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Out and Where
Haley historian Chris Gardner, as well as surviving members of the group, have confirmed that the two singles: " Out Where the West Winds Blow "/" Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm Gone " ( Vogue R736 ) and " Boogie Woogie Yodel "/" Baby I Found Out All About You " ( Vogue R786 ) do not feature Haley.
She starred in the western film The Ballad of Josie ( 1967 ) and starred in a comedy film centered on the Northeast blackout of November 9, 1965 called Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
His own first date as leader, Where ?, with Dolphy and Mal Waldron and a date also with Dolphy called Out There with George Duvivier and Roy Haynes and Carter on cello ; its advanced harmonies and concepts were in step with the third stream movement.
Where the previous LP had consisted entirely of " standard-length " pop songs, Baxter's was dominated by long multi-part suites, while the track " A Small Package of Value Will Come To You Shortly " was a musique concrete style audio collage inspired by Frank Zappa's avant-garde work on side four of Freak Out!
* The Discovery Channel produced a documentary entitled The Real Eve: 6 Billion People ... from ONE Woman ( or Where We Came From in the United Kingdom ), based on the book The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey Out of Africa by Stephen Oppenheimer.
Chuck Mangione's compositions include " Feels So Good ", " Children of Sanchez ", " The Cannonball Run ", " Hide and Seek ", " Hill Where the Lord Hides ", " Fun and Games ", " Give It All You Got ", " Land of Make Believe ", " Bellavia ", " Main Squeeze ", " Love Notes ", " Steppin ' Out ", " I Never Missed Someone Before ", " Maui-Waui ", " Last Dance ", " El Gato Triste ", and " Chase the Clouds Away ".
* " Out Where The Blue Begins " Graff, McHugh, Grant
* " Out Where The West Begins " w. Arthur Chapman m. Estelle Philleo
* " Out Where The Breakers Roar " w. Harlow Hyde m. H. W. Petrie
Hay left again before the next album was released in Australia in 1982 as I Thought This Was Love, But This Ain't Casablanca on Mushroom Records and elsewhere as Out in the Jungle ... Where Things Ain't So Pleasant on New Rose Records.
** aka Out in the Jungle ... Where Things Ain't So Pleasant
* Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
In 1997, episode " Out Where the Buses Don't Run " was ranked # 90 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time list.
* Strike Out Where Not Applicable ( 1967 )
Some of her best known hits are " It's So Peaceful in the Country ", " Trust In Me ", " Where Are You ", " I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart ", " Small Fry ", " Please Be Kind ", " Darn That Dream ", " Rockin ' Chair ", " Blame It On My Last Affair ", and " Says My Heart ".
* Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
Her real birthdays were shown in the season 1 episode " The One Where Rachel Finds Out ", the season 2 episode " The One With The Two Parties " and in the season 9 episode " The One With The Rats ".
Where Flamingos Fly ( recorded 1971, released 1981 )) demonstrated his ability to contract the most accomplished musicians, with veterans Johnny Coles, Harry Lookofsky, Richard Davis and Jimmy Knepper ( who played the solo on the " Where Flamingos Fly " track on 1961's Out of the Cool ) alongside young multi-instrumental phenomenon Howard Johnson ( jazz musician ), synthesizer player Don Preston ( at that time still a member of the Mothers of Invention ), and Billy Harper.
Armantrout's poems have appeared in many anthologies, including In The American Tree ( National Poetry Foundation ), Language Poetries ( New Directions ), Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology, From the Other Side of the Century ( Sun & Moon ), Out of Everywhere ( Reality Street ), American Women Poets in the 21st Century: Where Language Meets the Lyric Tradition, ( Wesleyan, 2002 ), The Oxford Book of American Poetry ( Oxford, UP, 2006 ) and The Best American Poetry of 1988, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2007.
The nation as a whole was suffering from a protracted economic downturn and commentators have contrasted the event with the good-natured " Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
* Appears in: " Toodle Fucking-Oo ", " Big Girls Don't Cry ", " The Happy Wanderer ", " D-Girl ", " Full Leather Jacket ", " From Where to Eternity ", " Bust Out ", " House Arrest ", " The Knight in White Satin Armor ", " The Test Dream ".
*" Out Where the Stars Begin " ( 1938 ) ( short subject )

Out and Roar
In 1990, the band performed at The Cornerstone Festival in drag, belting out covers like " I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar ", The Animals ' " We've Got To Get Out Of This Place ", The Beatles ' " I Want to Hold Your Hand ", and Louis Armstrong's " What a Wonderful World ".
* Tiny Toon Adventures ( 1990-1992 )-29 half-hour episodes: You Asked for It, Rock ' n ' Roar, Career Oppor-Toon-ities, Dating, Acme Acres Style, Hare Raising Night, Citizen Max, Prom-ise Her Anything, The Acme Acres Zone, Starting from Scratch, Looking Out for the Little Guy, Spring in Acme Acres, Ask Mr. Popular, Europe in 30 Minutes, Fairy Tales for the 90's, Here's Hamton, No Toon Is An Island, Return to the Acme Acres Zone, Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool !, Viewer Mail Day, K-ACME TV, Going Places, Best of Buster Day, Toon TV, New Class Day, Flea for Your Life, Weekday Afternoon Live, Buster's Directorial Debut and The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain.

Out and w
In 1981, the threesome recorded and released a single (" Getting Out Of Hand " b / w " Call on Me ") on DownKiddie Records ( their own label ).
* " Get Out And Get Under The Moon " w. Charles Tobias & William Jerome m. Larry Shay
* " Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie " w. m.
* " Love Locked Out " w. Max Kester m. Ray Noble
* " Keepin ' Out Of Mischief Now " w. Andy Razaf m. Fats Waller
* " Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep " w. m.
* " Hang Out The Stars In Indiana " w. Billy Moll m. Harry Woods
* " Out Of Nowhere " w. Edward Heyman m. John Green
* " Ninety-Nine Out of a Hundred ( Wanna Be Loved ) w. m.
* " Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out " w. m.
* " When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In " w. m.
* " He Went In Like A Lion ( And Came Out Like A Lamb )" w. Andrew B.
* " They Were All Out Of Step But Jim " w. m.
* " Say A Prayer For The Boys Out There " w. Bernie Grossman m. Alex Marr
* " If I Knock The " L " Out Of Kelly " w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. Bert Grant
* " Please Keep Out Of My Dreams " w. m.
* " Way Out Yonder In The Golden West " w. m.
* " He'd Have to Get Under — Get Out and Get Under ( to Fix Up His Automobile )" w. Grant Clark & Edgar Leslie m. Maurice Abrahams
* " If He Comes In I'm Going Out " w. Cecil Mack m. Chris Smith
* " Take Me Out to the Ball Game " w. Jack Norworth m. Albert Von Tilzer
* " Brother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain " w. m.
* " Rum-Tiddley-Um-Tum-Tay Out For The Day Today " w. Fred Leigh m. Orlando Powell
* " All In Down And Out " w. Cecil Mack m. Chris Smith, Billy B. Smith & Elmer Bowman
* " He Walked Right In Turned Around And Walked Right Out Again " w. Edward Rose m. Maxwell Silver

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