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Most and monocots
Most monocots ( e. g. grasses and palms ) and many dicots ( e. g. Brazil nut and castor bean ) have albuminous seeds.
Most common in monocots.

Most and are
Most of them are Democrats and nearly all consider themselves, and are viewed as, liberals.
Most assuredly ideas are invaluable.
Most students of literature, whether they call themselves scholars or critics, are ready to argue that it is possible to understand literary works as well as to enjoy them.
Most women, in this age of freezers, shop for the entire week on week-ends, when prices are lower.
Most Juniors who were entered in the Finals are seasoned campaigners and not only show and win in Junior Classes but score in the Breed Classes as well.
Most beakers are graduated in cubic centimeters ( cc. ), making it necessary to convert the result to cubic inches.
Most seams are sewn with backstitch, especially on curved, slanted or loose edges.
Most floor battens are glued and screwed to the flooring.
Most of the data used are from Groth's Chemische Krystallographie.
Most manufacturers also seem to be concentrating on formulating fire-resistant or self-extinguishing grades of urethane foam that are aimed specifically at the burgeoning building markets.
Most other desserts are fruit in some form, fresh fruits once daily at least, sometimes at snack time.
The general board declared: `` Most of the Protestant churches hold contraception and periodic continence to be morally right when the motives are right.
1 ) Most of the legends that are created to fan the fires of patriotism are essentially propagandistic and are not folk legends at all.
Most Jewish mothers are determined to exercise vigilance over the social and sexual lives of their daughters by keeping them home.
Most members of the U.S. Senate, because they are human, like to eat as high on the hog as they can.
Most library budgets are hopelessly inadequate.
Most of these former churches are now used as warehouses, but `` neither Anglicans nor Nonconformists object to selling churches to Roman Catholics '', and have done so.
Most of the female faces are new, or at least not too familiar.
Most references to " amoebas " or " amoebae " are to amoeboids in general rather than to the specific genus Amoeba.
Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, though they support many additional characters.
Most have four limbs and live in fresh water or on land but the caecilians, though included in the group, live in burrows in damp soil and are limbless.
Most salamanders are under long.

Most and unable
Most companies had their software on the books for 0 dollars, unable to claim it as an asset ( this is similar to financing of popular music in those days ).
Most continuities state that the Kents had been unable to have biological children.
Most studies have been unable to demonstrate any link to health effects, or have been inconclusive.
Most felids are unable to taste sweetness due to a mutated gene in their taste buds.
Most halophiles are unable to survive outside their high-salt native environment.
Most of their army were footmen, and unable to continue further without rest, and even the mounted troops were weary.
Most are unable to walk well on land, and many species visit their remote breeding islands only at night.
Most of the cooperatives had problems competing with technologically advanced foreign competition and were unable to obtain investment to improve their situation.
Similarly, the in-house band was unable to use the name " The World's Most Dangerous Band " so they instead called themselves the CBS Orchestra starring Paul Shaffer.
Most people with tinnitus have some degree of hearing loss, in that they are often unable to hear clearly external sounds that occur within the same range of frequencies as their " phantom sounds ".
Most of Eric XIV's reign was then dominated by the Livonian War and the Scandinavian Seven Years ' War against Denmark ( 1563 – 70 ), during which he successfully repelled most Danish attempts at conquest, but was unable to keep his own conquests.
Most went on the official evacuation boats sent by Great Britain, some however decided to make their own way, mostly via Guernsey, but due to the impending occupation many found themselves unable to leave and were forced to stay on Guernsey for the duration of the war.
Most of these bands rapidly moved on from recording and performing American standards to writing and recording their own music, often leaving their R & B roots behind, but enabling several to enjoy sustained careers that were not open to most of the more pop-oriented beat groups of the first wave of the invasion, who ( with the major exception of the Beatles ) were unable to write their own material or adapt to changes in the musical climate.
Most manufacturers who bid on the Acela were unable to meet these requirements, bringing up cost and complication for the manufacture of the trains, and requiring manufacturers to make significant engineering changes to its standard designs.
Most defendants are unable to pay for such testimony ; as such, qualified experts tend to provide advocating testimony only in those cases in which the defendant is wealthy or is supported by public interest groups.
Most homeowners would be unable to collect damages that compensate them for replacing the pipes, but rather would be awarded damages that compensate them for the loss of value in the house.
Most of his most famous subjects, such as Heath and Wilson, retired from public life or died and he was unable to master new prominent figures, most significantly, the country's first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher ( she was played on his show by Janet Brown ).
Most horses will physically be unable to jump extremely high fences ( such as those seen in Grand Prix show jumping or puissance classes ) without collection, as they will not have enough power to make it over the obstacle.
Most of the remaining Jews in Eastern and Central Europe were destitute refugees who were unable or unwilling to return to countries that became Soviet puppet states, or countries they felt had betrayed them to the Nazis.
Most Californios could not afford the legal expenses to claim their lands, which were thus lost to wealthy Americans and the flood of immigrants, beginning with the Gold Rush, which left the Californios outnumbered and unable to protect their political power.
Most of the Spanish-speaking landowners lived on grants made to their families 70 or more years previously and were unable to produce any paperwork.
Most regular starting pitchers pitch for at least five innings on a regular basis, and if a pitcher is unable to do so, there is a high probability that he will, in the future, be relegated to duty in the bullpen.
Most recommender systems are unable to discover this latent association and thus treat these products differently.
Most such patients, when briefly shown a picture on the right side of the point of visual fixation, are able to describe it verbally, but when the picture is shown on the left, are unable to describe it, but may be able to give an indication with the left hand of the nature of the object shown.

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