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Mr and .
* Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library
* Mr. Fix-It ( 1918 )
Performed thousands of times in recent years, Mr. Dragon's arrangement has been played for state occasions such as the memorial services for Presidents Ford and Reagan and at tribute concerts for events such as the Oklahoma City bombing and 9 / 11.
Walt Disney and a staff of Imagineers created Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln that debuted at the 1964 New York World's Fair.
An important formative influence was his elementary school teacher Mr Tachikawa, whose progressive educational practices ignited in his young pupil first a love of drawing and then an interest in education in general.
Milne had met Howard when the actor starred in Milne ’ s play Mr Pim Passes By in London.
* Mr. Pim ( 1921 ) ( A novelisation of his play Mr. Pim Passes By ( 1919 ))
* Mr. Pim Passes By ( 1919 )
For example, in the first editions of the collection The Mysterious Mr Quin ( 1930 ), in the short story " The Soul of the Croupier ," she described " Hebraic men with hook-noses wearing rather flamboyant jewellery "; in later editions the passage was edited to describe " sallow men " wearing same.
But we nailed him in Antwerp – thanks to Mr. Poirot here.
It could be suggested that in Murder on the Orient Express Poirot allows the murderers to escape justice as well, after he discovers that twelve different people stabbed the victim – Mr. Ratchett – in his sleep.
In the growing drug and pop culture of the sixties, he proves himself once again, but has become heavily reliant on other investigators ( especially the private investigator, Mr. Goby ) who provide him with the clues that he can no longer gather for himself.
* José Ferrer, Hercule Poirot ( 1961 ; Unaired TV Pilot, MGM ; adaptation of " The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim ")
* Martin Gabel, General Electric Theater ( 4 / 1 / 1962 ; adaptation of " The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim ")
There have been a number of radio adaptations of the Poirot stories, most recently twenty seven of them on BBC Radio 4 ( and regularly repeated on BBC 7 ), starring John Moffatt ( Maurice Denham and Peter Sallis have also played Poirot on BBC Radio 4, Mr. Denham in The Mystery of the Blue Train and Mr. Sallis in Hercule Poirot's Christmas ).

Mr and Edward
Eyewitness Lieutenant Edward Doherty, the officer in charge of the soldiers who captured Booth and Herold, stated that " the bullet struck Booth in the back of the head, about an inch below the spot where his shot had entered the head of Mr. Lincoln.
The other judges were John Toohey QC, a former Justice of the High Court of Australia who had worked on Aboriginal issues ( he replaced New Zealander Sir Edward Somers QC, who retired from the Inquiry in 2000 for personal reasons ), and Mr Justice William Hoyt QC, former Chief Justice of New Brunswick and a member of the Canadian Judicial Council.
Known as the Hackett Medical College for Women ( 夏葛女子醫學院 ), this College was located in Guangzhou, China, and was enabled by a large donation from Mr. Edward A. K.
In a note prefixed to the Collected Edition of his wife's poems, Robert Browning tells us that " On the early death of his father, he ( Edward Moulton ) was brought from Jamaica to England when a very young child, as ward to the late Chief Baron Lord Abinger, then Mr. Scarlett, whom he frequently accompanied in his post-chaise when on pursuit.
After the 1991 premiere, reporter Edward Rothstein wrote that " Mr. Adams's music has a seriously limited range.
However, Edward Heath, John Major and Tony Blair did not accept peerages of any kind, although Mr. Heath and Mr. Major were later appointed as Knights of the Garter.
Upon learning that Lucy has married Mr. Ferrars, Elinor is grieved, until Edward himself arrives to reveal that Lucy has jilted him in favour of his wealthy brother, Robert Ferrars.
The style was started by Mr. Edward Saidi Tingatinga born in South Tanzania.
This production is also notable for having Edward Asner ( as Mr Peachum ), Charlotte Rae as Mrs Peachum, Bea Arthur ( as Lucy ), Jerry Orbach ( as PC Smith, the Street Singer and Mack ), John Astin ( as Readymoney Matt / Matt of the Mint ) and Jerry Stiller ( as Crookfinger Jake ) as members of the cast during its run.
* Lionel A. Tollemache, Talks with Mr. Gladstone ( London: Edward Arnold, 1898 ).
In fiction, Robert Louis Stevenson had Dr. Henry Jekyll set up a home for Edward Hyde in Soho in his novel, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
In 1602 Byrd's patron Edward Somerset, 4th Earl of Worcester, discussing Court fashions in music, predicted that ‘ in winter lullaby, an owld song of Mr Birde, wylbee more in request as I thinke ’.
His two hundred clients eventually included Charles Gounod, Jacques Offenbach, Adelina Patti, Mario, Clara Schumann, Antoinette Sterling, Edward Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. German Reed, George Grossmith, Matthew Arnold, James McNeill Whistler and Oscar Wilde.
Or, The Anatomy of a Male Opossum: In a Letter to Dr Edward Tyson ," from Mr William Cowper, Chirurgeon, and Fellow of the Royal Society, London, by Edward Tyson, M. D. Fellow of the College of Physicians and of the Royal Society.
The character of Lucy Harris ( originally portrayed by Linda Eder ) works as a prostitute and stripper in a small London club called The Red Rat, where she meets a multi-dimension man named Doctor Henry Jekyll, who turns into his evil persona Mr. Edward Hyde.
While in London they resided with Henry Waterhouse, and when Yemmerrawanie became sick, they moved to Eltham and resided at the house of Edward Kent where they were tended by Mr and Mrs Phillips, and met Lord Sydney.
The modern English Setter owes its appearance to Mr. Edward Laverack ( 1800 – 1877 ), who developed his own strain of the breed by careful breeding during the 19th century in England and to another Englishman, Mr. R. Purcell Llewellin ( 1840 – 1925 ), based his strain using Laverack's best dogs and outcrossed them with the Duke, Rhoebe and later Duke's littermate Kate bloodlines with the best results.
David's father had died six months before he was born, and seven years later, his mother re-marries Mr. Edward Murdstone.
The TV movie starred Robert Goulet as Tommy, Peter Falk as Jeff, and Sally Ann Howes as Fiona, with Finlay Currie in one of his last roles as Mr. Lundie, Edward Villella as Harry Beaton, and Marlyn Mason as Meg.
As a briefing for prime minister Edward Heath later noted, Whitelaw " found the experience of meeting and talking to Mr Mac Stíofáin very unpleasant ".
On his doctor's orders he retired and leased the business to a series of entrepreneurs until Edward L. Jenckes bought the business and building from Mr. Chase's widow in 1884.

Mr and Rochester
It tells the story of a plain governess ( Jane ) who, after early life difficulties, falls in love with her employer, Mr Rochester.
Mr. Conley was also associated with William B. Rochester and aided in laying the foundation for the first mill in Rochester, NY.
And there in the presence of Mr. Rochester, comptroller of the queen's household, Sir Richard Southwell, both the sheriffs, and a great number of people, he was burnt to ashes, washing his hands in the flame as he was burning.
In 2000, Mr. Potato Head was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, NY.
Branwell's Charlotte Zamorna, one of the heroes of Verdopolis, towards increasingly ambiguous behaviour, and the same influence and evolution recur with Emily Brontë, especially in the characters of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, and Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, who display the traits of a Byronic hero.
In 1913, an 8. 4 acre ( 3. 4 hectare ) plot of land by the river Medway about 20 miles ( 32 km ) away at Borstal, near Rochester, Kent, was purchased from a Mr. Willis ( a local councillor ), and the planning and construction work started.
Like Mr. Rochester, the wife Dimitri falsely claims died years ago is revealed to be alive just before his marriage to another woman.
* 26 for Joe Altobelli, often referred to as " Mr. Baseball " in the Rochester area.
It is the story of Antoinette Cosway ( known as Bertha Mason in Jane Eyre ), a white Creole heiress, from the time of her youth in the Caribbean to her unhappy marriage with Mr Rochester and relocation to England.
The protagonist Antoinette conveys the story of her life from childhood to her arranged marriage to an unnamed Englishman ( implied as Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre ).
They are both independent, vivacious, imaginative young women with troubled childhoods, educated in religious establishments and looked down on by the upper classes — and, of course, they both marry Mr Rochester.
* Jane Eyre ( 1934 ) ( as Mr. Rochester )
* Letter XXI: On The Earl of Rochester and Mr. Waller
In 1971, he starred as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia in the film Nicholas and Alexandra, then in 1973 took the lead role of Mr Rochester in a BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre opposite Sorcha Cusack.
For the next twenty-one years Mr. Folsom commuted between his job as treasurer for Eastman Kodak, located in Rochester, NY, and various Washington posts.
* Valentine Dyall as Mr Rochester
Jane Eyre ( portrayed as the orphan child by Anna Paquin and as an adult by Charlotte Gainsbourg ) is the plain, impoverished young woman who is hired by Mr. Rochester ( William Hurt ) through Mrs. Fairfax ( Joan Plowright ) to work as a governess for Adele ( Josephine Serre ).
What she does not realize is that she must share the estate ( and ultimately Mr. Rochester ) with his wife, Bertha ( Maria Schneider ), who is mentally ill and kept locked away in an upstairs attic with a nurse, Grace Poole ( Billie Whitelaw ).

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