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Nuclear and bunker
* Nuclear bunker
Nuclear bunker buster, also known as earth-penetrating weapon ( EPW ), is the nuclear weapon version of the bunker buster.
Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, based a few miles outside the town, is a former government-owned nuclear bunker located in the village of Hack Green.
A recently declassified military nuclear bunker on the outskirts of the town was sold for a reported £ 22, 000 and is now used as a secure data centre for Nuclear weapons research.
* Nuclear bunker buster
A new administration building and a protected, hardened Nuclear Reporting bunker was built at RAF Carlisle.
The bunker was a subsidiary Regional Seat of Government in time of Nuclear emergency and would have been occupied by UK Armed Forces, UKWMO, Royal Observer Corps, and other Civil Service personnel.
* Nuclear bunker buster
# REDIRECT Nuclear bunker buster
# REDIRECT Nuclear bunker buster
* Nuclear bunker buster
* In Mercenaries 2, the main objective of the player is to obtain a Nuclear bunker buster to penetrate the main enemy's hardened bunker ( after which the bomb can be purchased and used according to the player's wishes ).
# REDIRECT Nuclear bunker buster

Nuclear and Formally
Several significant events in 2001 persuaded BNFL to upgrade the fuel routes of both Calder Hall and Chapelcross to near modern standards at a cost of tens of millions of pounds to guarantee that a License Instrument would be granted by the NII to permission final defuelling: the engineering work is being carried out by BNS Nuclear Services ( Formally Alstec ).

Nuclear and known
Proca's equations were known to Wolfgang Pauli who mentioned the equations in his Nobel address, and they were also known to Yukawa, Wentzel, Taketani, Sakata, Kemmer, Heitler, and Fröhlich who appreciated the content of Proca's equations for developing a theory of the atomic nuclei in Nuclear Physics.
Nuclear spin is best known for its crucial role in the NMR / MRI technique for chemistry and biochemistry analysis.
Nuclear winter ( also known as atomic winter ) is a hypothetical climatic effect of nuclear war.
In June 1957, The Effects of Nuclear Weapons by Samuel Glasstone was published containing a section entitled " Nuclear Bombs and the Weather " ( pages 69 – 71 ), which states: " The dust raised in severe volcanic eruptions, such as that at Krakatoa in 1883, is known to cause a noticeable reduction in the sunlight reaching the earth ...
Mahmood, as an engineer, is an experienced atomic scientist and engineer who is known to have largely contributed in the formative years of Pakistan's Nuclear Industry ( PNI ).
* October 30 – Nuclear testing: The Soviet Union detonates a 58-megaton yield hydrogen bomb known as Tsar Bomba over Novaya Zemlya.
The European Organization for Nuclear Research (), known as CERN or Cern (; ; see History ) is an international organization whose purpose is to operate the world's largest particle physics laboratory.
Originally " drop-in " replacements were considered for higher performance, but a larger replacement for the S-IVB stage was later studied for missions to Mars and other high-load profiles, known as the S-N. Nuclear thermal space " tugs " were planned as part of the Space Transportation System to take payloads from a propellant depot in Low Earth Orbit to higher orbits, the Moon, and other planets.
An unrelated water-cooled system known as NF-1 ( for Nuclear Furnace ) was used for future materials testing.
The site has been known by many names, including Hanford Works, Hanford Engineer Works or HEW, Hanford Nuclear Reservation or HNR, and the Hanford Project.
Rickover is known as the " Father of the Nuclear Navy ", which as of July 2007 had produced 200 nuclear-powered submarines, and 23 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and cruisers, though many of these U. S. vessels are now decommissioned and others under construction.
In 1962, Spock joined The Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, otherwise known as SANE.
The Zangger Committee, also known as the Nuclear Exporters Committee, sprang from Article III. 2 of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons ( NPT ) which entered into force on March 5, 1970.
Unit 2 continues to be licensed and regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in a condition known as Post Defueling Monitored Storage ( PDMS ).
* Waterford 3 -- Owned by Entergy Nuclear, Waterford Nuclear Generating Station, also known as Waterford 3, produces roughly 12 % of power for the state of Louisiana.
The municipality is mainly known for the Borssele Nuclear Power Station and the Central Storage For Radioactive Waste.
Among the best known living Brasenose alumni are Prime Minister David Cameron, the comedian Michael Palin as well as Dominic Barton, managing director of McKinsey, Bruce Kent, active in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and George Monbiot environmental and political activist.
Perry is known for its public schools, whose recent construction was influenced by the nearby Perry Nuclear Generating Station.

Nuclear and Robust
While a nuclear penetrator ( the " Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator ", or " RNEP ") was never built, the U. S. DOE was allotted budget to develop it, and tests were conducted by the U. S. Air Force Research Laboratory.
* The B61-based " Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator :" Clever retrofit or headway towards fourth-generation nuclear weapons ?, Andre Gsponer, Independent Scientific Research Institute, 31 March 2007
de: Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator
it: Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator
The B83 is one of the weapons considered for use in the " Nuclear Bunker Buster " project, which for a time was known as the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, or RNEP.

Nuclear and Earth
He partly retreated from this position in a September 2007 address to the World Nuclear Association's Annual Symposium, suggesting that climate change would stabilise and prove survivable, and that the Earth itself is in " no danger " because it would stabilise in a new state.
Nuclear reactors have been launched into Earth orbit at least 34 times.
* The Encyclopedia of Earth, Nuclear Winter Lead Author: Alan Robock.
Nuclear war is imminent on Earth, and the priest predicts that most of the colonists will return to help.
Major anti-nuclear groups include Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.
* Nuclear Weapon Initiatives: Low-yield R & D, Advanced Concepts, Earth Penetrators, Test Readiness, Ernest, Jonathan V., et al., ISBN 1-59454-203-1
* Skynet in the Terminator films utilises the United States ' stockpile of Nuclear weapons in an attempt to end all human life on Earth in an act called Judgment Day by the surviving humans.
The Commission produced a series of books including Radioactive Heaven and Earth, Plutonium: The Deadly Gold of the Nuclear Age, and Nuclear Wastelands, a comprehensive study of the health and environmental impact of the global nuclear weapons production complex.
* The Greatest Power on Earth: The Story of Nuclear Fission ( 1980 ) ISBN 0-283-98715-4
In 1995 they supported Greenpeace, the campaign Ärzte gegen Atomkrieg ( IPPNW: International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War ), Aktion Atomteststop ( an initiative for a nuclear test ban ), the BUND ( Friends of the Earth, Germany ) and they were featured on the track Tout Pour Sauver L ’ Amour ( Everything to save love ) on the Stop Chirac compilation album.
Vice President, International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth ’ s Interior ( 1983 – 1987 ), Board Member and Chair of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Section, International Council of Scientific Unions ( 1988 – 1991 ), Founding Chairman, International Committee for Geophysical Theory and Computers ( 1964 – 1979 ), and Expert, Technical meetings on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty ( 1960 – 1990 ).
Topics covered include the anti-nuclear movement, the Plowshares Movement, the Council for a Nuclear Weapons Freeze, the Physicians for Social Responsibility, George Kistiakowsky, The Fate of the Earth, Marian Wright Edelman, the Citizens ' Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes, the Three Mile Island accident, the Winooski 44, Abbie Hoffman, Amy Carter, the Piedmont Peace Project, Anne Braden, César Chávez, the United Farm Workers, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Teatro Campesino, LGBT social movements, the Stonewall riots, Food Not Bombs, the anti-war movement during the Gulf War, David Barsamian, opposition to Columbus Day, Indigenous Thought, Rethinking Schools, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
That same year the Daredevils headed west to the Rockies, to Caribou Ranch near Nederland, CO, to record their fourth album, which they had originally titled Nuclear Fishin ' but then changed to Men From Earth after A & M objected.

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