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Nudism and .
Nudism is the act of being naked, while naturism is a lifestyle which at various times embraced nature, environment, respect for others, self-respect, crafts, healthy eating, vegetarianism, teetotalism, non-smoking, yoga, physical exercise and pacifism as well as nudity.
Nudism and free love, which had been prominently featured in For Us, the Living, are absent from this story.
Nudism would not appear again in Heinlein's work until 1957's The Door Into Summer ; free love next made an appearance in 1961, in Stranger in a Strange Land.
Nudism is no longer practiced in many communities within the Church of the Universe.

clothing and optional
At the other end of the spectrum are topfree beaches and nude beaches where clothing is optional or not allowed.
The southern end of Alexandria Bay is unofficially clothing optional.
Haulover Park and Haulover Beach, operated by Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation, has a well known clothing optional beach.
Hudson also is host to a number of vacation resorts, including a " clothing optional " AANR resort.
The entire section of beach in Pacific Spirit ( running from Acadia Beach, at the northern end, to Trail # 7 at the south ) is designated as clothing optional.
The park continues as a clothing optional park, with appropriate signage at the park entrance advising visitors that nude swimming and sunbathing may be encountered.
Hippie Hollow remains clothing optional, but with park usage restricted to those over 18.
Gunnison Beach is one of the largest clothing optional beaches on the East Coast.
Among the many beaches on Sandy Hook, Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook | Gunnison Beach is clothing optional
Gunnison is clothing optional.
Gunnison Beach is one of the largest clothing optional beaches on the East Coast.
* Collins Beach site about Sauvie Island's clothing optional beach from the Oregon Clothing-Optional Beach Alliance
Places where social nudity is practiced may be " clothing optional ", or nudity may be compulsory, with exceptions, see issues in social nudity.
Following the sexual liberation of the late 50s / 60s the Tahiti beach emerged as a symbol of " clothing is optional ".
A " clothing optional " policy is still permitted at the springs, but nudity is frowned upon elsewhere at the site.
* Lighthouse Beach is a recognized clothing optional beach at the extreme west end of the seashore, just east of Robert Moses State Park.
The clothing optional beach, which offers dramatic views of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, attracts nearly 5, 000 naturists per weekend in the summer months.
Because Black's Beach was traditionally recognized as a clothing optional beach, nudity is tolerated for the portion of the beach that is managed by the state park.
The clothing optional portion of Black's Beach begins about south of the trail head leading to the Torrey Pines Gliderport, and runs north for approximately to the steel buoy south of Flatrock.
The clothing optional portion of the beach begins north of this access point.
Mammoliti claimed that prostitution was already occurring at Hanlan's Point, a clothing optional beach.
Rømø is a popular tourist spot each year, attracted by the clothing optional beaches which can be driven on with motor vehicles legally.
Nudity is prohibited at all parts of San Onofre State Beach, A traditional " clothing optional area " was formerly located at the extreme south end of San Onofre Bluffs beach, accessed via Trail number 6.
As of 2012, this clothing optional retreat center, formerly a late 1960s commune, is known as an outdoor spa with a New Age ambience, where Watsu was developed.

clothing and lifestyles
Whyte Avenue arguably remains the centre of Edmonton's alternative lifestyles, containing various independent clothing and other types of shops catering to a variety of alternative subcultures ( ranging from hippie to raver to goth etc .).
Both are in for a shock at how much the world has changed from 1956 to 1986 — clothing, sexual lifestyles ( their favorite bar is now a gay club ), lack of respect by the younger generation, and the advance of technology.

clothing and .
Susan and Julia ripped strips from their clothing and bound the injury.
Foster had brought extra clothing also.
His name is Praisegod Piepsam, and he is rather fully described as to his clothing and physiognomy in a way which relates him to a sinister type in the author's repertory -- he is a forerunner of those enigmatic strangers in `` Death In Venice '', for example, who represent some combination of cadaver, exotic, and psychopomp.
Heat during the Atlanta campaign, coupled with unsuitable clothing, caused individual irritation that was compounded by a lack of opportunity to bathe and shift into clean clothing.
There was much sickness in the corps, and the men were, in addition, without the clothing, shoes, and blankets needed for the winter weather.
The citrus tones popular in clothing are also to be found afoot.
Cheap clothing and junk of every sort, as far as the eye could see.
Warm clothing and bedding, of course, are essential.
You may deduct these payments even though your child uses the money to purchase his own clothing or other necessities which you are normally obligated to furnish him, and even though you may be entitled to his services.
the group sets the styles in clothing, the kind of play engaged in, and the ideals of right and wrong behavior.
If anything may be predicted in the quicksilver world of retailing, it seems likely that the suburban branch will come to dominate children's clothing ( taking the kid downtown is too much of a production ), household gadgetry and the discount business in big-ticket items.
And once medicine, food, clothing and shelter had been provided for the flood's victims, communications and the mail were the next top problems.
And she felt amply rewarded for her suffering when the evidence of Lee's quack shenanigans, gathered by the tape recorder under her friend's clothing, proved adequate in court for convicting Franklin D. Lee.
And for a man who traveled around without any change of clothing, a few more stains on his dark suit may very well have gone unnoticed.
The gala is the Thrift Shop's annual bundle party and, as all Thrift Shop friends know, that means the admission is a bundle of used clothing in good condition, contributions of household equipment, bric-a-brac and such to stock the shelves at the shop's headquarters at 1213 Walnut St..
Soon after Loper leaked the news that Frankie had ordered `` two of everything '' just `` in case he spills anything '', Frankie got so mad at the chic designer that he vowed he would not wear a stitch of Loper clothing.
They also instituted a ration system under which all employers in the Congo were required to furnish their employes with clothing and adequate food.
This set his tone: richness of texture and color, and another kind of richness as well, for his clothing and decorations would have paid the Brush-off's rent for a year.
It was foolish and snobbish to wear clothing when none of these nice people did.
For example, in modern Western cultures, there are alternative styles of clothing that characterized older and younger generations.
" For clothing, they prohibited leather because animals were killed for it, as well as cotton, silk, and wool, because they were products of slave labor.
Snyder theorizes that Agathon might have made a deliberate effort to mimic the sumptuous attire of his famous fellow-poet, although by Agathon's time, such clothing, especially the κεκρύφαλος ( kekryphalos, an elaborate covering for the hair ) had long fallen out of fashion for men.
Greetings from Anacharsis to Hanno: My clothing is a Scythian cloak, my shoes are the hard soles of my feet, my bed is the earth, my food is only seasoned by hunger-and I eat nothing but milk and cheese and meat.
Of still greater importance are the great deposits at Thorsberg moor ( in Angeln ) and Nydam, which contained large quantities of arms, ornaments, articles of clothing, agricultural implements, etc., and in Nydam even ships.

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