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Meek and Donald
* November 18 – Donald Meek, Scottish actor ( b. 1878 )
* Donald Meek as Dr. Whacker
* Donald Meek as ( scenes deleted ) ( uncredited )
Among them are Dallas ( Claire Trevor ), a prostitute who is being driven out of town by the members of the " Law and Order League "; an alcoholic doctor, Doc Boone ( Thomas Mitchell ); pregnant Lucy Mallory ( Louise Platt ), who is traveling to see her cavalry officer husband ; and whiskey salesman Samuel Peacock ( Donald Meek ).
* Donald Meek as Samuel Peacock
* Donald Meek as Willie Crump
The Petrified Forest was performed on CBS's Lux Radio Theater in 1937, with Herbert Marshall, Margaret Sullavan, and Donald Meek in the principal roles ; and again on the same program in 1945, with Ronald Coleman, Susan Hayward, and Lawrence Tierney .< ref >
* Donald Meek as Dr. J. Doskil
The attending doctor Dr. Doskil ( Donald Meek ) and Sir Karell's friend Baron Otto ( Jean Hersholt ) are convinced that responsible for the murder is a vampire, specifically Count Mora ( Bela Lugosi ) and his daughter Luna ( Carroll Borland ), while the Prague police inspector ( Lionel Atwill ) refuses to believe.
It stars Frank Morgan, Virginia Grey, Dan Dailey, Billie Burke, Donald Meek, Reginald Owen and Connie Gilchrist.
* Donald Meek as Paul D. Cummings
* Donald Meek as Mr. Stone
He starred with Donald Meek in a series of short mysteries based on S. S. Van Dine stories for Warner Bros.
My Little Chickadee ( 1940 ) is a Universal comedy / western motion picture starring Mae West and W. C. Fields, with Joseph Calleia, Ruth Donnelly, Margaret Hamilton, Donald Meek, Willard Robertson, Dick Foran, George Moran, William B. Davidson, and Addison Richards.
They have an impromptu wedding, officiated over by a passenger, Amos Budge ( Donald Meek ), a gambler who looks like a minister.
* Donald Meek as Amos Budge
* Donald Meek as McCoy
* Donald Meek as McCoy

Meek and E
It was founded and platted by Peter Duthie, David E. and Anna Meek, and John S. and Sarah Harper.

Meek and .
`` We're just real happy for the players '', Coach Bill Meek said of the 9-7 victory over the Air Force Academy.
Meek expressed particular gratification at the defensive performances of end Happy Nelson and halfback Billy Gannon.
`` Nelson played magnificent football '', Meek praised.
`` As soon as it started to form, Gannon spotted it '', Meek said.
`` He just lay back there and waited for it '', Meek said.
Except for sophomore center Mike Kelsey and fullback Mike Rice, Meek expects the squad to be physically sound for Rice.
`` Kelsey is very doubtful for the Rice game '', Meek said.
`` He's looking a lot better, and he's able to run '', Meek explained.
`` We'll work hard Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday '', Meek said, `` and probably will have a good scrimmage Friday.
* Ronald L. Meek, Social Science and the Ignoble Savage, Cambridge U. P.
Some historians of music have pointed to important and innovative developments that built on rock and roll in this period, including multitrack recording, developed by Les Paul, the electronic treatment of sound by such innovators as Joe Meek, and the Wall of Sound productions of Phil Spector, continued desegregation of the charts, the rise of surf music, garage rock and the Twist dance craze.
Late in his life Fyodor Dostoyevski wrote " The Meek One " ( 1876 ) and " The Dream of a Ridiculous Man " ( 1877 ), two stories with great psychological and philosophical depth.
Early works included recordings produced by audio pioneer Joe Meek.
** Planes piloted by Major Harold Geiger and Horace Meek Hickam, students at the Air Corps Tactical School, collide in mid-air at Langley Field, Virginia.
In 1964 the group recorded several solo tracks with producer Joe Meek, who took them to various labels, but they had little success.
Harry C. Meek, member of Lions Clubs International, claimed that he had first the idea for Father's Day in 1915.
Meek made many efforts to promote Father's Day and make it an official holiday.
In September 1840, Robert Newell, Joseph L. Meek, and their families reached Fort Walla Walla with three wagons that they had driven from Fort Hall.
Among the most famous early independent producers are the famed songwriting-production duo Leiber & Stoller, " Wall of Sound " creator Phil Spector and British studio pioneer Joe Meek.
Examples of such engineers includes George Martin, Joe Meek, Teo Macero, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, and Biddu.

Meek and /
" Johnny Remember Me " was the first of a string of British hit recordings from the Meek / Stigwood / Leyton team, and their success set a new pattern for the industry: according to Simon Napier-Bell, within a couple of years, over half the hits in the UK were independent productions.
Other artists Stigwood signed to a management / recording deal included Mike Sarne, whose Meek-produced " Come Outside " charted in 1962, and another Meek protégé, Mike Berry, who had scored a hit with the Geoff Goddard-penned " Tribute To Buddy Holly ".
* Tom Meek, Writer / Producer / Expert Witness, attended 1978-9.
*" Love and Fury " ( Meek ) / " Popeye Twist " ( Cattini ) ( Decca F11449, 1962 )
*" Telstar " ( Meek ) / " Jungle Fever " ( Goddard ) ( Decca F11494, 1962 )-UK & U. S. Number 1 LISTEN
*" Globetrotter " ( Meek ) / " Locomotion With Me " ( Decca F11562, 1963 )-UK Number 5
*" Robot " ( Meek ) / " Life On Venus " ( Meek ) ( Decca F11606, 1963 )-UK Number 19
*" The Ice Cream Man " ( Meek ) / " Scales Of Justice ( Theme )" ( Decca F11662, 1963 )-UK Number 21
*" Dragonfly " / " Hymn For Teenagers " ( Meek ) ( Decca F11745, 1963 )-UK Number 41
*" Joystick " ( Meek ) / " Hot Pot " ( Meek ) ( Decca F11838, 1964 )
*" Granada " / " Ragunboneman " ( Meek ) ( Columbia DB7455, 1965 )
*" Early Bird " ( Meek ) / " Stomping Thru The Rye " ( Tornados ) ( Columbia DB7589, 1965 )
Meek ) / " Too Much In Love To Hear " ( Gale ; Holder ) ( Columbia DB7856, 1966 )
*" Is That A Ship I Hear " ( Meek ) / " Do You Come Here Often?
* Drum Beat ( 1954 / I ) as Nancy Meek
The show centered around scenes set in the bedroom of a young boy named Billy Meek with robot / computer-like puppets called Zunkins named Zooey and Dunkin who would come to life each episode out of a comic book featuring the adventures of the never seen superhero Dr. Zonk.

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