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Method and apparatus
*, Method of and apparatus for a multi-stage boundary layer engine and process cell, Hicks ( December 13, 2005 )
" Method and apparatus for altering a region in the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and / or magnetosphere ",.
See also patent, Method and apparatus for producing digital images having extended dynamic ranges.
See also patent, Method and apparatus for relating and combining multiple images of the same scene or object ( s ).
In 1934 Coandă obtained a patent in France for a " Method and apparatus for deviation of a fluid into another fluid ".
* Wolff et al .,, Method and apparatus for sensing proximity of an object using near-field effects
* Method and apparatus for architecture independent executable files ( Google patents )
*: Method and apparatus for image acquisition utilizing a hollow shaft motor and a concave, cylindrical reflector
*: Method and apparatus for image acquisition utilizing a concave, cylindrical reflector
* Langmuir,, " Method of and apparatus for controlling X-ray tubes
The patent was then accepted in the US gaining the patent number US 1745175 entitled “ Method and apparatus for controlling electric current .” In March 28, 1928 he filed for another patent in the US.
* Acceris: Method and apparatus for implementing a computer network / internet telephone system
*, " Method and apparatus for single line electrical transmission ".
*, " Method and apparatus for launching a surfacewave onto a single conductor transmission line using a slotted flared cone ".
Lincoln National is the owner of,Method and apparatus for providing retirement income benefits ”.
A French naval officer in the early 1900s, Hébert developed his own method of physical education, apparatus, and principles to train in what he called the “ Natural Method ,” which included the development of physical, moral, and “ virile ” qualities in an outdoor environment.
* US Patent 4584640 Method and apparatus for a compare and swap instruction
Upon his return to France, Hébert became a physical instructor for the French marines in Lorient, where he began to define the principles of his own system of physical education and to create apparatus and exercises to teach his " Natural Method ".
*-G. Plauson-" Method of carrying out electrochemical reactions and apparatus for the use therein "
*, Method and apparatus utilizing valve throttling and charge stratification in the operation of an internal combustion engine, February 16, 1988
Parkinson, U. S. Patent 6, 732, 024,Method and apparatus for vehicle control, navigation and positioning "
* " Method and apparatus for detection of reciprocal interests or feelings and subsequent notification ", 7 September 1999.

Method and for
Analytic geometry has traditionally been attributed to René Descartes Descartes made significant progress with the methods in an essay entitled La Geometrie ( Geometry ), one of the three accompanying essays ( appendices ) published in 1637 together with his Discourse on the Method for Rightly Directing One's Reason and Searching for Truth in the Sciences, commonly referred to as Discourse on Method.
In 1730, he published the ( New Method for Determining the Distance from the Sun to the Earth ).
The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Baekeland a patent for a " Method of making insoluble products of phenol and formaldehyde " on December 7, 1909.
" Casuistry: A Case-Based Method for Journalists.
Modern Casuistry: An Essential But Incomplete Method for Clinical Ethical Decision-Making.
Casuistry and the Quest for Rhetorical Reason: Conceptualizing a Method of Shared Moral Inquiry ( Diss., U of Washington ).
* Open-source Pinyin Chinese Input Method Editor: A free and open-source JavaScript jQuery plugin for web developers to build the pinyin input-method functionality into their own websites, supporting input for both simplified and traditional characters.
In 1892 he received patents in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and filed in the United States for " Method of and Apparatus for Converting Heat into Work ".
* Alfred Tarski ( 1951 ) A Decision Method for Elementary Algebra and Geometry.
Method for the Harp.
Dennis R. Hoagland and Daniel I. Arnon wrote a classic 1938 agricultural bulletin, The Water Culture Method for Growing Plants Without Soil, debunking the exaggerated claims made about hydroponics.
* Indexed Sequential Access Method ( ISAM ), a method for indexing data for fast retrieval
* Search for a Method / Question de méthode ( 1957 )
Many leading scientists including Newton and Huygens doubted that such a clock could ever be built and had more optimism for astronomical observations ( such as the Method of Lunar Distances ).
Chris Peters was the studio guitarist for The Polyfuze Method and Fire It Up.
* Luxol Fast Blue: Modified Kluver's Method to stain for Myelin Sheath
" Madness in Method Plus a Plea for Projective Inversion in Myth ".
In 1880 Edison obtained a further patent, US 224, 665: " Method of Preparing Autographic Stencils for Printing ", which covered the making of stencils using a file plate, a grooved metal plate on which the stencil was placed which perforated the stencil when written on with a blunt metal stylus.
The degree of chalking can be assessed according to International Standard ISO 4628 Part 6 or 7 or American Society of Testing and Materials ( ASTM ) Method D4214 ( Standard Test Methods for Evaluating the Degree of Chalking of Exterior Paint Films ).

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