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Red and Boiling
* Red Boiling Springs
* Red Boiling Springs High School
Red Boiling Springs is a city in Macon County, Tennessee, United States.
Red Boiling Springs is located at ( 36. 532509 ,-85. 849742 ).
The area was originally known as Salt Lick Creek due to a salt lick that was located nearby, approximately four miles northwest of current day Red Boiling Springs.
In 1847, the post office was renamed " Red Boiling Springs.
In 1873, a stagecoach line was established between Red Boiling Springs and Gallatin, where there was a railroad stop.
During this decade, New York businessman James F. O. Shaugnesy purchased the Red Boiling Springs tract and began development of the area as a resort.
During the following decade, a railroad line was extended to Hartsville, and the railroad established a stagecoach line to Red Boiling Springs.
In 1905, several investors formed the Red Boiling Springs Water and Realty Company, and the following year purchased the original springs tract from Shaughnesy.
While most mineral water resorts fell out of favor as medical science began to question the healing properties of mineral springs, Red Boiling Springs persisted, reaching its peak in the 1920s and 1930s.
Although the Great Depression destroyed many Americans ' disposable incomes and hence budget for travel, Red Boiling Springs still had large numbers of visitors.
Almost uniquely, five different types of mineral waters are found at Red Boiling Springs.
" Taking the waters " at Red Boiling Springs generally consisted of more than merely ingesting them ; steam and tub baths featuring the waters and their alleged therapeutic properties were often featured.
Red Boiling Springs park
Red Boiling Springs School is a K-12 public institution that is overseen by the Macon County School System.
The Donoho Hotel hosts the annual Red Boiling Spring Bluegrass Festival on the first Friday and Saturday in June.
The Middle Tennessee Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America holds their antique car show in Red Boiling Springs each year.
Red Boiling Springs is also home to Tennessee's only motorcycle museum, Cyclemos, which holds an annual Show and Old School Swap Meet that draws thousands of visitors and bikes.
* Red Boiling Springs School official website
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Red and Springs
The Keystone Kops re-emerge every year in the town of Cedar Springs, Michigan during their Red Flannel Festival, and also in Sitka, Alaska during the annual Alaska Day festival.
* Chíhéne or Chííhénee ’ ' Red Paint People ' ( also known as the Eastern Chiricahua, Warm Springs Apache, Gileños, Ojo Caliente Apache, Coppermine Apache, Copper Mine, Mimbreños, Mimbres, Mogollones, Tcihende ),
* Chihenne ( Chi-he-nde-‘ Red Painted People ’, often called Copper Mine, Warm Springs, Mimbres, Gila Apaches, Eastern Chiricahua )
*" The Cheyenne Outbreak: The Battle of Turkey Springs and Red Hills ", Freedom Oklahoma
Unincorporated areas include Allendale, Dempsey Acres, Red Buttes, Indian Springs, and several others.
It intersects County Route 520 ( Newman Springs Road ), running concurrent with that route and immediately crossing into Red Bank.
Their reservation encompasses the towns of Bartelme, and Red Springs.
* Red Sulphur Springs
Red River County is represented in the Texas House of Representatives by the Republican Erwin Cain of Sulphur Springs, Texas.
The county is divided into twenty-four townships: Brandon, Benton, Buffalo, Burk, Clear Lake, Dell Rapids, Edison, Grand Meadow, Hartford, Highland, Humboldt, Logan, Lyons, Mapleton, Palisade, Red Rock, Sioux Falls, Split Rock, Sverdrup, Taopi, Valley Springs, Wall Lake, Wayne, Wellington.
* Red River Hot Springs
Teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, and Boston Red Sox made Hot Springs their home base.
During recent years, Altamonte Springs has been a host city to several local special events in the Orlando area, including Red, Hot, & Boom, a major annual firework festival that takes place every July 3 in celebration of Independence Day.

Red and official
This, along with the assassination of Bolshevik senior official Moisei Uritsky days earlier, prompts the decree for Red Terror.
The Red Sox logo worn on uniforms in 1908, announcing the team's first official nicknameIn, the upstart American League established a competing club in Boston.
For 1908, the National League club returned to wearing red trim, but the American League team finally had an official nickname, and would remain the " Red Sox " for good.
Initially it was a supporting material publication for White Bear and Red Moon but for its 11th issue, in 1981, it had become the official RuneQuest magazine.
As a Boston Red Sox fan, he narrated the official 2004 World Series film ( Q Video / MLB Productions, 2004 ).
Renovations prior to the 2009 season permitted the Red Sox to sell about 350 more tickets each game, and the official capacity was increased to 37, 400.
However, it has been argued that anti-Semitic themes continued, especially in the depiction of Tintin's enemy Rastapopoulos in the post-war Flight 714, though other writers argue against this, pointing out the way that Rastapopoulos surrounds himself with explicitly German-looking characters: Kurt, the submarine ( or u-boat ) commander of The Red Sea Sharks ; Doctor Krollspell, whom Hergé himself referred to as a former concentration camp official, and Hans Boehm, the sinister-looking navigator and co-pilot, both from Flight 714.
He supplied weapons to the Uyghur Ili army and Red Army support against Chinese forces, and helped them establish the Second East Turkestan Republic of which Islam was the official state religion.
In late summer 1943, the SIS provided the GRU with an official report of the activities of German agents in Bulgaria and Romania, soon to be invaded by the Red Army.
Unofficial Red Army flag, since the Soviet ground forces never had an official flag.
Red Hat Linux 9, the final release, hit its official end-of-life on 2004-04-30, although updates were published for it through 2006 by the Fedora Legacy project until that shut down in early 2007.
The official name of the Red Hat Linux distribution is Red Hat Linux ( often abbreviated to RHL ).
During her tenure with Epic Records, Amos also released a retrospective collection titled Tales of a Librarian ( 2003 ) through her former label, Atlantic Records ; a two-disc DVD set Fade to Red ( 2006 ) containing most of Amos's solo music videos, released through the Warner Bros. reissue imprint Rhino ; a five disc box set titled A Piano: The Collection ( 2006 ), celebrating Amos's 15 year solo career through remastered album tracks, remixes, alternate mixes, demos, and a string of unreleased songs from album recording sessions, also released through Rhino ; and numerous official bootlegs from two world tours, The Original Bootlegs ( 2005 ) and Legs & Boots ( 2007 ) through Epic Records.
An official Vietnamese source estimates the amount of sediment deposited annually to be about 1 billion cubic meters, or nearly 13 times the amount deposited by the Red River.
In addition, the UN observer organizations International Committee of the Red Cross and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have entered into " official relations " with WHO and are invited as observers.
* September 20 – Red Auerbach, American basketball coach and official ( d. 2006 )
" The IWW collected its official songs in the Little Red Songbook and continues to update this book to the present time.
For professional baseball's founding year, Major League Baseball ( professional baseball's current official organization ) uses 1869 — the year the first professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, was established — and held official celebrations for professional baseball's 100th anniversary in 1969 and its 125th anniversary in 1994, both of which were commemorated with league-wide shoulder patches.
Political slogans of the time had three sources: Mao, official Party media such as People's Daily, and the Red Guards.
* Red Tide Report A Compilation of citizen based, media and official reports of the locations and severity of current Red Tide Blooms.

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