriting, major gifts, and donations from site visitors.

MIT and 6
For about a decade, every student taking the 6. 004 class at MIT was part of a team — each team had one semester to design and build a simple 8 bit CPU out of 7400 series integrated circuits.
MIT enrolled 4, 384 undergraduates and 6, 510 graduate students for the 2011 – 2012 school year.
In 2011, MIT faculty and researchers disclosed 632 inventions, were issued 153 patents, earned $ 85. 4 million in cash income, and received $ 69. 6 million in royalties.
Starting in 2012, MIT has announced it will post those decisions ( privately ) online on Pi Day at exactly 6: 28pm, which they have called " Tau Time ", to honor the rival numbers Pi and Tau equally.
* Official 6. 001 site for Spring, 2007 ( an MIT course that goes by the same name as the book )
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Memo 6.
It hosts 6 of the top 100 chemists worldwide by citation impact for 2000 – 2010, tied with MIT for the most of any instutition.
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In spring 2008, Abelson initiated the first " Building Mobile Application " class at MIT ( 6. 081 ).
* 6. 055J / 2. 038J The Art of Approximation in Science and Engineering taught by Sanjoy Mahajan at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ).
For his role in procuring such a gigantic grant, Dertouzos eventually was made head of Course 6, the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at MIT.
Indeed, he spent so much time programming the PDP machines there he failed out of MIT as a first-term junior and had to take a job at the Charles Adams Associates firm until the AI Lab hired him about 6 months later.
In 2011, he was listed at # 6 on the MIT150 list of the top 150 innovators and ideas from MIT.
Starner is also a co-founder of the IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers ( ISWC ) and co-founder and first member of the MIT Wearable Computing Project, where he was one of the first 6 cyborgs involved.
MIT April 6, 2005.
Among those who attended were Eric Drexler ( at the time a freshman at MIT ), scientist-astronaut Joe Allen ( from Astronaut Group 6 ), Freeman Dyson, and science reporter Walter Sullivan.
Worldwide Online Olympiad Training ( WOOT ), United States of America Mathematics Olympiad and the International Mathematics Olympiad, Mathematical Olympiad Program, the MIT 6. 370 Battlecode Competition, and The Center for Excellence in Education.
USA on 1 February 2007 ); Sonata for Organ ( premiered by Robert Green at St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, Wales on 22 August 2007 ); the opera, Far from the Madding Crowd, premièred at the Thomas Hardy Festival in July 2006 ; Mass for Unaccompanied Solo Voice, premiered by soprano Paula Downes at the MIT Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 6 March 2008 ; Sonata for Horn, Violin and Piano for the Brahms Trio Prague ( Monica Vrabcová, violin ; Ondrej Vrabec, Horn Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and Daniel Wiesner, piano ), premiered at the Suk Hall, Rudolfinum, Prague on 5 February 2008 ( a CD of this work has now been released on the Czech Philharmonic Artesmon label ); Finished Fields, a setting of four poems by Wilfred Owen commissioned by Jonathan Pugsley ( bass-baritone ) and Duncan Honeybourne ( piano ) and premiered in Weymouth, Dorset on 12 November 2008 ; Concerto for Piano and Orchestra for pianist Duncan Honeybourne and the Central England Ensemble, conducted by Anthony Bradbury in Birmingham Town Hall on 1 March 2009, and given again by the same artists in Coventry Cathedral in July 2010 ; Sonata for Contrabass Flute and Piano for Peter Sheridan, premiered in 2009 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ; and Sonata for Clarinet and Piano for clarinettist Angus Merion and Duncan Honeybourne, premiered in Salisbury, UK in January 2010.
* MIT CS 6. 897: Advanced Data Structures: Lecture 4, Fusion Trees, Prof. Erik Demaine ( Spring 2003 )
* MIT CS 6. 897: Advanced Data Structures: Lecture 5, More fusion trees ; self-organizing data structures, move-to-front, static optimality, Prof. Erik Demaine ( Spring 2003 )
* MIT CS 6. 851: Advanced Data Structures: Lecture 13, Fusion Tree notes, Prof. Erik Demaine ( Spring 2007 )
* MIT CS 6. 851: Advanced Data Structures: Lecture 12, Fusion Tree notes, Prof. Erik Demaine ( Spring 2012 )
At some universities, the Order of St. Anthony maintains a chapter house colloquially referred to as " The Hall " or " St. A's ", although at MIT, the society is known as " The Number Six Club " in reference to that chapter's original founding and residence at No. 6 Louisburg Square in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood.

MIT and .
* Stuart Chase, economist, MIT trained engineer, writer.
Cambridge MA: MIT Press.
Boston: MIT Press.
A record cold temperature of 450 ± 80 pK in a Bose – Einstein condensate ( BEC ) of sodium atoms was achieved in 2003 by researchers at MIT.
In 1941 he accepted an invitation as a visiting professor to MIT, in the USA.
While teaching at MIT, Aalto also designed the student dormitory, Baker House, completed in 1948.
For the graphical user interfaces, AIX v2 came with the X10R3 and later the X10R4 and X11 versions of the X Window System from MIT, together with the Athena widget set.
DiFranco was born in Buffalo, New York, to Elizabeth and Dante DiFranco, who had met while attending MIT.
Massachusetts: October Books / MIT Press, 2006.
This was not made publicly known to the media, but engineers at MIT ( volunteer students and professors ) performed several experiments and found serious problems with the tunnel.
* MIT William L. Stewart Award for co-founding the M. I. T.
For their achievements Cornell, Wieman, and Wolfgang Ketterle at MIT received the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics.
* A wiki site for protocol sharing run from MIT.
* Ascher Shapiro ( deceased )-Institute Professor at MIT, contributed to the development of the BME field, medical devices ( e. g. intra-aortic balloons )
MIT Sloan School of Management, 2002.
* Aristotle's Categories at MIT.
Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
New York: The MIT Press.
Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

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