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Moral and rights
He won on a platform calling for a " Moral Revolution ," making active efforts to prosecute corruption and pursued those responsible for alleged human rights abuses in the 1980s.
" Same-Sex Marriage: An Issue of Constitutional rights not Moral Opinions.
These were Lily Tomlin, a gay actress and comedian ; Peter Tatchell, a world-renowned gay rights campaigner ; Don Baxter, Executive Director of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations at that time ; Bev Lange, Chief Executive Officer of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation at the time, a former President of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and a former co-chair of the Sydney Gay Games ; Lex Watson and Sue Wills, Campaign Against Moral Prosecution's ( CAMP ) first Co-Presidents ; and Hannah Williams and Savannah Supski, who had recently protested against the ban against same-sex couples at Hannah's Melbourne school formal.
* Moral rights became the unalienable part of the rights every author was entitled to.
Moral rights are usually considered to be a matter for the national laws of the Member States, although some countries classify some of the above rights, especially the right of communication to the public, among the moral rights of the author rather than under his rights of exploitation.
Moral rights are rights of creators of copyrighted works generally recognized in civil law jurisdictions and, to a lesser extent, in some common law jurisdictions.
Moral rights are distinct from any economic rights tied to copyrights.
Moral rights were first recognized in France and Germany, before they were included in the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works in 1928.
Moral harassment occurs when en employee is subjected to acts which may result in a deterioration of his / her conditions of employment or undermine his / her rights and dignity as well as affect his / her physical or moral health.
In his book, Making Men Moral, George argues for the promotion of virtue as the end of law and against the contrary view that the purpose of law is the protection of rights.
Moral rights --
* 10 – In the United States, advocacy group Moral Majority announces a $ 3 million fund to fight against gay rights advances.
After the 16 May 1877 crisis and the fall of the Ordre Moral government led by Marshall MacMahon, the Republicans voted Jules Ferry's 1880 laws on free education ( 1881 ) and mandatory and laic education ( 1882 ), which Catholics felt was a gross violation of their rights.
Moral rights can only be waived.
Moral rights were originally raised in the Berne Convention and was later incorporated into the Copyright Act.
Moral rights allows the author of the work to determine how the work is being used and what the work is being associated to.
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