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Menendez and Tammi
" Tammi Menendez also self-published a book in 2005 titled They Said We'd Never Make It-My Life With Erik Menendez, though Tammi said on the Larry King Live show that Erik had heavily edited the book.
In an interview with People magazine, Tammi Menendez stated that " Not having sex in my life is difficult, but it's not a problem for me.
In 2010, A & E did a documentary on Tammi Menendez entitled " Mrs. Menendez.
* Tammi Menendez on Loving Erik at ABC News

Menendez and 2005
* Wife of Erik Menendez talks about relationship at MSNBC TV, December 22, 2005
While Andrews had been frequently mentioned as a possible replacement for Jon Corzine's United States Senate seat after Corzine's November 2005 gubernatorial victory, Bob Menendez was eventually chosen by Corzine to fill the vacancy.
Siza was conferred the title of Honoris Causa Doctor by the following universities: Polytechnic University of Valencia ; École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ; University of Palermo ; University Menendez Pelayo, in Santander ; Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima, Peru ; University of Coimbra ; Lusíada University of Porto ; Universidade Federal de Paraíba ; the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Pollo delle Scienze e delle Tecnologie, in Naple ; the University of Architecture and Urbanism of Bucharest “ Ion Mincu ”, Romania ( 2005 ); and the University of Engineering in Pavia, Italy ( 2007 ).

Menendez and Make
* Make It Real ( written and produced by Rita Quintero, Albert Menendez, and Ricardo Suarez )

Menendez and Erik
* July 2 – Lyle and Erik Menendez are sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
** In Beverly Hills, California, Lyle and Erik Menendez shoot their wealthy parents to death in the family's den.
In August 1989, brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez shot and killed their parents in their home in Beverly Hills, California.
* Erik Menendez
* Erik Menendez
Mug shots of Lyle and Erik Menendez
Joseph Lyle Menendez ( born January 10, 1968 ) and Erik Galen Menendez ( born November 27, 1970 ) are brothers who are known for their conviction in a highly publicized trial for the shotgun murders in 1989 of their wealthy parents, entertainment executive Jose Menendez and his wife Mary " Kitty " Menendez ( née Anderson ), residents of Beverly Hills, California.
The Menendez brothers grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, where their father was a corporate executive and their mother was a school teacher who quit her job to be a homemaker after Erik was born.
On July 2, 1996, Judge Weisberg sentenced Lyle and Erik Menendez to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Of note, during the penalty phase of the murder trial for Erik and Lyle Menendez, defense lawyer Leslie Abramson allegedly ordered a defense witness, Dr. William Vicary, to alter his notes.
The facility houses Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, convicted murderer Erik Menendez, rap performer X-Raided and formerly Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member Flesh-N-Bone as well as Hans Reiser, the primary developer of the ReiserFS and Reiser4 computer filesystems, and convicted murderer.
* Erik Menendez-Convicted with his brother, Lyle, of killing their parents, Jose and Kitty Menendez.
Jose Menendez was a member of the Board of Directors of Carolco until August 1989, when he and his wife were murdered by their sons Lyle and Erik Menendez.

Menendez and California
As had been done during their pretrial detention, the California Department of Corrections separated the Menendez brothers, sending them to different prisons.
* Lyle and Erik Menendez ( born 1971 ), convicted for the shotgun murders in 1989 of their parents in Beverly Hills, California

Menendez and ISBN
* Davis, Don ( 1994 ) Bad Blood: The Shocking True Story Behind the Menendez Killings St. Martin, New York, ISBN 0-312-95334-8
* Soble, Ronald L. and Johnson, John ( 1994 ) Blood Brothers: The Inside Story of the Menendez Murders Onyx, New York, ISBN 0-451-40547-1

Tammi and 2005
" In an interview with ABC News in October 2005, Erik's wife Tammi stated that her relationship with Erik, her husband of six years, is " something that I've dreamed about for a long time.
My Sister Tommie: the Real Tammi Terrell ( 2005, ISBN 1-904408-16-8 )

Tammi and They
They also appeared as backing vocalists on these following recordings and singles for Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell:

Tammi and d
** Tammi Terrell, American soul singer ( d. 1970 )

Tammi and My
" If I Could Build My Whole World Around You " is a popular song recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1967 and released in December 1967.

Tammi and Erik
In June 1999, Erik, then 28, married Tammi Ruth Saccoman, 37, at Folsom State Prison in a prison waiting room.
" Tammi also noted that she and her 10-year-old daughter drive the 150 miles every weekend to see Erik, whom her daughter refers to as her " Earth Dad.
Regarding his sentence of life without parole, Erik has stated: " Tammi is what gets me through.

Tammi and ISBN
* Finnish: Islamin kahdet kasvot, Tammi ( paperback ), 2004, ISBN 951-31-3076-2, translated by Tiina Sjelvgren

2005 and They
They arrived at the South Pole on the 12th of December 2005.
They released a concert DVD in 2004 on Hydra Records, played the Viper Room in West Hollywood in 2005, and performed at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater in Branson, Missouri in 2006-07.
They were reduced to around 65, 000 in 11 combat brigades and the Air Force in 1997, to 63, 601 in 1999, and to 35, 000 in 2005.
They have three children: Constanze ( 1971 ), Veronica ( 1977 ), Dominic ( 1980 ) and five grandchildren: Johannes ( 1999 ), Benedikt ( 2001 ), Theresa Marie ( 2005 ), Ferdinand ( 2009 ) and another grandson ( 2011 ).
They are France ( 1989 ), Spain ( 1996 ), Romania ( 1997 ), Italy ( 2004 ) and Belgium ( 2005 ).
They released it again in 2005 as part of the Godzilla Final Box DVD set, and again in 2010 as part of the Toho Tokusatsu DVD Collection.
They did begin dating after Brooks's divorce, and married on December 10, 2005, at their home in Oklahoma, marking the second marriage for Brooks and the third for Yearwood.
They had no children and divorced in 2005.
They conduct a randomized control trial just prior to the November 2005 gubernatorial election in Virginia and randomly assign individuals in Northern Virginia to ( a ) a treatment group that receives a free subscription to the Washington Post, ( b ) a treatment group that receives a free subscription to the Washington Times, or ( c ) a control group.
They are directly based on the EU directives 91 / 308 / EEC, 2001 / 97 / EC and 2005 / 60 / EC.
They have two sons, Arin ( born in March 2003 ) and Raayan ( born in March 2005 ).
They wore a 35 years patch in 1995, 40 years in 2000 and 45 years in 2005.
They later released Insen ( 2005 ) – while produced in a similar manner to Vrioon, this album is somewhat more restrained and minimalist.
They won the NFC Championship Game in 2005, and went on to lose in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers ( though it was not without controversy as NFL Films has Super Bowl XL at number 8 on its top ten list of controversial calls ).
They work as a single group within the House of Commons, and were involved in joint campaigning during the 2005 General Election campaign.
Staind appeared on The Howard Stern Show on August 10, 2005, to promote their new album Chapter V. They performed acoustic renditions of the single " Right Here " and Beetlejuice's song " This is Beetle ".
They won back-to-back Governors ' Cup championships in 2005 and 2006.
They Might Be Giants perform a free show at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA on March 25, 2005
Since December 2005, They Might Be Giants have been making podcasts on a monthly, sometimes bi-monthly, basis.
They participate in the NCAA's Division III and in the North Coast Athletic Conference, where they are currently back-to-back-to-back-to-back ( 2005 – 2008 ) NCAC football champions.
Tharp opened a new show titled The Times They Are a-Changin ', to the music of Bob Dylan in 2005 at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego.
They were fairly cosmopolitan by Athenian standards, including women and slaves, and were probably vegetarians ( Stevenson 2005 ).
They amassed a comparatively astronomical total of 7 points following the debacle of the 2005 United States Grand Prix, in which they finished fifth and sixth ( of six runners ) respectively.
They won a Grammy Award in 1999 in the Best Polka Album category for their album Polkasonic, and again in 2005 for their album Let's Kiss.
* They wrote and performed the theme song for the 2005 series " ESPN Bowling Night ".

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