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Palacio and Arzobispal
Archbishop's Palace ( Palacio Arzobispal ) in Toledo, Spain | Toledo

Palacio and Archbishop's
; Archbishop's Palace: ( Spanish: Palacio del Arzobispo ) The residence of the Archbishop of Jaro.

Palacio and Palace
Zone One is the Historic Center, ( Centro Histórico ), lying in the very heart of the city, the location of many important historic buildings including the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura ( National Palace of Culture ), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Congress, the Casa Presidencial ( Presidential House ), the National Library and Plaza de la Constitución ( Constitution Plaza, old Central Park ).
The National Palace ( Mexico ) | Palacio Nacional, or National Palace in Mexico City.
The home of the Bolivian government is located on Murillo Square and is known as " Palacio Quemado " ( Burnt Palace ) as it has been on fire several times.
File: Palacio de Tribunales de Valparaíso. jpg | Valparaíso Palace Courts
* 19th century Episcopal Palace ( Palacio Espiscopal ), designed by Antoni Gaudí.
Death at Buckingham Palace has been translated into several languages: into Japanese as Bakkingamu Kyūden no satsujin in 1998, into German as Mord im Buckingham-Palast in 1997, into Spanish in 1999 as Muerte en el Palacio de Buckingham.
Villa is sitting in the presidential throne in the National Palace ( Mexico ) | Palacio Nacional.
Image: Palacio de las Bellas Artes ( Mexico City ). jpg | Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City
Next is the Palace of the Austrians ( Palacio de los Austrias ), also known as the House of the King ( Casa del Rey ), which is found behind the presbytery of the basilica.
The Palacio Legislativa y de Justicia ( Legistlative and Justice Palace ) is the work of architects Xavier Yarto and Alberto Yarza.
The Spanish Captains-General ( before the independence of New Spain, from which the Philippines was directly governed ) and the later Governors-General of the Philippines originally resided in the Palacio del Gobernador ( Governor's Palace ) within the walled city of Intramuros, Manila, until an earthquake leveled it in 1863.
It was under the regime of the latter that Morales was stationed as a guard at the Palacio Quemado, or Presidential Palace.
Attractions include the Plaza de la República, which includes a lakeside cathedral, the Palacio Nacional ( National Palace ),
Some local attractions include the 17th-century Metropolitan Church, the Interoceanic Canal Museum of Panama, the Plaza de Bolívar, the Palacio de las Garzas ( Heron's Palace or Presidential Palace ), and the Panama Canal.
Municipal Palace ( Palacio Municipal ) ; Cenote Zaci ; House of the Culture ( Casa de la Cultura ) ; House of the Deer ( Casa de los Venados ) ; Mercado de Artesanías ( Handcraft Market ); Centro Artesanal Zaci ( Handcraft center Zaci ; Bazar Municipal ; Museo San Roque ; Parque de los Héroes ( Park of the Heroes ) ; Las 5 Calles.
The column with the Angel of Independence was erected, the ironwork Legislative Palace, Palacio de Bellas Artes and a building called La Nacional.
The 1968 Olympic Games brought about the construction of large sporting facilities such as the Palacio de los Deportes ( Sports Palace ), the Velódromo Oíimpico and the 24 buildings of the Olympic Village.
* The Andalusian Flamenco Centre is located in the Pemartín Palace ( Palacio de Pemartin ) and offers a library, displays, video films and live demonstrations of the art of flamenco dancing.
Facing the Jardín Principal, there is the “ Palacio de Gobierno ” ( Government Palace ), which was the site of the government of the State of Mexico, when Tlalpan served as state capital for six years in the early 19th century.
The old City Hall El Palacio de Hierro ( The Iron Palace ) in the centre of the city was designed by Eiffel.
During Benavides ' term in office, the second phase of remodeling the Government Palace of Peru was initiated, as well as the Palacio de Justicia (" Palace of Justice ").
Palacio de La Moneda (, Mint Palace ), or simply La Moneda, is the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile.

Archbishop's and Palace
He also has a residence next to Canterbury Cathedral on the site of the medieval Archbishop's Palace.
* Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone: constructed in the 1390s, the palace was seized by the Crown at the time of the Reformation.
* Archbishop's Palace, Charing: a palace existed from at least the 13th century ; seized by the Crown after the Dissolution.
Catherine was born at the Archbishop's Palace in Alcalá de Henares near Madrid, on the night of 16 December 1485.
* The Archbishop's Palace ( 17th century, modified in the following century ).
The 18th-century building incorporates many remains of the mediæval Archbishop's Palace and includes the spot where Thomas Becket's murderers armed themselves.
In 1381, during the Peasants ' Revolt, the castle and Archbishop's Palace were sacked, and Archbishop Sudbury was beheaded in London.
The Archbishop's Palace contains a Byzantine museum containing the largest collection of religious icons on the island.
A View of the Archbishop's Palace, Lambeth – this watercolour was Turner's first to be accepted for the Royal Academy's annual exhibition in April 1790, the month he turned fifteen.
His first watercolour A View of the Archbishop's Palace, Lambeth was accepted for the Summer Exhibition of 1790 when Turner was only 15.
* Archbishop's Palace, Bishopthorpe
* The Palais des Archevêques, the Archbishop's Palace, and its donjon with views over Narbonne
* Official webpage of Nidaros Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace
* Nidaros Cathedral Experience Nidaros Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace
Remains of the Archbishop's Palace were found during the construction of St Joseph's School.
It is on the River Ouse and is the official residence of the Archbishop of York ; within the local area it is sometimes simply called " the Archbishop's Palace ".
The King designated part of the building for use as a court house, the Cathedral Grammar School was established in the then vicar's hall and the deanery given to the archbishop, following the transfer of the Archbishop's Palace to the Lord Deputy of Ireland.
"< ref >< span lang =" fr "> Mémoires d ' outre-tombe </ span >, III, 120 ; Fontaine II, 849 ( letter of 9 August 1830 ).</ ref > It should be noted that the amount of looting during these three days was surprisingly little ; not only at the Louvre – whose paintings and < span lang =" fr "> objets d ' art </ span > were protected by the crowd – but the < span lang =" fr "> Tuileries </ span >, the Palais de Justice, the Archbishop's Palace, and other places as well.
Notable landmarks are the Archbishop's Palace, the duck-pond roundabout, and the scale model of the Solar System which claims to be " the largest scale model in the world ".
Image: Nidarosdomen oktogonfigures 0017. jpg | Exhibitionist carving in Romanesque style, Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway ( a modern replacement ; original is in the Archbishop's Palace Museum, Trondheim )
At the time that the uprising began, Ball was imprisoned at the Archbishop's Palace in Maidstone, Kent.
* 1729: Tallaght Castle demolished ; Archbishop's Palace built by Archbishop Hoadley.
* 1822: Archbishop's Palace demolished by Major Palmer, who then builds Tallaght House.
A stone's throw away are the religious buildings — the seminary of the archdiocese, the Arzobispado ( Archbishop's Palace ), and the St. Paul's Cathedral.

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