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Phillips and Township
* Phillips Township, White County, Illinois
* Phillips Township, Coal County, Oklahoma
* Phillips Township ( disambiguation )
* Lake Township, Phillips County, Arkansas
Township of Tyendinaga: Rick Phillips
* Spring Creek Township, Phillips County, Arkansas
* Logan Township, Phillips County, Kansas
* Marion Township, Phillips County, Arkansas
* Beaver Township, Phillips County, Kansas
* Valley Township, Phillips County, Kansas
* Tappan Township, Arkansas, in Phillips County

Phillips and Kenora
1905-' 06 Kenora Thistles ( from left: Billy McGimsie, Matt Brown, Roxy Beaudro, Tommy Phillips, Eddie Giroux, Tom Hooper, Si Griffis.

Phillips and District
* District 4 – Larry Phillips
The Chequamegon Screaming Eagles ( formerly known as the Park Falls Cardinals ), have had a long-standing rivalry with the Phillips, WI school sports teams, the Loggers. The school district combined with the Glidden school district creating the Chequamegon School District.
Both companies have since undergone reorganization and Phillips, once a subsidiary of Phillips Petroleum is now part of ConocoPhillips, an American oil and discount fossil fuel company, while Alcolac International has since dissolved and reformed as Alcolac Inc. Alcolac was named as a defendant in the Aziz v. Iraq case presently pending in the United States District Court ( Case No. 1: 09-cv-00869-MJG ).
She attended the Oyster River School District and Phillips Exeter Academy.
In October 1896 Lieutenant James Robert Phillips ( RN ) Phillips was not a Lieutenant, he was a lawyer ; after completing articles he was Sheriff and Overseer of Prisons in the Gold Coast and later Acting Queen's Advocate there, before his appointment as Acting Consul-Generalin the Protectorate-see Home, cited below already, at page 30 the Acting Consul-General visited the Benin River District and had meetings with the agents and traders.
On November 2, 2010 Hinchey was elected to his tenth term as Congressman for the New York State 22nd Congressional District, with a 52 percent to 48 percent margin over Republican George Phillips of Binghamton ( 99 percent of polling stations reporting ).
A particular way of doing philosophy with children is illustrated by the work of Chris Phillips with the Philosophers Club at Cesar Chavez Elementary School in the Mission District, San Francisco, California.
* Larry Phillips ( D ), District 4
On August 19, 1997, at about 2: 30, New Hampshire state trooper Scott Phillips stopped Drega in the parking lot of LaPerle's IGA supermarket in neighboring Colebrook, New Hampshire for motor vehicle violations and suspicious activity around the Colebrook District Court.
Drega then stole Phillips ' police car, and drove to the office of Colebrook District Court judge Vickie Bunnell to kill her.
President Richard Nixon's appointment of Howard Phillips as Director of OEO in January 1973 touched off a national controversy culminating in a court case in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ( Williams v. Phillips, 482 F. 2d 669 ) challenging the legality of Phillips ' appointment.
The 1st Congressional District was composed of the counties of Leavenworth, Doniphan, Brown, Nemaha, Marshall, Washington, Republic, Jewell, Smith, Phillips, Norton, Graham, Rooks, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud, Clay, Ottawa, Ellis, Ellsworth, Russell, Saline, Dickinson, Lincoln, Riley, Pottawatomie, Jackson, Jefferson, Atchison, Davis ( Geary ), " and all that territory lying north of the second standard parallel.
* Thomas W. Phillips ( judge ) ( born 1943 ), federal judge to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee
Stephen Phillips House | The Phillips House is located at 34 Chestnut Street District | Chestnut Street and is owned and operated as a historic house museum by Historic New England and is open for public tours.
Phillips returned to Charleston in 1825 where he studied law under John Gadsden, the U. S. District Attorney, and was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 1829.

Phillips and Ontario
Finally, Management Board Chair Gerry Phillips closed a deal with the provincial government's own civil service union, the Ontario Public Sector Employees Union.
Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada ( 2011 ); Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany ( 2004 – 05 ); Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spain ( 1996 – 97, traveled ); Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City, Mexico ( 1991 – 92, traveled ); Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota ( 1985 ); Albright-Knox At Gallery, Buffalo, New York ( 1983, traveled ); Fundación Juan March, Madrid, Spain ( 1980 ); The William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut, Storrs ( 1979 ); Royal Academy of Art, London, England ( 1978 ); Musée d ’ art moderne de la ville de Paris, France ( 1977 ); Stadtisches Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf, Germany ( 1976 ); Museo de Arte Moderna, Mexico City, Mexico ( 1975 ); Princeton University Art Museum, New Jersey ( 1973 ); David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada ( 1973 ); The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas ( 1972 – 73, traveled ); The Museum of Modern Art, New York ( 1965 ); The Phillips Collection, Washington, D. C. ( 1965 ); Smith College Museum of Art ( 1963 ); Pasadena Art Museum, California ( 1962 ); Galerie Heinz Berggruen, Paris, France ( 1961 ); Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont ( 1957 ); Peggy Guggenheim ’ s Art of this Century Gallery, New York ( 1944 ).
According to a USA Today profile in 2006, Phillips had spent time in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and El Salvador.
Gerry Phillips ( born September 11, 1940 ) was a politician in the riding of Scarborough — Agincourt which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Phillips was more successful in his second bid for the Ontario legislature.
On September 29, 1987, Phillips was appointed Minister of Citizenship, with responsibility for Race relations, Multiculturalism and the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
In his capacity as Native Affairs Critic, Phillips helped lead the fight for a public inquiry into the 1995 shooting death of protester Dudley George by members of the Ontario Provincial Police.
He first campaigned for the Ontario legislature in the 1948 provincial election, and lost to Progressive Conservative Mackinnon Phillips by 383 votes in Grey North.
Station manager Mike Phillips claimed that members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and Ontario Coalition Against Poverty had stacked the February meeting and defended the dismissal of volunteer programmers by arguing, " If you have people decrying the station that is allowing them to go on the air, and breaking CRTC rules in the process, that can ’ t be allowed to go on for very long .”
He was elected to the Ontario legislature in the provincial election of 1999, defeating Liberal Chris Phillips by about 2, 500 votes in the suburban Hamilton riding of Stoney Creek.
Argus Corporation, based in Toronto, Ontario, is an investment and holding company founded in 1945 by its President E. P. Taylor with minority partners Colonel W. Eric Phillips and Wallace McCutcheon and other investors.

Township and Kenora
* Stokes Township, Kenora District, Ontario ( geographic / historical )
The Village of Keewatin was founded in 1877 while the Village of Norman was founded in 1892 ; both communities amalgamated with Rat Portage in 1905 to form the Township of Kenora.
English River is an unincorporated place on the border of geographic Corman Township, Kenora District and the Unorganized Part of Thunder Bay District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.
English River is also the name of a nearby railway point, to the southwest and wholly within Corman Township, Kenora District (), constructed as part of the Canadian Pacific Railway transcontinental main line.

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