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Official and Star
The Official Star Trek Voyager Companion gives further evidence to Torres ' age.
In February 2009, the Star-Spangled Banner Flag or the Great Garrison Flag ( also known as the 15 Star Flag ) was officially adopted as the Official U. S. Flag of the Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America by authority of the Council Executive Board.
* Admiral Ackbar in the Official Star Wars. com Encyclopedia
* Steaua de Cristal-Gura Humorului-International Festival of Pop Music for Children and Youth “ Crystal StarOfficial page
* Xindi entry on Star Trek Official Site
** Official Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed website at History. com
* Official Star Wars website
* The Official Star Naming FAQ
* The Shooting Star Official Website
* Official Star Chamber site: starchamber. station. sony. com
* Shining Like A Star Tribute Concert-Jeff Ma Official Website ( Language: Chinese )
A promotional cartridge, Super Star Fox Weekend ( Official Competition ) ( titled Star Wing: Official Competition in Europe ), was released as part of the game's marketing campaign in Europe and the U. S. It featured time-limited single-player mode on modified stages, as well as an exclusive bonus level.
* When You Wish Upon a Star When You Wish Upon a Star: Official site
Additional foreign decorations are Chilean Military Star of the Armed Forces, Class of Great Star for Military Merit ; French Legion of Honor, Degree of Commander ; and the Brazilian Order of Aeronautical Merit, Degree of Grand Official.
* Star Child's Official Japanese Eiken website
* The Marion Star Official Website
* Official North American Star Ocean series site
* Official Pocket Star eBooks page
The Official Star Tribune Minnesota Twins Homer Hanky ( or " Homer Hanky " for short ), is a handkerchief printed with a ( usually red ) baseball-shaped logo during Minnesota Twins championship seasons ( and in 1988 after winning the World Series in 1987 ).

Official and Trek
* Official website for Star Trek: Online, now run by Cryptic Studios
He has written several audio plays, and contributed to various magazines including Dreamwatch, SFX, Star Trek Communicator, Titan's Star Trek Magazine, Death Ray and The Official Star Wars Fact Files.

Official and Command
* General Sherman's Official Account of His Great March to Georgia and the Carolinas, from His Departure from Chattanooga to the Surrender of General Joseph E. Johnston and Confederate Forces under His Command ( 1865 )
* U. S. Strategic Command Official Site
* Official U. S. Strategic Command biography of Kevin P. Chilton
* Official Video-Calflex 2006-at United States Central Command ( U. S. CENTCOM )
* Official Brazilian Army Aviation Command Website ( in Portuguese )
* Official website of the Joint Armed Forces Command
* United States Strategic Command Official Website
* Official Italian Army website page on Alpine Troops Command
* Official Canada Command website
* United States Strategic Command Official Website
*** 911th Support Command, Atlanta, GA Official website

Official and game
* Official website of the video game series
The game placed 13th in Official Nintendo Magazines 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time.
Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack is nearly the same release as Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version, the soundtrack album for the original game, except that the songs were rerecorded by TOSE, resulting in minor differences, some song titles were slightly changed, and a 45th track was added, " Theme of Love ( Arranged )", which had previously only been released as a piano version on the second track of Piano Collections Final Fantasy IV.
* Official site of the Olympic Movement-Images and information on every game since 1896
The game placed 99th in Official Nintendo Magazine's 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time UGO listed Luigi's Mansion on their list of the " Top 50 Games That Belong On the 3DS ", stating " Recreating this experience on the 3DS in 3D would breathe new life into the ghosts haunting Luigi's prize mansion.
Official artwork for Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World depicts Luigi with this new look ; but Nintendo of Japan would not adapt his artwork differences to his look in-game until the 1992 game Super Mario Kart.
The game placed 22nd in Official Nintendo Magazine's 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time.
Both US and UK editions of the Official Dreamcast Magazine awarded the game the highest possible 10 / 10 score, as did the popular publication DC: UK.
The game placed 6th in Official Nintendo Magazines " 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time ".
Official Nintendo Magazine referred to the game as a " masterpiece of game design " and stated that Nintendo was able to take its " number-one 2D franchise and convert it flawlessly into 3D ".
" The game placed 46th in Official Nintendo Magazines 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time.
Official Nintendo Magazine later named the game one of the best Nintendo games of all time, ranking it 73rd on their list of the top 100.
A Vor 2. 0 game was announced in 2008: see Official VOR: The Maelstrom 2. 0 website.
The game placed eighth ( the second-highest Zelda game on the list ) in Official Nintendo Magazines " 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time " list.
Gary Steinman of Official U. S. PlayStation Magazine declared that ". hack is not a good game ", but the " mind-bending " story allowed him to look past its obvious flaws and anticipate future games in the series.
It is revealed in the Official Annual 2010 book that SpongeBob loves Sandy, through the True or False game that lists " SpongeBob loves Sandy?
Official servers have since been taken offline, as well as the original Xbox Live server, meaning one can no longer make an Xbox Live account to play the game offline.
In February 2009, Official Nintendo Magazine listed the game at number 82 on its " 100 Best Nintendo Games " feature.
* Athena video game in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Official Website
In December 2006, BatMUD released the first version ( v1. 00 ) of the Official game client.
** Official arcade game page at Tatsumis website
* PlayStation: The Official Magazine, a video game magazine

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