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Michael and Dutton
The driver of the other car was her close friend and classmate Michael Dutton Douglas.
** Laura Welch ( later Bush ) causes a car accident that results in the death of Michael Dutton Douglas in her hometown of Midland, Texas.
* Michael J. Dutton assistant
* Michael Dutton Douglas ( 1945 1963 ), road accident victim
* On Saturday, February 5, 2005, in a Week 2 home game against their division rival, the Grand Rapids Rampage, Quarterback John Dutton would throw a franchise-best eight touchdowns in a 72-56 win, yet this was overshadowed by Rampage Quarterback Michael Bishop becoming the very first player in AFL history to run for 100 yards in a single game.
In 1997 the Vocalion brand was brought back for a new series of compact discs produced by Michael Dutton of Dutton Laboratories of Watford, England.
Cover art was by Henry Higginbotham, with interior art by Glen Angus, Daren Bader, Thomas Baxa, Matt Cavotta, Dennis Cramer, David Day, Brian Despain, Tony DiTerlizzi, Michael Dutton, Jeff Easley, Emily Fiegenschuh, Donato Giancola, Lars Grant-West, Rebecca Guay, Quinton Hoover, Jeremy Jarvis, Alton Lawson, Todd Lockwood, Raven Mimura, Matthew Mitchell, Vinod Rams, Wayne Reynolds, David Roach, Scott Roller, Richard Sardinha, Marc Sasso, Brian Snoddy, Anthony Waters, and Sam Wood.
Emmys went to John Larroquette, Edward Herrmann, James Whitmore, Beah Richards, Michael Emerson, Charles S. Dutton, Alfre Woodard, Sharon Stone, and William Shatner.
With Rick Dutton, Walter Freitag, and Michael Massimilla he created Star Saga: One-Beyond The Boundary & Star Saga: Two-The Clathran Menace, in 1988 and 1989 respectively.
* Laura Welch ( later Bush ), future First Lady of the United States, causes a car accident that results in the death of Michael Dutton Douglas in her hometown of Midland, Texas.
* Michael Bar-Zohar, Bitter Scent: The Case of L ' Oréal, Nazis, and the Arab Boycott, Dutton Books, London, 1996, pp. 264.
Cover art is by Arnie Swekel, with interior art by Daren Bader, Brom, David Day, Brian Despain, Larry Dixon, Michael Dutton, Jeff Easley, Lars Grant-West, Rebecca Guay, Jeremy Jarvis, Alton Lawson, Todd Lockwood, David Martin, Raven Mimura, Matthew Mitchell, Vinod Rams, Wayne Reynolds, Darrell Riche, Richard Sardinha, Marc Sasso, Mark Smylie, Arnie Swekel, and Anthony Waters.
* Michael Bar-Zohar, Bitter Scent: The Case of L ' Oréal, Nazis, and the Arab Boycott, Dutton Books, London, 1996, pp. 264.
* Michael Bar-Zohar, Bitter Scent: The Case of L ' Oréal, Nazis, and the Arab Boycott ( London, Dutton Books: 1996 ) p. 264.
Wayne was also noted for his portrayal of Dr. Charles Dutton in the 1971 film version of Michael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain.
Marshall, Laurence Fishburne, Lauren Tom, Patricia Clarkson, Jennifer Grey, Laurie Metcalf, Oliver Platt, Patricia Richardson, William H. Macy, Robin Curtis, Steve Buscemi, Roma Maffia, Olympia Dukakis, Michael Moriarty, Chris Cooper, Michael Rooker, David Strathairn, Charles S. Dutton, Cynthia Nixon, Bruce Payne, Laura San Giacomo, Kasi Lemmons, Al Leong, Ving Rhames, Amanda Plummer, Daniel Davis, Jon Polito, Jasmine Guy, Mark Linn-Baker, Meat Loaf, Lori Loughlin, Michael Wincott, Tony Shalhoub, Anthony Zerbe, and Stanley Tucci.
He is married to Jennifer Dutton, a grand-daughter of Michael Madhusudan Dutt.
* Michael Dutton from 1984 2009
Jennifer is daughter of Michael Dutton and Ruby Myrtle Nyss of Calcutta and great granddaughter of Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt.
Dutton was made a Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George ( CMG ) in 1872.

Michael and Douglas
Among many roles in his career, Arau has played " Captain Herrera ", a lieutenant of Federal general " Mapache ", in Sam Peckinpah's 1969 western, The Wild Bunch, chief bandit " El Guapo " in Three Amigos ( USA, 1986 ), a comedy with Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Chevy Chase, and the smuggler " Juan " in Romancing the Stone which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.
Later interpreters include Douglas and Helen Kennedy, Pat Shaw, Tom Cook, Ken Sheffield, Charles Bolton, Michael Barraclough, Colin Hume and Andrew Shaw.
When Michael Heseltine challenged Margaret Thatcher's leadership of the Conservative Party in November 1990, Major and Douglas Hurd were her proposer and seconder on her nomination papers.
* The 2003 novel Fox at the Front by Douglas Niles and Michael Dobson depicts Philby selling secrets to the Soviet Union during the alternate Battle of the Bulge where German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel turns on the Nazis and assists the Allies in capturing all of Berlin.
Scott made Someone to Watch Over Me, a romantic thriller starring Tom Berenger and Mimi Rogers in 1987, and Black Rain ( 1989 ), a police drama starring Michael Douglas and Andy García, shot partially in Japan.
He met privately with Michael Bloomberg for 10 minutes, then met with CEO's, including Douglas N. Daft ( Coca-Cola Company ), Gerald M. Levin ( AOL Time Warner Inc .), Maurice R. Greenberg ( American International Group, commercial insurer ), and Dean O ' Hare ( Chubb Corporation, insurer ).
While the first person to first introduce the Twin-tip to Salomon was famous Freeskier " Michael Douglas ".
In the 1983 movie The Star Chamber, Michael Douglas, playing an idealistic Los Angeles Superior Court judge frustrated about having to free obviously guilty criminals merely because of legal technicalities, learns from his mentor about a secret cabal of judges — a Star Chamber — that metes out its own brand of justice against those it determines have wrongly been set free.
The group has disparate views of social policy: Thatcher herself was socially conservative and a practising Methodist but the free-market wing in the Conservative Party harbour a range of social opinions from the civil libertarian views of Michael Portillo, Daniel Hannan, Douglas Carswell and David Davis to the traditional conservatism of William Hague.
* Outside the genre of science fiction, 1994's Disclosure, starring Michael Douglas ( based on the Michael Crichton's novel ) depicts a VR headset being used as a navigation device for a prototype computer file system.
* Michael Douglas
Oz's trials in dealing with a power he cannot control is, according to authors J. Michael Richardson and J. Douglas Rabb, a model for Willow to reference when she encounters her own attraction to evil.
* Richardson, J. Michael ; Rabb, J. Douglas ( 2007 ).
* 1987: Con Onor Muore was played during a scene in the erotic thriller Fatal Attraction, in which Dan Gallagher ( Michael Douglas ) tells Alex Forrest ( Glenn Close ) the childhood memory of his father taking him to see the opera.
" In 1950, Michael Curtiz directed the film Young Man with a Horn, starring Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, and Doris Day.
That role went to Michael Douglas.
Past recipients of the UCLA Spencer Tracy Award include James Stewart, Michael Douglas, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Kirk Douglas and Morgan Freeman.
Much of the on-campus scenes in the 2000 film Wonder Boys, starring Michael Douglas and Tobey Maguire, were filmed in Carnegie Mellon's campus.
* Basic Instinct, a 1992 erotic thriller by Paul Verhoeven, starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone
William Allingham Henry C. Beeching Oliver Madox Brown Olive Custance John Davidson Austin Dobson Lord Alfred Douglas Evelyn Douglas Edward Dowden Ernest Dowson Michael Field Norman Gale Edmund Gosse John Gray William Ernest Henley Gerard Manley Hopkins Herbert P. Horne Lionel Johnson Andrew Lang Eugene Lee-Hamilton Maurice Hewlett Edward Cracroft Lefroy Arran and Isla Leigh Amy Levy John William Mackail Digby Mackworth Dolben Fiona MacLeod Frank T. Marzials Théophile Julius Henry Marzials George Meredith Alice Meynell Cosmo Monkhouse George Moore William Morris Frederick W. H. Myers Roden Noël John Payne Victor Plarr A. Mary F. Robinson William Caldwell Roscoe Christina Rossetti Dante Gabriel Rossetti Algernon Charles Swinburne John Addington Symonds Arthur Symons Rachel Annand Taylor Francis Thompson John Todhunter Herbert Trench John Leicester Warren, Lord de Tabley Rosamund Marriott Watson Theodore Watts-Dunton Oscar Wilde Margaret L. Woods Theodore Wratislaw W. B. Yeats

Michael and 1945
* 1945 Michael J. Smith, American astronaut ( d. 1986 )
* 1945 Michael Nouri, American actor
* 1945 Michael Nader, American actor
* 1945 Princess Michael of Kent, British royal
* 1945 Michael Dorris, American author ( d. 1997 )
* 1945 Michael Cole, American actor
* 1945 Michael Ancram, English politician
Michael Edward Reagan ( born March 18, 1945 ) is the adopted son of former President Ronald Reagan and his first wife, Jane Wyman.
* 1945 Michael Hayden, American Air Force General and CIA director
* 1945 Michael Reagan, American radio host ; adopted son of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman
Nancy Reagan also became stepmother to Maureen Reagan ( 1941 2001 ) and Michael Reagan ( born 1945 ), the children of her husband's first marriage to Jane Wyman.
* Thomsett, Michael C. The German Opposition to Hitler: The Resistance, the Underground, and Assassination Plots, 1938 1945 ( 2nd ed 2007 ) 278 pages
* 1945 1959 Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA-Master planned site and led the design for at least 8 of the approx.
** Michael Strank, U. S. Marine flag raiser on Iwo Jima ( d. 1945 )
** Michael J. Smith, American astronaut ( b. 1945 )
George Michael " Micky " Dolenz, Jr. ( born March 8, 1945 ) is an American actor, musician, television director, radio personality and theater director, best known as the drummer and lead vocalist of the 1960s made-for-television band The Monkees.
* Michael Alfred Peszke, Poland's Navy, 1918 1945, Hippocrene Books, 1999, ISBN 978-0-7818-0672-5.
* von Flocken, Jan and Klonovsky, Michael: Stalins Lager in Deutschland 1945 1950.
Michael Foot, as the only remaining MP from the 1945 election between 1987 and 1992, was never Father of the House because he was out of Parliament between 1955 and a by-election in 1960.
Michael Foot and Ian Mikardo also remained of the 1945 intake, but Michael Foot had been out of the House from 1955 to 1960 and Mikardo from 1959 to 1964.
* Saunders, Hilary St. George, The Red Beret The Story Of The Parachute Regiment 1940 1945, Michael Joseph Ltd, 1954
** Michael John Sheridan ( born 1945 ), Bishop of Colorado Springs
* A Diary for Timothy ( 1945 ) ( directed by Humphrey Jennings, spoken by Michael Redgrave )
* Burns, Michael Dreyfus: a family affair 1789 1945 ( 1991 ), Harpercollins.

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