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Rabbi and Obadiah
Rabbi Obadiah of Bertinoro writing in 1488, states " the Westen Wall, part of which is still standing, is made of great, thick stones, larger than any I have seen in buildings of antiquity in Rome or in other lands.
* Short biography of Rabbi Obadiah Sforno

Rabbi and ben
* Giuseppe Barzilai goes back for explanation to the first verse of the prayer attributed to Rabbi Nehunya ben HaKanah, the literal rendering of which is “ O, with thy mighty right hand deliver the unhappy ,” forming from the initial and final letters of the words the word Abrakd ( pronounced Abrakad ), with the meaning “ the host of the winged ones ,” i. e., angels.
In Jewish lore, blood libels were the impetus for the creation of the Golem of Prague by Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel in the 16th century.
The philosopher and astronomer Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra ( c. 1140 ) established the symmetry of binomial coefficients, while a closed formula was obtained later by the talmudist and mathematician Levi ben Gerson ( better known as Gersonides ), in 1321.
In his commentary on the Talmud, Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ) wrote:
In it, Gans writes of an audience between the Maharal and Rudolph II: " Our lord the emperor … Rudolph … sent for and called upon our master Rabbi Low ben Bezalel and received him with a welcome and merry expression, and spoke to him face to face, as one would to a friend.
The Jewish calendar's epoch ( reference date ), 1 Tishrei 1 AM, is equivalent to Monday, 7 October 3761 BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar, the equivalent tabular date ( same daylight period ) and is about one year before the traditional Jewish date of Creation on 25 Elul AM 1, based upon the Seder Olam Rabbah of Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta, a 2nd century CE sage.
* The work of the Rosh, Rabbi Asher ben Jehiel ( 1250 ?/ 1259 ?– 1328 ), an abstract of the Talmud, concisely stating the final halakhic decision and quoting later authorities, notably Alfasi, Maimonides, and the Tosafists.
* The Sefer Mitzvot Gadol ( The " SeMaG ") of Rabbi Moses ben Jacob of Coucy ( first half of the 13th century, Coucy, Northern France ).
* The Arba ' ah Turim ( The Tur, The Four Columns ) by Rabbi Jacob ben Asher ( 1270 – 1343, Toledo, Spain ).
In writing the Shulchan Aruch, Rabbi Karo based his rulings on three authorities — Maimonides ( Rambam ), Asher ben Jehiel ( Rosh ), and Isaac Alfasi ( Rif ); he considered the Mordechai in inconclusive cases.
Tradition records the young Israel ben Eliezer joining their ranks under Rabbi Adam Baal Shem and guiding their outreach.
The Medieval rabbinic figure Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ), also known as the Rambam, wrote a commentary to tractate Sanhedrin stressing a relatively naturalistic interpretation of the Messiah and de-emphasizing miraculous elements.
Mosheh ben Maimon ( משה בן מימון )‎, called Moses Maimonides and also known as Mūsā ibn Maymūn (), or RaMBaM ( רמב " ם – Hebrew acronym for " Rabbi Mosheh Ben Maimon "), was a preeminent medieval Jewish philosopher and one of the most prolific and followed Torah scholars and physicians of the Middle Ages.
His full Hebrew name is Rabbi Mosheh ben Maimon (), whose acronym forms " Rambam " ( רמב " ם ).
There were female Tannaic Torah jurists such as Rabbi Meir's wife, Rabbi Meir's daughter, and the daughter of Haninyah ben Teradyon Haninyah's daughter is again mentioned as a sage in the non-Talmud 3rd Century text Tractate Semahot verse 12: 13.
Traditionally attributed to the tannaitic Rabbi Yose ben Halafta.
A leading scholar of the Kabbalah, Moshe Idel ( Hasidism: Between Ecstasy and Magic, SUNY, 1995, pp. 17 – 18 ), ascribes this doctrine to the kabbalistic system of Rabbi Moses Cordovero ( 1522 – 1570 ) and in the eighteenth century, Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Hasidic movement, as well as his contemporary, Rabbi Menahem Mendel, the Maggid of Bar.
Rabbi Peretz ben Elijah ruled, " The cry of the daughters of our people has been heard concerning the sons of Israel who raise their hands to strike their wives.
At the age of 17 he married and soon after went to learn in the yeshiva of Rabbi Yaakov ben Yakar in Worms, returning to his wife three times yearly, for the Days of Awe, Passover and Shavuot.
When Rabbi Yaakov died in 1064, Rashi continued learning in Worms for another year in the yeshiva of his relative, Rabbi Isaac ben Eliezer Halevi, who was also chief rabbi of Worms.

Rabbi and Abraham
The famous Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook stated that love is the most important attribute in humanity.
Other well-known rabbis who are reincarnationists include Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Talmud scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, Rabbi DovBer Pinson, Rabbi David M. Wexelman, Rabbi Zalman Schachter, and many others.
A few instances of gematria in Arabic, Spanish and Greek, spelled with the Hebrew letters, are mentioned in the works of Rabbi Abraham Abulafia ; some Hasidic Rabbis also used it, though rarely, for Yiddish.
# According to Rabbi Jose b. Hanina, each of the Patriarchs instituted one prayer: Abraham the morning, Isaac the afternoon and Jacob the evening prayers.
Upon the death of the head of the Bet din, Rabbi Zerach ben Abraham, Rashi assumed the court's leadership and answered hundreds of halakhic queries.
Two of the most significant of these are the Yad Ramah by Rabbi Meir Abulafia ( uncle of the mystic Abraham Abulafia ) and Bet Habechirah by Rabbi Menahem haMeiri, commonly referred to as " Meiri ".
One modern-day scholar who is often cited as in favour of vegetarianism is the late Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the Chief Rabbi of Mandate Palestine.
18 Kislev-( 1237 )-Passing of Rabbi Abraham Maimuni
By 1523, a Karaite community, consisting of 10 families, is recorded as living in Hebron, It was from them that, in 1540, Rabbi Malkiel Ashkenazi bought a courtyard ( El Cortijo ) and the house of prayer which he converted to the Sephardi Abraham Avinu Synagogue.
* January 23 or January 28 – Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra, mathematician, astronomer, and poet ( b. 1092 or 1093 )
Kook, first Chief Rabbi of Israel, stressed that the climax of the story, commanding Abraham not to sacrifice Isaac, is the whole point: to put an end to the ritual of child sacrifice, which contradicts the morality of a perfect and giving ( not taking ) monotheistic God.
After leaving Germany, he first settled in southern France, and then in Toledo, Spain, where he became rabbi on the recommendation of Rabbi Solomon ben Abraham Adret ( RaShBA ).
Maaseh Hoshev is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Sefer Hamispar ( The Book of Number ), which is an earlier and less sophisticated work by Rabbi Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra ( 1090 – 1167 ).
25 Adar-( 1761 )-Death of Rabbi Abraham Gershon of Kitov
* Abraham Isaac Kook, Chief Rabbi of British Mandate Palestine
Commentator Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote that the book is written as if Jeremiah not only heard as words but personally felt in his body and emotions the experience of what he prophesied:

Rabbi and Bertinoro
Rabbi Ovadiah Yare of Bertinoro wrote in letter from Jerusalem in 1488:

Rabbi and 15th
This announcement was introduced by Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg ( late 13th century ), and endorsed by the Maharil ( Rabbi Yaakov ben Moshe Levi Moelin, early 15th century ).
There are several branches of Touro College there, and Midwood is also home to several large orthodox synagogues, including the Young Israel of Midwood, Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin of Avenue L, The minyan factory known as Landau's Shul, offering minyanim every 15 minutes on an average day, Rabbi Avraham Schorr's Synagogue on East 15th Street and Avenue L, The Bostoner Rebbe on Avenue J, Steinvertzles, The Young Israel of Avenue J, The Agudah of Midwood, plus several Syrian Orthodox synagogues.
* David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra ( Radbaz ), 15th / 16th century Halakhist, Posek and Chief Rabbi of Egypt
* Israel Bruna, ( Mahari Bruna ), 15th century German Rabbi and Posek
In Sefer ha-Emunot (" Book of Beliefs "; early 15th c .), Rabbi Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov wrote:

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