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Oriental and Stories
Marvel Tales, Oriental Stories, Planet Stories, Spicy Detective, Startling Stories,
Cover of Oriental Stories ( Spring 1932 )
* The Magic Carpet, a 1930s pulp magazine originally called Oriental Stories
* Oriental Stories as Tools in Psychotherapy: the Merchant and the Parrot / With 100 Case Examples for Education and Self-Help, by Peseschkian, Nossrat, Publisher: Springer-Verlag, 1986 ISBN 978-0-387-15765-8 ( first German edition 1979 by Fischer Verlag )
* " The Man Who Limped ," Oriental Stories ( October 1930 )
* " The Dragoman's Secret ," Oriental Stories ( Spring 1931 )

Oriental and magazine
* Carolina Currents Boating magazine based in Oriental
East Week (, Jyutping: dung1 zau1 hon1 ) is a Hong Kong-based weekly Chinese language magazine which was established by Oriental Group on October 29, 1992 and sold to the Emperor Group in September 2001.
So, Ma Ching Fat, Chairman of Oriental Group finally decided to sell the magazine to Emperor Entertainment Group, owned by Albert Yeung.
* Alfredo Raul Chang Ruiz, Current director of the oldest and still active magazine of Peru called " Revista Oriental ", a magazine with the theme of links of Peruvian and Asian communities
Ashley Shepherd reviewed Oriental Adventures for issue No. 74 of White Dwarf magazine, giving it an overall rating of 9 out of 10.
Jim Bambra reviewed Oriental Adventures for Dragon magazine # 134 ( June 1988 ).
Chicago magazine named Hicham “ Best Exotic Instrumentalist ” for 2002 ; he was featured in an Al Jadid article ; and he made his first studio recording with percussionist Catherine Alexander, “ Promises: Oriental Classical Music .”

Oriental and published
Abbot's studies were chiefly in Oriental languages and textual criticism of the New Testament, though his work as a bibliographer showed such results as the exhaustive list of writings ( 5300 in all ) on the doctrine of the future life, appended to W. R. Alger's History of the Doctrine of a Future Life, as it has prevailed in all Nations and Ages ( 1862 ), and published separately in 1864.
From this time forward his literary activity became very great ; in 1811 he published the Oriental tale of Ali og Gulhyndi, and in 1812 the last of his great tragedies, Stærkodder.
In view of the sexual imagery in the source texts ( which Burton even emphasized further, especially by adding extensive footnotes and appendices on Oriental sexual mores ) and the strict Victorian laws on obscene material, both of these translations were printed as private editions for subscribers only, rather than published in the usual manner.
The Oriental Tourism Board actively promotes weddings in Oriental and has published a Website that lists venues and service providers.
* Nouvelles orientales ( short stories, 1938 ) translated Oriental Tales, ISBN 1-85290-018-0 ( includes " Comment Wang-Fô fut sauvé ", first published 1936, filmed by René Laloux )
His first book Oriental Magic, published in 1956, was originally intended to be titled Considerations in Eastern and African Minority Beliefs.
It was published in Moscow by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in nine volumes between 1960 71.
Turning to another field, Milman published in 1829 his History of the Jews, which is memorable as the first by an English clergyman which treated the Jews as an Oriental tribe, recognized sheikhs and amirs in the Old Testament, sifted and classified documentary evidence, and evaded or minimized the miraculous.
His French language political pamphlets, Mémoire sur l ' empire d ' Autriche dans la question d ' Orient (" Account of the Austrian Empire in the Oriental Issue ", 1855 ), Réflexions sur la situation (" Musings on the Situation ", 1856 ), Mémoire sur la situation de la Moldavie depuis le traité de Paris (" Account on Moldavia's Situation After the Treaty of Paris ", 1857 ), and La Question religieuse en Roumanie (" The Religious Issue in Romania ", 1866 ), were all published in Paris.
It is one of the two newspapers published by the Oriental Press Group Limited ( 東方報業集團有限公司 Jyutping: dung1 fong1 bou3 jip6 zaap6 tyun4 jau5 haan6 gung1 si1 ), found by Ma's Family.
After the release of Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast published a completely new version of Oriental Adventures.
He compiled a catalogue of the Oriental manuscripts in the royal library at Dresden ( 1831 ); published an edition and German translation of Ali's Hundred Sayings ( 1837 ); the continuation of Habicht's edition of The Thousand and One Nights ( vols.
After his death at Parma, 1813, his widow published Il Manuale tipografico ( The Manual of Typography ), presenting 373 characters, 34 Greek and 48 Oriental or exotic ones. William Morris considered Bodoni's mechanical perfection in typography the ultimate example of modern ugliness.
The first results of his extensive studies in Oriental literature, Arabic language and history, manifested themselves in 1847, when he published a translation from Abdelwahid al-Marrakushi, born 1185, resident in South Spain between 1208 and 1217, leaving then for Egypt and visiting Mecca in 1221, dated 1224, Kitab al-mujib fi talkhis akhbar ahl al-Maghrib under the title The history of the Almohads, preceded by a sketch of the history of Spain from the time of the conquest till the reign of Yusuf ibn Tashfin, and of the history of the Almoravids, printed again in 1881 and reprinted in 1968.
East Week was first published by the Oriental Group in 1992, 2 years after Next Magazine.
In 1921, when his 50th birthday was celebrated at a national level, Iorga published a large number of volumes, including a bibliographic study on the Wallachian uprising of 1821 and its leader Tudor Vladimirescu, an essay on political history ( Dezvoltarea aşezămintelor politice, " The Development of Political Institutions "), Secretul culturii franceze (" The Secret of French Culture "), Războiul nostru în note zilnice (" Our War as Depicted in Daily Records ") and the French-language Les Latins de l ' Orient (" The Oriental Latins ").
Britain claimed the islands in 1827, and five years later the Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland published a posthumous, abridged publication of Titsingh's French translation of Sankoku Tsūran Zusetsu.
* Oriental Scene ( published c. 1931 )
" The book was positively reviewed in the journals Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies and The Oriental Quarterly by Edward M. Miller, an economics professor who has published many controversial papers on Race and intelligence.
The Fauna of British India ( short title ) with long titles including The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma, The Fauna of British India including the remainder of the Oriental Region is a series of publications that was made by the British government in India and published by Taylor and Francis of London.
The Fund became one of a large number of Victorian subscription printing clubs which published translations, re-issued historical works or commissioned original books which were too specialized for commercial publication ; but unlike most of those now defunct organizations, the work of the Royal Asiatic Society Oriental Translation Fund is on-going into the 21st century with a " new series " and " old series " microform catalog available for scholarly research.
He has also written more than a dozen articles, published in such journals as Papers on Far Eastern History and Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia.
Its founder's temperament and natural gifts for scholarly pursuits immediately set the Mekhitarist Order in the forefront of Oriental studies: the monastery published Armenian historical, philological and literary works and related material, renowned for their scholarship and accuracy as well as for the beauty of the editions, on its own multilingual presses, which shut down in 1991, although an eighteenth-century printing press may still be seen.

Oriental and 1930
* E. Denison Ross, The Tonyukuk Inscription, Being a Translation of Professor Vilhelm Thomsen's final Danish Rendering, Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, University of London, 1930.
Other Christians of Kerala, who were originally of the same East-Syrian tradition, passed instead to the West-Syrian tradition and now form part of Oriental Orthodoxy ( some from the Oriental Orthodox in India united with the Catholic Church in 1930 and became the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church ).
When Did Indian Materialism Get Its Distinctive Titles ?, Journal of the American Oriental Society ( 1930 ).
Some from the Oriental Orthodox in India reunited with the Bishop of Rome in 1930 and became the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, another Eastern sui juris church within the Catholic Church.
Harris received his bachelor's ( 1930 ), master's ( 1932 ), and doctoral ( 1934 ) degrees in the Oriental Studies department of the University of Pennsylvania.
* Oriental Rhapsody ( 1930, founded on the Tone Poem, Lalla Rookh, Open Championship, Eccles Borough Band / J.
* Noble, Peter S. 1930-32 “ A Kharoṣṭhī Inscription from Endere .” Bulletin of the Society of Oriental Studies, VI, ( 1930 32 ), pp. 445 455.
From 1921 to 1937 Gibb taught Arabic at the then School of Oriental Studies, becoming a professor there in 1930.
Ignatius Basile Moses I Daoud ( or Moussa Daoud ) () ( born 18 September 1930 7 April 2012 ) was Patriarch Emeritus of Antioch for the Syrian Catholic Church, a Cardinal Bishop ( because he was an Eastern Patriarch ), and Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches in the Catholic Church.
By 1930 he had published five major works on Asiatic and Oriental civilizations.
* Proceedings and Transactions of the All-India Oriental Conference, 1930
Before it became a separate Faculty, it had functioned as a Department within the Historical-Linguistic Faculty in 1920, later as a subsection of the Division of Social Sciences, and then as a Department within the Pedagogical, Oriental and Historical-geographical Faculties from 1921 till 1930.

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