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Miners and Falls
The Munising area has many waterfalls including Alger Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Memorial Falls, Munising Falls, Miners Falls, Scott Falls, Tannery Falls and Wagner Falls.
* Interagency Visitor Center, Munising Falls Interpretive Center, and Miners Castle Information Station in Munising
* Miners River, including Miners Lake and Miners Falls.
* Miners Falls — This self-guiding interpretive trail passes Miners Basin and ends at Miners Falls.
Miners Falls
The township also includes the smaller communities of Blairhampton, Brady Lake, Buller, Carnarvon, Deep Bay, Dutch Line, Gelert, Hindon Hill ( ghost town ), Howland, Ingoldsby, Irondale, Kilcoo Harbour, Lochlin, Lutterworth, Miners Bay, Moore Falls and Pine Springs.

Miners and trail
Miners who later went on to Denver followed the South Platte River trail into Colorado.
* All Miners Castle overlooks ( however, the lower overlook trail includes stairs and is steep )

Falls and interpretive
The site is preserved in the Chippawa Battlefield Park, a unit of the Niagara Parks Commission, with a battle monument and interpretive plaques south of Niagara Falls in the town of Chippawa, Ontario.
* Falls of the Ohio State Park — features an interpretive center which covers human history in the Louisville area, from pre-settlement all the way up through the 20th century.
Prominent among these locations include the Filson, Portland Museum, Historic Locust Grove, Falls of the Ohio State Park interpretive center ( Clarksville, Indiana ), Howard Steamboat Museum ( Jeffersonville, Indiana ), Carnegie Center for Art & History ( New Albany, Indiana ), and the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History ( Frankfort ).

Falls and trail
West of Fort Hall the main trail traveled about on the south side of the Snake River southwest past American Falls, Massacre Rocks, Register Rock, and Coldwater Hill near present-day Pocatello, Idaho.
Another possible crossing was a few miles upstream of Salmon Falls where some intrepid travelers floated their wagons and swam their stock across to join the north side trail.
The trail climbs past Vernal and Nevada Falls, then continues into Little Yosemite Valley, then north to the base of the northeast ridge of Half Dome itself.
The only trail bridging the Genesee River across Portage Canyon crosses a stone bridge just below the Lower Falls.
* Crabtree Falls: The longest waterfall east of the Mississippi River, the falls trails lead hikers along a 1. 7 mile trail with beautiful views of five cascades of the Crabtree Falls.
There is a 2 km walking trail upstream that leads to the base of Davies Creek Falls.
It is the nearest town to Hualapai Hilltop, which is the trailhead from which hikers descend the, 3, 000 vertical foot ( 900 m ) trail to the town of Supai, Arizona, from which the renowned Havasu Falls and three other waterfalls can be visited.
The first people of European ancestry to visit the Twin Falls area are believed to be members of a group led by Wilson Price Hunt, which attempted to blaze an all-water trail westward from St. Louis, Missouri, to Astoria, Oregon, in 1811 and 1812.
-visitor and cultural center, 3 / 4 mile walking trail along Pipestone Creek and Winnewissa Falls set in the tallgrass prairie.
Jackson is one of the region's most picturesque villages, famous in part for Jackson Falls and Jackson X-C, a 150 + kilometer cross-country skiing trail system, rated one of the best in the world.
Davis had erected in a rock on the trail to Bridal Veil Falls a plaque to commemorate Farnsworth, in which was inscribed the words " The Keeper of Stray Ladies ," although Davis did not include her name in the plaque.
Roaring Brook Falls, on the Giant Mountain trail, near St. Huberts
* Lampson Falls – A gorgeous collection of waterfalls down a nice trail right on 27.
In 1686, the Provincial Council ordered the construction of the King's Highway, which ran from Philadelphia to Trenton along an existing Indian trail, through Bristol, Falls, and Morrisville.
Several vantage points for the cascades are found along the Yosemite Falls trail.
The area around the falls is designated the St. Anthony Falls Historic District and features a 1. 8 mile self-guided walking trail with signs explaining the area's past.
Niagara Falls, by far the most famous watercourse in the area, can be reached by a side trail of the Bruce Trail proper.
The trail begins in the south in Queenston, Ontario, on the Niagara River, not far from Niagara Falls.
The trail passes by Wren Falls in Iron County, Wisconsin
Another trail to the foot of the Tugela Falls starts at Royal Natal National Park.
* Tokopah Falls The trail to Tokopah Falls starts just beyond the Marble Fork Bridge in Lodgepole Campground.
At the end of the Kinney Lake flats the trail starts climbing up to the Valley of a Thousand Falls.
Over the next few kilometres, the trail passes White Falls, Falls-of-the-Pool and Emporer Falls.

interpretive and trail
* Sams Walker Day Use Site offers an interpretive trail, access to the Columbia River, and opportunities to view wildlife.
The park contains a kiosk, paved trail, interpretive signage, a cabin reconstruction, and a picnic area.
Along the trail are interpretive signs that
An interpretive historical trail, named the Trail Through Time, also overlays the trail system and stops at various farms, cellars and mills.
There is a small car park and a clearly marked and signposted battlefield trail with interpretive boards which make it easy to visualise the battle.
A 1. 3 km trail features a recreated logging camp, a steam-powered amphibious tug called an " alligator ", logging equipment and interpretive panels about logging industry activities in the park.
A small garden with interpretive native plant signs is at the entrance to the trail.
AMIA also funds projects including: habitat conservation and restoration work, trail accessibility construction and maintenance, providing interpretive displays and written information, facilities and historical objects rehabilitation, and acquiring interpretive items.
An interpretive trail guide to the natural features of Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.
SPGA runs a regular recreational and interpretive hikes on the Giant and volunteer trail maintenance programs.
Other than a few picnic tables, the only feature between Arch Rock and mile 3 is the Lake Shore Nature Trail, a short interpretive trail on the inland side of the road.
The Bureau of Land Management has restored roofs to rows of single-miner's quarters, established an interpretive trail for visitors to Swansea, and is engaged in efforts to shore up other structures.
The Hickison Petroglyph Recreational Area, located 28 miles east of Austin, features a short interpretive trail where visitors can see ancient drawings carved into the rocks.
In return for these fees, both countries have full-time trail maintenance crews, ranger / warden stations, well-designed campgrounds, and have placed numerous interpretive signs adjacent to notable historical sites and objects.
The Northland Loop Trail is a 0. 3 mile interpretive trail just south of Red Creek Campground on FS Rt 75 which accesses Alder Run Bog a typical, and much studied, " northern bog " or " southern muskeg ".
The heavily wooded park features a small interpretive display and a shady trail.
) interpretive trail that twists through a stand of old-growth western red cedar and hemlock trees, some more than 800 years old.
) interpretive trail that leads through valley bottom rainforest and fragile wetlands inhabited by muskrats, beavers, bears and the strange skunk cabbage plant.
This section of the Wilderness Road is now a hiking trail, including an interpretive center about the road's history located on the Tennessee side.
A lakeside interpretive trail has 18 panels which discuss the natural and cultural resources in the local area.
The Friends play a key role in many special events, including the annual Candlelight Ski, annual campout, trail construction and interpretive presentations.

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