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McKeeman and William
* McKeeman, William M. " Language Directed Computer Design ", FJCC ( 1967 ) pp. 413 – 417.
* McKeeman, William Marshall ; Horning, James J .; Wortman, David B., CS. toronto. edu, A Compiler Generator, Englewood Cliffs, N. J .: Prentice-Hall, 1970.
XPL was designed and implemented by William McKeeman and David B. Wortman at University of California, Santa Cruz and James J. Horning and others at Stanford University.
* McKeeman, William Marshall ; Horning, James J .; and Wortman, David B., A Compiler Generator ( 1971 ), ISBN 978-0-13-155077-3.
* McKeeman, William M., Horning, James J. and Wortman, David B.

McKeeman and Horning
* McKeeman, W. M., Horning, James J., Nelson, E. C., and Wortman, D. B " The XPL compiler generator system.

William and Marshall
Nevertheless, he remained close to Rossetti, with whom he also joined William Morris's design company, Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., in 1861.
This is the interpretation offered by William of Tyre, who was firmly placed in the " noble " camp, and his view was taken up by subsequent historians ; in the 20th century, Marshall W. Baldwin, Steven Runciman, and Hans E. Mayer favoured this interpretation.
The only people in attendance were actor William Holden, the best man, and his wife, actress Brenda Marshall, the matron of honor.
Sometimes vacancies arise in quick succession, as in the early 1970s when Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. and William Rehnquist were nominated to replace Hugo Black and John Marshall Harlan II, who retired within a week of each other.
He chose Indiana Governor Thomas R. Marshall as his running mate and selected William Frank McCombs, a New York lawyer and a friend from college days, to manage his campaign.
* July 2 – William Louis Marshall, American general and engineer ( b. 1846 )
* June 11 – William Louis Marshall, American general and engineer ( d. 1920 )
Frederic William Henry Myers was the son of Revd Frederic Myers ( 1811 – 1851 ) and his second wife Susan Harriet Myers nee Marshall ( 1811 – 1896 ).
New York's financiers J. P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and William Waldorf Astor, among others, pledged $ 15 million to finance the fair if Congress awarded it to New York, while Chicagoans Charles T. Yerkes, Marshall Field, Philip Armour, Gustavus Swift, and Cyrus McCormick, offered to finance a Chicago fair.
He wrote several articles on writers such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Dean Howells, Israel Zangwill, John Burroughs, and interviewed public figures such as Andrew Carnegie, Marshall Field, Thomas Edison, and Theodore Thomas.
Marshall achieved a measure of fame from this work, and upon the death of William Jevons in 1882, Marshall became the leading British economist of the scientific school of his time.
Ramsay was married to Margaret Johnstone Marshall ( née Buchanan, daughter of George Stenenson Buchanan ) and had a daughter, Catherine Elizabeth ( Elska ) and a son, William George, who died at 40.
In 1790, John Marshall, a private attorney and a veteran of the Continental Army, represented the board of the College of William and Mary, in litigation that required him to defend that corporation's right to reorganize itself and in the process remove professors, The Rev John Bracken v. The Visitors of Wm & Mary College ( 7 Va. 573 ; 1790 Supreme Court of Virginia ).
The Abolition of Work and Other Essays ( 1986 ), draws upon some ideas of the Situationist International, the utopian socialists Charles Fourier and William Morris, anarchists such as Peter Kropotkin and Paul Goodman, and anthropologists such as Richard Borshay Lee and Marshall Sahlins.
Her fifth and final husband was director and producer William Marshall.
* Kissell, Gerry, the History of William Marshall
* William Marshall at Castlewales. com
His father, William Turner ( 1738 – 7 August 1829 ), was a barber and wig maker, His mother, Mary Marshall, came from a family of butchers.
In 1785, as a result of a " fit of illness " in the family the young Turner was sent to stay with his maternal uncle, Joseph Mallord William Marshall, in Brentford, which was then a small town west of London on the banks of the River Thames.
With William Marshall acting as regent, a call for the English " to defend our land " against the French led to a reversal of fortunes on the battlefield.
In mid-December 1944, Jim Layton ( Marshall Thompson ) and his buddy, William J. Hooper, replacements fresh from the United States, are assigned to separate companies in the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.
In 1538, William Marshall enjoined his readers to " henseforth ... forget suche prayers as seynt Brigittes & other lyke, whyche greate promyses and perdons haue falsly auaunced.

William and ;
Dr. Johnson and William Hazlitt of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in England ; ;
a son, William, Seattle, Wash. ; ;
William Cluck, Deloris Carrel Carty, and Edna Earl Eaton of North Dallas ; ;
William Austin, Gary Hammond, and Ronnie Davis of South Oak Cliff ; ;
Throughout these exciting years I have been fortunate for, although I have never offered great financial inducements, talent has found its way to me: William Boal who so ably organizes business operations ; ;
Willis listened patiently, and once in a while William was exposed to them at a family gathering ; ;
Lincoln's foreign policy approach had been initially hands off, due to his inexperience ; he left most diplomacy appointments and other foreign policy matters to his Secretary of State, William Seward.
As a result, Lincoln replaced Buell with William Rosecrans ; and, after the 1862 midterm elections, he replaced McClellan with Republican Ambrose Burnside.
* Smith, William ; Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, London ( 1873 ).
A Specimen of typeset font s and language s, by William Caslon, letter founder ; from the 1728 Cyclopaedia, or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences | Cyclopaedia.
* Smith, William ; Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, London ( 1873 ).
Such an anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or praise ; e. g. George Bush = He bugs Gore ; Madonna Louise Ciccone = Occasional nude income or One cool dance musician ; William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller, Roger Meddows Taylor = Great words or melody.
Common meter hymns were interchangeable with a variety of tunes ; more than twenty musical settings of " Amazing Grace " circulated with varying popularity until 1835 when William Walker assigned Newton's words to a traditional song named " New Britain ", which was itself an amalgamation of two melodies (" Gallaher " and " St. Mary ") first published in the Columbian Harmony by Charles H. Spilman and Benjamin Shaw ( Cincinnati, 1829 ).
Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press ; London, William Heinemann Ltd. 1921.
Cambridge, MA., Harvard University Press ; London, William Heinemann Ltd. 1914.
Cambridge, MA., Harvard University Press ; London, William Heinemann, Ltd. 1924.
Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press ; London, William Heinemann Ltd. 1918.

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