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Pass and 1
* Pass 4: Lines 1, 3, 5, and 7 from each strip.
In March 1880, a Boston Court granted the AT & SF the rights to Raton Pass, while the D & RG paid an exorbitant $ 1. 4 million for the trackage extending through the Arkansas River's Royal Gorge.
The title track, written by Bob Dylan and previously recorded by ex-Beatle George Harrison for his 1970 album All Things Must Pass, was her first international hit ( No. 25 Pop, No. 1 Adult Contemporary (" AC ")).
< tr >< td > Lukmanier Pass < td > Disentis to Olivone < td > road < td > 1, 917 < td > 6, 289
This mass is cleft by a deep valley — the Calfeisental: one branch, culminating in the Pizol ( 2, 844 m ), extends east over Pfäfers, while another, including the highest peak of the canton of St. Gallen, the Ringelspitz ( 3, 247 m ), runs due east to the low Kunkels Pass ( 1, 357 m ), separating this range from the Calanda.
The little Reschen Lake, which forms the chief source of the Adige is only 4 metres below the Reschen Pass ( 1, 504 m ), and by it is 8 km from the Inn valley.
East of Philadelphia the Lincoln Highway was part of U. S. 1, and west of Salt Lake City the route became U. S. 40 across Donner Pass.
On 1 December 1907 Sun led the Zhennanguan uprising against the Qing at Friendship Pass, which is the border between Guangxi and Vietnam.
The fort was surrendered to the Confederacy in 1861, and abandoned in 1862 after Confederate defeat at Glorieta Pass, New Mexico, but was re-occupied by Federal troops July 1, 1867.
The community, which is in the Tejon Pass, lies at an elevation of 3, 481 feet ( 1, 061 m ).
Shelby appears as the eastern terminus of the Marias Pass route available on Microsoft Train Simulator 1.
The bidding goes 1 — 2 ; Pass, and West leads the K and continues with the 10.
That figure had risen to approximately 1, 000 by 1914, the same year that the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway built a stop at Premont.
By 1890 the town was part of a rich cotton-growing area with access to the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway, several gins, an opera house, newspapers, and a population estimated at 1, 000.
The changes are the result of a drop in elevation of about 1, 400 feet from the summit of Snoqualmie Pass to Thorp, and a significant drop in precipitation of about 107 inches average a year at the summit of Snoqualmie Pass, to 42. 94 inches average a year at Thorp.
* Built in the 1920s, the 84 km line had a cogwheel part 34 km long, running through four tunnels with a total length of almost 1, 000 meters, taking trains from the Krongpha Pass up the Ngoan Muc ( Bellevue ) Pass to Da Lat.
Traditional figures include 6-count and 8-count patterns of one of the four basic variaties: ( 1 ) Starter Step, ( 2 ) Side Pass, ( 3 ) Push Break / Sugar Push, ( 4 ) Whip.
The year Harrison and his first wife, Pattie Boyd, moved in, he was photographed among four garden gnomes located on the main lawn for the cover of All Things Must Pass, and again with his father Harry six years later, with the photo appearing inside the gatefold cover of Thirty Three & 1 / 3.
From the Maloja Pass ( 1, 815 m ) to the border to Tyrol ( 1, 000 m ) north of Vinadi the valley runs for a length of 100 km, always above 1, 000 metres in elevation.
In Zernez ( 1, 470 m ) the Fuorn Pass goes south, passing through the Swiss National Park.

Pass and Line
The shooter is required to make either a Pass Line bet or a Don't Pass bet if he wants to shoot.
Using the civil unrest in India as an excuse to move troops to the Durand Line, Afghan troops crossed the border at the western end of the Khyber Pass on 3 May 1919 and occupied the village of Bagh, the scene of an earlier uprising in April.
* Pass 2: Line 4 from each strip.
Upon independence in 1947, the government of India used the Johnson Line as the basis for its official boundary in the west, which included the Aksai Chin From the Karakoram Pass ( which is not under dispute ), the Indian claim line extends northeast of the Karakoram Mountains through the salt flats of the Aksai Chin, to set a boundary at the Kunlun Mountains, and incorporating part of the Karakash River and Yarkand River watersheds.
The Johnson Line is not used west of the Karakoram Pass, where China adjoins Pakistan-administered Gilgit – Baltistan.
Tourist Day Pass is available for tourists to have a day unlimited rides on the MTR ( with the exception of all MTR Bus routes, the 1st Class of the East Rail Line, the Airport Express, as well as journeys to and from Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau and Racecourse stations ).
The name is derived from the type locality of tonalites, adjacent to the Tonale Line, a major structural lineament and mountain pass, Tonale Pass, in the Italian and Austrian Alps.
* Pass 8: Line Stripping and Output Fixup ( htmlstrip )
Top of Il Giogo Pass in the Gothic Line, looking toward the north.
The Midland Line, connecting Christchurch and the West Coast, crosses the Main Divide by means of the Otira Tunnel, between Arthur's Pass township and Otira.
Most of Route 14 is loosely paralleled by a main line of the Southern Pacific Railroad, used for the Antelope Valley Line of the Metrolink commuter rail system as well as a connection between Los Angeles and the California Central Valley via Tehachapi Pass.
Newhall Pass remains a main traffic route, as the Newhall Pass interchange of Interstate 5 ( Golden State Freeway ) and State Route 14 ( Antelope Valley Freeway ), as well as Sierra Highway, Foothill Boulevard, and San Fernando Road travel through the pass, Metrolink's Antelope Valley Line and the Union Pacific Railroad ( formerly Southern Pacific Railroad ) goes through the area via the San Fernando Tunnel.
Hakone Free Pass can be bought in Shinjuku, Odawara and any other chief station along Odakyu Odawara Line.
* The Second World War: El Alamein, Mareth, Akarit, Djebel el Meida, Enfidaville, Tunis, North Africa 1942 – 43, Cassino I, Monastery Hill, Pian di Maggio, Gothic Line, Coriano, Poggio San Giovanni, Monte Reggiano, Italy 1944 – 45, Greece 1944 – 45, North Malaya, Jitra, Central Malaya, Kampar, Slim River, Johore, Singapore Island, Malaya 1941 – 42, North Arakan, Irrawaddy, Magwe, Sittang 1945, Point 1433, Arakan Beaches, Myebon, Iraq 1941, Deir ez-Zor, Syria 1941, Coriano, Santarcangelo, Senio Floodbank, Bologna, Sillaro Crossing, Gaiana Crossing, Italy 1943 – 45, Monywa 1942, Coriano, Sant Angelo, Monte Chicco, Lamone Crossing, Gaiana Crossing, Italy 1944 – 45, Burma 1942 – 45, Shwebo, Kyaukmyaung Bridgehead, Tobruk 1942, North Africa 1942, Cassino I, Campriano, Poggio del Grillo, Tavoleto, Montebello-Scorticata Ridge, Italy 1944, Sittang 1942 ' 45, Pegu 1942, Kyaukse 1942, Shwegyin, Imphal, Bishenpur, Meiktila, Capture of Meiktila, Imphal, Tuitum, Tamu Road, Shenam Pass, Litan, Bishenpur, Tengnoupal, Mandalay, Myinmu Bridgehead, Kyaukse 1945, Meiktila, Capture of Meiktila, Defence of Meiktila, Irrawaddy River, Rangoon Road, Pegu 1945, Sittang 1945, Burma 1942 – 45, Defence of Meiktila, Rangoon Road, Pyawbwe, Burma 1942-45 Chindits 1944, Tanbingon, Tamandu, Chindits 1943, Burma 1943 – 45.
* The Second World War: Defence of Escaut, Calais 1940, Cassel, Ypres-Comines Canal, Normandy Landing, Pegasus Bridge, Villers Bocage, Odon, Caen, Esquay, Bourguebus Ridge, Mont Pincon, Le Perier Ridge, Falaise, Antwerp, Hechtel, Nederrijn, Lower Maas, Roer, Ourthe, Rhineland, Reichswald, Kleve, Goch, Hochwald, Rhine, Ibbenbueren, Dreirwalde, Leese, Aller, North-West Europe 1940, 44-45, Egyptian Frontier 1940, Sidi Barrani, Beda Fomm, Mersa el Brega, Agedabia, Derna Aerodrome, Tobruk 1941, Sidi Rezegh 1941, Chor es Sufan, Saunnu, Gazala, Bir Hacheim, Knightsbridge, Defence of Alamein Line, Ruweisat, Fuka Airfield, Alam el Halfa, El Alamein, Capture of Haifaya Pass, Nofilia, Tebaga Gap, Enfidaville, Medjez el Bab, Kasserine, Thala, Fondouk, Fondouk Pass, El Kourzia, Djebel Kournine, Agroub el Megas, Tunis, Hamman Lif, North Africa 1940-43, Sangro, Salerno, Santa Lucia, Salerno Hills, Cardito, Teano, Monte Camino, Garigliano Crossing, Damiano, Anzio, Cassino II, Liri Valley, Melfa Crossing, Monte Rotondo, Capture of Perugia, Monte Malbe, Arezzo, Advance to Florence, Gothic Line, Coriano, Gemmano Ridge, Lamone Crossing, Orsara, Tossignano, Argenta Gap, Fossa Cembalina, Italy 1943-45, Veve, Greece 1941, 44, 45, Crete, Middle East 1941, Arakan Beaches, Tamandu, Burma 1943-44.
The town's major commercial area lies between an area just north of Bulli Pass, where the Princes Highway splits to form the Lawrence Hargrave Drive, to Thirroul Station, on the South Coast Line, and over the bridge and past the main centre and the Anita's Theatre building, which underwent large-scale renovations in 2006 / 2007.
The Weka Pass Railway has its base in Waipara, and runs on 12 kilometres of track between here and Waikari over the former route of the Waiau Branch, a branch line railway that diverged from the Main North Line and ran to Waiau.
The 21st Panzer Division was drawn away to the Kasserine Pass operation on February 22, so 15th Panzer held the Mareth Line with the remaining Italian forces.
* The Second World War: Calais 1940, Villers Bocage, Odon, Bourguébus Ridge, Mont Pincon, Le Perier Ridge, Falaise, Antwerp, Hechtel, Nederrijn, Lower Maas, Roer, Leese, Aller, North-West Europe 1940 ' 44-45, Egyptian Frontier 1940, Beda Fomm, Mersa el Brega, Agedabia, Derna Aerodrome, Tobruk 1941, Sidi Rezegh 1941, Chor es Sufan, Saunnu, Gazala, Knightsbridge, Defence of Alamein Line, Ruweisat, Alam el Halfa, El Alamein, Tebaga Gap, Medjez el Bab, Kassarine, Thala, Fondouk, Fondouk Pass, El Kourzia, Djebel Kournine, Tunis, Hammam Lif, North Africa 1940-43, Cardito, Cassino II, Liri Valley, Melfa Crossing, Monte Rotondo, Capture of Perugia, Monte Malbe, Arezzo, Advance to Florence, Gothic Line, Orsara, Tossigniano, Argenta Gap, Fossa Sembalina, Italy 1943-45

Pass and 0
* 5. 0 % ( 1 in 20 )-Khyber Pass Railway, Pakistan
* 4. 0 % ( 1 in 25 )-Bolan Pass Railway, Pakistan
* Pass rate for this level: 76. 0 % ( in 2010 )
* Pass rate for this level: 72. 0 % ( in 2010 )
* Pass rate for this level: 52. 0 % ( in 2010 )
A U. S. 01 observation aircraft, flying near the Mu Gia Pass, dodged the first surface-to-air missile ( SAM ) launched from Laotian soil.
The glen is U-shaped, formed by an ice age glacier, about long with the floor of the glen being less than 700 m ( 0. 4 miles ) wide, narrowing sharply at the Pass of Glen Coe about halfway along.
* Pass Over a Frosty Mug of Home Brew Version 1. 0 ( The New York Times )
The fare for CARTA at Night was $ 2. 00 per trip or free with CARTA Express Monthly Gold Pass ; all other pass holders were required to pay a $ 0. 75 up charge.

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